Tablet still on my mind

Testing the Tablet:
Trying out the new tablet for a everyday driver. It sure has a lot more possibilities than the Nexus 7 does. You can type on this because it is big enough that the on screen keyboard is usable . The Samsung keyboard even has Control V,C and X for paste, copy and cut, which I think is a nice touch. One of the big thing to me is that I have not been able to my Xmarks plug in for Firefox mobile going. Use to work fine but updates have broke things somewhere along the line. Lucky for me it still works in Dolphin. Another great thing about this large tablet is that I can do multiple windows at a time, just like in Windows O.S. I think that is a Samsung thing, no matter who’s thing it is I like it ☺

Pictures: Carolina Chickadee

Chickadee Carolina photo crlitellvv.jpg

Chickadee Carolina photo ChickD.jpg

Windows Computer: Sorry to say that you still can’t beat them for a all around internet tool. However things have gotten better with the other devices but if Windows ever catches up with just a few of the things that Android and iPad do …. I for one would only use Windows. I am cheering for them. I am so surprises to see Microsoft being a bit of a under dog in the tablet and phone world.

Exercise: A fair walk I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.70mi, time: 01:26:16, pace: 23:17min/mi, speed: 2.58mi/h.

Night folks

9 red Starts

First Today: …. Well like all days with my blog, I start with 9 red starts. What is a Red start you ask? It is the Html code for my red subject at the start of each paragraph. This is one red start <span style=”color:red;”><strong><em>:</em></strong></span> ( Note the HTML code is not red ) So when I want to start a new paragraph/subject I just put it before the  :    I don’t use 9 most days but when I get done blogging I just delete the rest.  I don’t type these in each time, I have them stored in my Clipboard manager ( Ditto) so I just place my cruiser at the top of the page and select it in Ditto and bang, I have 9 red starts 🙂   Oh, I do know that you can use the text color option in WordPress to do this, but …. this way I get it red,  bold and italicized all at once, as you can see from the HTML code. All I have to do, is type in my subject and start my paragraph.

Pictures: One spring day many years ago back in KY.
Dog Wood Trees, one red and one white.

Apple bloom.
Apple Tree_0133

Stretching and exercise: I did do a little stretching today but not enough and as far as exercise goes, I’ll call the bit of work I did this morning exercise.

Windows 10: Yep it is coming, well mid to late next year anyways. Sounds like they are making some changes for the better, but we’ll see.

Night folks.

Walking day

I have pretty much turned Wednesdays into a walking day instead of a bike riding day. I take a short two-mile walk and do my stretching. I like breaking up the exercise a little. This winter when I get out by myself (somewhere in the boondocks) with little to nothing to do, maybe I will finally get that upper body thing going.

Windows 8 Tablets; What do you think about them? My thoughts ……….. I think that they will make a big splash and take the market by storm. Why? Because they are going to work well with lots of stuff that is already out there, all that windows software. Many of these (not all) are going to have Intel chips and be able to run full size Windows programs and that in my eyes, is a big one!  The iPad has a big jump in the tablet market and I think that will stay fairly big but I think Windows will take the lead at some point. Maybe not in the next year or even two but I do think it will happen. Too many Windows machine out there, and its going to have some pull on things. The Windows 8 desktop move will help make it happen. I think Microsoft will do big things. I am not that big a fan boy of Microsoft either but they are just too big to over look.

The cost of the new Windows Tablets may hold things down for a bit but I think they will come in line with other tablets sooner or later and that is when things will start moving faster.

When I bought a iPod a few years back I was blow away that I had to have iTunes to run the thing, You kidding me?!?!? Only Apple makes iPads and the Windows tablets will have a bunch of makers out with products on the opening day(26 Oct 2012). Apple likes to keep things near the home front and once again they will pay the price. That is my best guess on tablets.

On the smartphones, I have no good guess. The carriers have a big say on phones, but the windows phone will make a mark there too. I am not sure how big it will be.

I would love to hear opinions from others on this.   Drop me a comment if you want.


Writing is something that is not my best thing (as any of my readers know), but still I try to put down a few words down each day and I am hoping it is good for my soul, LOL. I think it often helps me clear my mind of others negative stuff as I try to find good things to write about and it help to keep the better things in my life focused just a bit better than the negative little things. I am one that has to be careful to not let all the little garbage in life get me down, some times hard for me. Maybe it is so for all people, I am not sure of that one way or the other. Oddly enough, I often feel much better after writing in the blog for a bit.

Apple; If you are fans of the Apple Smartphone or the iPods today is a good day for you because they are announcing their new stuff. The new iPhone and the new iPod touch will both have bigger screen and that is good and way over due. I am a bit disappointed that their iPod is a lesser device than the iPhone but it was suspected. The reason why I am disappointed is because I am kind of looking for a high-end (small, 5 inch or so) device that I can replace my Smart- phone with, come next spring when my contact with Verizon is up. The iPhone 5 will have a A6 CPU while the iPod 5 will have the older A5 CPU that is now in the iPhone 4s. One nice plus is that the iPod touch will have Siri. It will also have the same screen as the new iPhone,  1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels, that is pretty nice for a 4 inch screen. I would put up some links but as more and more info comes out they would become out dated quickly. If you are interesting in Apple’s new toys, just Google it and you will see tons of news on it.

Exercise; Done !



Staying Busy

I have stay busy messing with the computer cabinet/case all day or at least near all day. The good news is that I am about done with this project. It has kept me busy all my days off and tomorrow I will have to spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess and doing some touch up type things.


I with out by the interstate again today and there was no 4G like there was yesterday. Verizon must have been testing. I hope they get it here in time for me to enjoy it a little while before I leave in Oct.loading

Getting rid of stuff

If you are a full-time RVer now and then you must get rid of some of the things that you gather over time. So about once a year I have to make the hard decision of what must go and what must stay! It is a hard job for me and I guess it is good that I don’t have a bigger rig!

I have a computer case that I have carry around now for near two years and I just hate the ideal of getting rib of the thing …………. but it is doing me no good. One day I could use it again but when???? One of the few things I miss about a house.


I am doing better on my carbs (not carb free by any means ) by eating a lot less. I do worst when I don’t eat for a while, like today LOL. Still I have not done to bad.


Wow I was just listen to the news and heard that Steve Jobs of Apple is stepping down for heath reason. We will all have to wonder how this will affect Apple! It will be interesting to see how things change over at Apple. Some really big shoes to fill.


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It is staying at 100 this year and that is that, it is lock down!!! Seem like June came and it got to 100° and just stay there!! NM has had a hard go this last year with record colds and record highs. At least I missed the winter!

Night folks