No (app ops starter)

Remember the other day when I spoke of my app (app ops starter)? Well don’t look like I will get that back without rooting. Here if a link about it. No app ops starter for me. I hope they bring it back, it is the one app that may cause me to root my tablet.

Took a short 2 mile walk, we’ll see how it goes on the knee. Had a little pain as I walked.
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.19mi, time: 49:56, pace: 22:48min/mi, speed: 2.63mi/h.
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The day has slowly cooled off as the cooler temperatures are about to set in for the weekend. Boo, for colder weather 😦

Moving time is getting nearer, and I am still thinking I won’t go far. We’ll see. I may leave a day early, I am ready to go.

Night folks

Down the hill to do shopping

I am in Alamogordo doing my shopping and some updates on my Tablet at McD’s , their WiFi is not as fast as I would like to see it, but it is free so all is good.

After I am done here I will be off to Walmart and them back to the mountain.

Last night when I went to bed I seen that I had a leak, so this morning, first thing, was to get the latter and head up to the roof. I found the leak fast enough and got it all patch up. The last time I put the solar panels down I got the wire caught between the panels and the roof and that rub a hole in the roof and it just happen to be in a low spot, causing me to have a leak. I should be good to go now, I will know this afternoon after the rain comes.

While down here in Alamogordo I pick up a tank of LP gas for the RV, stop by the bank and fuss at them a bit.

Man this McD’s is a busy one, It is 1:30 and rocking and rolling. I may have to stop my download it is taking way too much time. I am the only one in here on the net, or at least I am the only one I see with a computer/device. I am doing a big download, it is an app that has all the birds on it so it is big …… about 624 mb. I may have to wait till I have some faster pipes.

I did bring my laptop so I could do some blogging while I waited for the downloads to the tablet and that is working too good …….. LOL to much of that waiting thing going on.

6pm upadate; I never did got the bird app downloaded, it was just too big and took too long. My battery on the tablet give out, LOL. It is a very old tablet and the battery is also old. I would like to get a more update tablet, but I sure hate to let go the money to do so. I am hearing good things about the new Nexus Tablet from Google/Asus but I want to hang on to see what else might come along. Anyway, I got all my city stuff done and I am back on the mountain for a while. I will probably take a trip into Cloudcroft to do some laundry sometime this weekend.

Oh, about the time I got everything unloaded from the truck it came a good rain. So it is pretty cool, as in cold. Last night I fired up the heater for a little while before going to bed. It was cold, brrrrr!