Short walk

Today I took only a short walk for exercise and I haven’t stretched any as of yet.

I have found that I really like the people here in this boon-docking area are friendlier than the one in Welton, they seems friendlier ………… maybe it is just me. Odd how that works from one place to the other. For those of you that don’t follow my blog I spent about 5 months boon-docking in Welton, AZ last year. I may spend a little time there this year too but not 5 months, that was too long for one place. Anyway the first year I RVed I came by this park and meet folks that I really liked, maybe some places just have good karma? I find that I have found some places that I like really well but don’t fit in with the people and others are just great places and have the nicest people. This park has been great this year.
Some pictures from around the park ………and here is a Mocking Bird.

Click for larger image.

Weather is one of the things that has also been great this year, with fall temperature about 10° above normal. Yes this has been a good start to the winter for sure.

My diet is going well but I do need to take the next step. I need to give up all my artificial sweeteners ……….. I ain’t much wanting to, but I need to, in order to move on. 😦   My weight has stay at the same place for over a month now so I have to change something and I think it is the sweeteners.

Added another short walk to my day. I enjoy walking around the little park, it is such a great place to boon-dock and just to be.