Another of the Sunset

Pictures: This is just another shot of the sunset from yesterday’s photo and it is a little closer shot, maybe you can see the bird in this one πŸ™‚ Also one more of the Gambel’s Quail.Sunset-4-7D1-042318


Apps: I have run across a app that I like. I am one that hates all the permission that apps ask for so when I see a poplar kind of app that has few or no permission I jump on it. One of the kind of apps that abuse permission is weather apps and I found this one (Klara Weather), it has much less permission than the others, so I’m giving it a try, so far I like it.

I guess accuracy is important so comparing forecast … comparing highs for today and tomorrow Klara = 82/86, AccuWeather =84/86, Under Ground weather, 84/88. So maybe Klara runs a little cool but nothing I can’t live with.

Exercise: I walked 2 miles this morning.

Night Folks


Lollipop: Updated my Nexus 7 today, that took some time. Taken the update as an opportunity to revamp my apps a little bit and be rid of some that I never use. Redoing apps makes it a lot longer process but I’ll have a nice clean tablet …… for a while. At least till I clutter it up with a bunch of apps again. Many of my root apps are not working just yet, that will take some time. I did a big part of the update on my WiFi and some on McDonalds WiFI but I bet I ended up using more data than I wanted.

Okay, I’m off to play so later.

Night folks


Maybe orientation today?: The one thing one must not worry about is being in a hurry if you are dealing with the State or Federal government, all things take time. So it is ….. nothing I am worried with. Like all government systems this one is under staff too. Odd the things uncle Sam don’t have money for vs the things it does have money for. At any rate I hope to get into something today. Tomorrow I am to go on a nature walk with one of the rangers and a group of people, that should be fun.

Ha, I just got a call and the ranger will be by to show me the ropes today, good deal.

Camp Ground: Man oh man, it is so peaceful and quiet here, I do like it. Of course, here in a few days I will have some stuff(tools and such) to work with and I will be getting busy, and I look forward to that. I am one that likes to earn ones keep πŸ™‚
The host site here in the camp ground is the lowest one and I was worried about my internet connection but it is doing okay with my Wilson Directional Antenna connected to the MiFi device. I still have 2 bars of 4G, mind you it is not top speed but it is so bad either. TV on the other hand is just about out 😦 I do get PBS sometimes but that is it. Should I hook this job for next summer I may consider a satellite of some kind for my TV needs, but for the next 6 weeks or so I won’t worry about TV.

By the way , the solar system here is doing great so far and giving me all the power I need. I am running my Refrigerator, Microwave, Hot water heater and computers on it with no problem so far. The real test will be when it starts cooling off and I try running one (or two) of my small electric heaters on it ❓

Pictures: Here is a couple shot just outside my RV.
BLM Grants_1218


Here is a Rock Wern that came by for a visit today, seems to be a happy little bird πŸ™‚
Rock Wren_1545

Night Folks

More app stuff

Started the day with a walk, short one, two miles. A good start to the day πŸ™‚
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.17mi, time: 43:17, pace: 19:58min/mi, speed: 3.00mi/h.

Trying another app today, SimpleNote. If is a simple notepad app that will sync across devices. I have dropbox and evernote but sometimes I just want a very simple note taker and maybe Simplenote is that app. This one is now owned by the folks at WordPress so maybe it is Okay, we’ll see, the test is on.

The keyboard wars is on going with me, I still think android does a better job with swiping. The Swype keyboard is more accurate if you are, but the android keyboard seems to put up with my not-so-accurate fingers, while still guessing the right words. The Swype keyboard has more editing features that I like. Lucky for me the keyboards are easy to change between with the latest android versions, all you need too do is to pull down the notification bar, tap input, and choose which keyboard you want, quick and easy.

With the temperatures where they are now, I guess one could say we’re on a hot spell, a good thing! πŸ™‚ ! The days are getting up to the mid 70s and the nights are in the upper 40s ……. that is just the sweet spot if you ask me, and that my friends is why I am here!

Night folks

Walk and a app

Took me a walk this morning and I am waiting to see just how the knee feels about it all! Felt good to be out and about.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.63mi, time: 01:41:19, pace: 21:52min/mi, speed: 2.74mi/h.

There are some mountains about 2 miles away ……. I didn’t get to climb in them but I at least made it to the base of the mountain πŸ™‚ Man I hope the knee don’t fuss too much.

The weather is tops today, sunny and warm, my kind of weather.

Just found me a great app! Another one of these things ” Google why ain’t this a default feature?” LOL. The app is
. This is one of those apps that make you wonder why it is not part of the android system to start with. If you are an android user and switch between apps a lot like I do, I recommend you give this one a try.

Going backwards on one thing that I try to accomplish most of the time and that is to run as least background apps as possible. Text to speech app , Avast security , Clipper clipboard, Adblock plus and now Siwpepad are all apps running in the background. One of these days I will figure out which way I am going!

Hey ……. I guess it is almost a new year, so a big Happy New Years to everyone, May all your Resolutions be yours to command πŸ™‚

Night folks

Me and the Knee

Some days I find myself meandering through life, I look up at the clock and the day is gone.

Well I wrote the above line about 2pm and now it is 5pm ……….. yes I am wasting away the day for sure. I sometimes have those kinds of days. I have spent a lot of time browsing the net today.

One of the things I have looked for today is a way to copy and paste from any app I have, with my android devices, but I have not found a way to do that. For an example, I would like to copy from app) but that app will not let me do that. Why? Who knows. I find it irritating the copy/paste is not fully integrated into android, regardless of what app you’re using . However android lets app developers choose whether this option works or not. Worried that somebody might lose a dollar on some silly copyright I guess.

No problem, I just changed dictionary, I now use Merriam-Webster. This still don’t help me to copy in any app, but it will this app anyways! So now, if I pronounce a word using the voice feature I can then copy and paste it to where I like. I know, I know it would be a fine opportunity to learn to spell that word 😯 but I like the fast road sometimes. Also I know I could just use voice to put it into whatever I am writing but I like to see it first and read the meaning before pasting it in, as you know I am not all that good with words, best to be sure.

No exercise today 😦   I have a little fear now ……… that the knee may be pushing me into a new reality, but ….. I am still holding out hope. When I blew my real knee about 10 or 12 years ago it felt a lot like this. I worry with it, only being 4 years this February, that I got the new knee replacement. Although I have worked it hard I would hope it holds longer than this! Like I said I am holding out hope on it, even if I do feel like I have given it a lot of rest already. I will be patient, take it ease and give it more time. Man, I miss my nice long walks!

Night folks

Apps and battery power

Either the weather is a tad warmer or I am getting use to the cooler weather, either way it feels better today πŸ™‚Β  It is warmer.

Tomorrow the host (Elaine) and I, have decided to take a walk and we are just going to wing it. It will more than likely be a nice long walk.

I hope that it is as nice tomorrow as today because I am loving the weather today. Haven’t even had to put on my sweater today. When I get back to Quartzsite I think I will pick up an extra propane tank, the weather is going to cool off far more than I like and I’ll be needing some heat 😦  Having an extra tank of propane on hand will be reassuring.

This area has many boon-docking opportunities, there is BLM land all around, not to mention the area I am in is nice too. I kind of like it here where I am best though, because the truck stop is handy to have around for little things and it gives me a place to go visitedΒ  and people watch now and then, just for something to do.

Today has been nice and sunny and I am glad to see it. My solar is purring alone just fine and the batteries are putting away the power for the evening. Just the way it should work out here in the wild west πŸ™‚ where there is lots of sunshine.

About battery power and apps on your device/devices …… If you use any app that measures battery consumption use of other apps, it will worry you some that your favorite apps are the power eaters, LOL. For me it is avast and Beautiful Widgets(which may be kind of dated) that are sucking down lots of my battery, about 30% total. Of course, also in the top 4 are android’s own system software, one the keyboard (I do a lot of swiping on it πŸ™‚Β  ) and two, is the system uiΒ  itself. I could take out both Beautiful Widgets and avast but I like them both whether I need them or not, and I get by with my battery good enough. It is interesting to know these things though. Anybody know of a weather/clock app that does well on power consumption?Β  I am sure there are tons of clock apps that don’t use much power but the weather apps may use more seeing as they got to check in more often. However I am looking. LOL, this is what I do when I get too much time on my hands.

Okay, night folks.