Tablet still on my mind

Testing the Tablet:
Trying out the new tablet for a everyday driver. It sure has a lot more possibilities than the Nexus 7 does. You can type on this because it is big enough that the on screen keyboard is usable . The Samsung keyboard even has Control V,C and X for paste, copy and cut, which I think is a nice touch. One of the big thing to me is that I have not been able to my Xmarks plug in for Firefox mobile going. Use to work fine but updates have broke things somewhere along the line. Lucky for me it still works in Dolphin. Another great thing about this large tablet is that I can do multiple windows at a time, just like in Windows O.S. I think that is a Samsung thing, no matter who’s thing it is I like it ☺

Pictures: Carolina Chickadee

Chickadee Carolina photo crlitellvv.jpg

Chickadee Carolina photo ChickD.jpg

Windows Computer: Sorry to say that you still can’t beat them for a all around internet tool. However things have gotten better with the other devices but if Windows ever catches up with just a few of the things that Android and iPad do …. I for one would only use Windows. I am cheering for them. I am so surprises to see Microsoft being a bit of a under dog in the tablet and phone world.

Exercise: A fair walk I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.70mi, time: 01:26:16, pace: 23:17min/mi, speed: 2.58mi/h.

Night folks

More app stuff

Started the day with a walk, short one, two miles. A good start to the day 🙂
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.17mi, time: 43:17, pace: 19:58min/mi, speed: 3.00mi/h.

Trying another app today, SimpleNote. If is a simple notepad app that will sync across devices. I have dropbox and evernote but sometimes I just want a very simple note taker and maybe Simplenote is that app. This one is now owned by the folks at WordPress so maybe it is Okay, we’ll see, the test is on.

The keyboard wars is on going with me, I still think android does a better job with swiping. The Swype keyboard is more accurate if you are, but the android keyboard seems to put up with my not-so-accurate fingers, while still guessing the right words. The Swype keyboard has more editing features that I like. Lucky for me the keyboards are easy to change between with the latest android versions, all you need too do is to pull down the notification bar, tap input, and choose which keyboard you want, quick and easy.

With the temperatures where they are now, I guess one could say we’re on a hot spell, a good thing! 🙂 ! The days are getting up to the mid 70s and the nights are in the upper 40s ……. that is just the sweet spot if you ask me, and that my friends is why I am here!

Night folks

Me and the Knee

Some days I find myself meandering through life, I look up at the clock and the day is gone.

Well I wrote the above line about 2pm and now it is 5pm ……….. yes I am wasting away the day for sure. I sometimes have those kinds of days. I have spent a lot of time browsing the net today.

One of the things I have looked for today is a way to copy and paste from any app I have, with my android devices, but I have not found a way to do that. For an example, I would like to copy from app) but that app will not let me do that. Why? Who knows. I find it irritating the copy/paste is not fully integrated into android, regardless of what app you’re using . However android lets app developers choose whether this option works or not. Worried that somebody might lose a dollar on some silly copyright I guess.

No problem, I just changed dictionary, I now use Merriam-Webster. This still don’t help me to copy in any app, but it will this app anyways! So now, if I pronounce a word using the voice feature I can then copy and paste it to where I like. I know, I know it would be a fine opportunity to learn to spell that word 😯 but I like the fast road sometimes. Also I know I could just use voice to put it into whatever I am writing but I like to see it first and read the meaning before pasting it in, as you know I am not all that good with words, best to be sure.

No exercise today 😦   I have a little fear now ……… that the knee may be pushing me into a new reality, but ….. I am still holding out hope. When I blew my real knee about 10 or 12 years ago it felt a lot like this. I worry with it, only being 4 years this February, that I got the new knee replacement. Although I have worked it hard I would hope it holds longer than this! Like I said I am holding out hope on it, even if I do feel like I have given it a lot of rest already. I will be patient, take it ease and give it more time. Man, I miss my nice long walks!

Night folks

Updates for Android

Wow, new Android update this morning ( KitKat 4.4.2 ) for the Nexus 7. I didn’t know it was coming. A bug fix for KitKat l guess. Oddly enough these update always breaks some little things along the way and this one broke my Easy Text to Speech app. The TTS app still works but it lost its notification function, hopefully the Easy Text to Speech app maker will have an update to fix that.

Dawggonnit, this weather is to dang cold for my taste! Hopefully this will be the worst of it. The weatherman is giving small jumps up in temperatures over the next few days, with good improvements by the start of next week. I sure hope they got that right. LOL, I know these cold snaps are going to happen when I come to this area, but still I need something to fuss over a bit and for us old dudes that is the weather. Well my Wave 8 heater is getting a good work-out, I ran it all night last night and I can’t remember the last time I did that.

Next winter I will stay closer to Yuma because it is just a tad warmer. At least for December and January. It is not a big difference in temperatures but when these little cold snap come along you may be 5 to 10 degrees warmer in Yuma than it is here in Quartzite and I like 5 to 10 degrees warmer! I think this year I will stay up north, unless it gets really cold or stays like this. The last two winters I stayed in Wellton, AZ , just east of Yuma by about 25 miles.

I fuss so much about the weather and then I read blogs of others that are in places that are so much colder. For all you folks in the cold I hope you are staying warm or maybe even enjoying the winter. There was I time when I like the snow and winter, I remember the fun I had. However 😉  just remembering is enough for now, yes it is.

Today I was trying to think of a good southern word and I looked up this site, Redneck Slang.   I could not find a word listed in this site that I did not use while I was growing up in the hills of KY, LOL. I still use most of them 😯  That site didn’t have the one I wanted ( Dag nab it) but it reminded me of other fun ones. One of these days, I will have to make a list of my favorites …………. that I still use!

Night folks

Exercise is Back

Yes I got out and rode the bike this morning and I did 17 miles. It felt OK on the knees and we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. My total for last week was a big old 16 miles! I will do better this week now that my legs are rested. I am still thinking on a pattern for the week. Maybe Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off Wednesday and then ride Thursday off for 2 days and back at it on Sunday …..????? Maybe! I have found that 4 days in a roll is too much and sometimes during the week I need off two days together, so maybe the above will work out for me.

My ride this morning was slow on the way up the hill and I think that helped the knees too not be too fussy also I had a big rest at the half way point. Took me longer to do my ride but I think it may be a little better this way.


I guessed that I would have jump up 5 lbs during my week off but I have stayed put. I am very near my gold of 5 lbs for the month of Aug. The biggest change I have made is the dropping of a lot of bread (not all). Most important is that I am not staying hungry. I am just eating better foods and maybe a little less but still not being hungry. I think hunger is a set up for failure so I am not going there.

I am watching them carbs …………………. and I am staying away from them crabs too!!!!! LOL

Smart Phone

Always playing with this toy, LOL is is great fun. I am adding apps all the time and the latest are Amazon app store, Amazon reminder ( tells what free app amazon is giving away), Notification toggle and others. They is an app for about anything you want to do on a phone. I am happy that I went with Android because it is so ease to find ways to change things around to the way you want them. The iPhone is a better piece of hardware I think but the open source software on the Android makes for so many possibility in the software end.


Work day

It is that time of week again, yes time to work. The summer is set in here and the day are slow with little businesses. There will be little to do at work today and I will have to create my work as I go. Around a camp ground there is always things that need to be done and one just has to find things they don’t mind doing. So I guess I will be doing that today.

I will work 3 days this week and after that I may work more days for a while. We’ll see.


Rode the bike this morning, 11 miles. I will take tomorrow off and ride again Sunday.


My air card seem to be going down hill. Having more and more disconnect problems. Silly thing is starting to bug me ……………… service!!!!!!!! Service, I am beginning to think there is none no more. One minute the Verizon Manager says I have no 3G signal and the next it has all bars lit up. Go figure.

Apps on my Android

I am getting the biggest kick out of my Android apps! I am adding all kinds of neat little junk. My latest is a app call Ourgroceries. It is just a groceries list but it is neat in that it will sync across my computer and my Android phone. Must of the apps I am plying with are more geekier (Firefox, xmarks, lastpass, Astro file manager, bropbox and many others) than that but I am having fun with it.

I still do not trust the phone enough to do things like banking on it!!! LOL! That phone is just to out there for me.


I was going to go this morning but I rode the bike and I am doing laundry now so I think I will run out of time. Work is coming soon! I will go tonight. Need a few small things, nothing major.

It is time to do some work! Later