photo 551.gif Birthday: Today is my 7th year birthday for RV full-timing! It has been a super great 7 years and I am so glad I give up my “stick and brick” to do this. I think if I had it to do over I would not change much, maybe a different rig now that I know I could have had a better deal, but still I am so glad that I hit the road 7 years ago. I have a nice ease full-time birthday date to remember, 9/11 of 07 ,  plus I have Google to remind me each year.

Volunteering: I look forward to my orientation, just to see what all I have to do. I will be doing things at other areas too, like down at the arch and a picnic area farther down the road and that is all I know for now. Hopefully I’ll know more in the next day or two.

Hummers: I have my hummer feeder out and I am getting visitors. I see Black-Chinned, Broad-tail and maybe a female Calliope(not sure). I can’t see them being here much longer as it is going to start getting cold soon. Just a few late travelers.

WordPress Editor: Still a bug or two in the new editor, I notice when I post this code ….

<span style=”color: red;”><strong><em>:</em></strong></span>

to make my subject markers red it show as black in the editor but turns out red in the post as it should,  but it seems as they are getting things worked out.  Still a couple of things I like better in the older editor. One thing I like better for sure is the placement of the save/preview buttons, another is how the tags and categories are laid out. No matter I am getting use to it, a good thing because my understanding is that the older editor will at some point go away 😦

Updates: Wow, I have been off the desktop computer for what, maybe 10 days? and I had over 400MB of updates 😦 Took me at least 40 minutes and 4 restarts to get it done. That is nuts. I had other updates besides windows, iTunes, Firefox and Thunderbird.

Campground : Hey the place is empty again, who would have thought that being a host would be so peaceful and quiet? 🙂 Ha, it didn’t take long I now have two tent campers.

Looking out my front door: As I sat here playing on the computer I see this view. I like these two trees 🙂
Above BLMGrants_1216

Night folks

Getting too warm

Shopping: Today I will do some shopping and stock up a bit. I don’t need to stock up but old habits die hard. It’ll be good to get out and about.
Shopping done for today.

Weather: The weather is not looking good for next week. The weatherman is giving temperatures near 100° and that is not going to work for me, too hot. By this time next week I will be somewhere on the road in the eastern direction toward NM.

Diet: Another one of my little battles is going on, starting today. All this week I have drink only one soda pop a day and today I plan on not drinking any, or any other type of artificially sweeten drink. I will miss all that sweet flavoring 😦

Exercise: Exercise is off for today, I will rest the knees.

Night folks

Just keeps raining

Wow, the desert is getting wet, very nice. It is a bit gloomy and overcast but still, the rain is kind of nice. It has taken the desert dust down to nothing and that is a good thing. The temperature is fine, so let it rain. The weather man says it will go on raining till about Wednesday and then back to sunshine.

I took a short walk for exercise today but I haven’t done any stretching yet. Kind of been a lazy day for me and that is OK, I have one of those now and then. For now I am just chilling out and doing my blog, reading around to see what others are up to and enjoying my one glass of tea.

I guess this is my second to last glass of tea? Tomorrow when I pour my glass of tea I will empty the rest down the sink …… bye-bye, my tea friend. LOL. I think, that giving up the tea and sweetener is causing me to have a few craving-confusions, I am always looking for something to eat. Of course that is not good for my diet but I think the cravings will pass after a few days of no caffeine and artificial sweeteners. After that happens I am hoping to get a little weight loss benefit from all this. I have come to the conclusion that artificial sweeteners can cause one to maintain some fat. Not real sure of this, but we’ll see if this helps. Hopefully so Photobucket , anyways.

You know, this is the most public I have ever aired one of my bad habits, I am sure I will feel really bad if I don’t beat this one! But of course, I will beat it!!!! But it will be OK, if you folks out in blog land hold my feet to the fire, ouch!

My battery on my laptop is about 3 or maybe 4 years old (like the computer) and it has a very short capacity time. Of course, my laptop is like my desktop it is a hog when it comes to power. It has a 17 inch screen with 1920 by 1200 resolution which drinks up the power pretty fast. I guess it is something I will think about the next time I buy a computer. I am always surprise by how fast I run out of power, of course it could be that any time I pick up the computer I lose all track of time. 😯 . Anyway, it is the time (Time on the computer) that I miss when not hooked up to electric the most.

OK, enough none-sense for today, so all you folks have a nice day.

New Bird Day

Today’s new Bird of the Week is a Steller’s Jay. I do believe that I took this picture in Pie Town, NM about 3 or 4 years ago. The picture is on the top right hand side of the blog for one week only, but I have decided to start putting them in the post too because once I change the birds, it is gone forever if I don’t put it in the body of the post.

Click for a larger image.

I have ridden the bike for 10 miles today and finish my stretching so I am fit for today.

By the end of the week I will put away my tea and see how life is without caffeine and artificial sweetener. Down to one glass a day now. Fighting away yet another bad habit, 😛  “Be gone you old bad habit, be gone, I say!”

The weather today here in Wellton is just about as good as it gets, there is just a little wind but not much to worry with.

Think I will take a little walk. Later.

Sometimes things don’t work

My Dolphin web Browser has stopped working on my Android Phone 😦    …………. Oh well, I just loaded Firefox Mobile and I am back in business. The Dolphin Browser stopped working after an update on my older smart phone (HTC Thunderbolt), however it is running fine on my newer Nexus 7. Go figure! I like Firefox pretty well too, so it is not to big a deal. I did have to set up the sync feature in Firefox, both on the laptop and the smart phone so I could get my bookmarks on the phone. I use the Xmarks Plug-in to keep my bookmarks sync across all my Computers and devices, but it does not have support for Firefox mobile.

Tea/Sweetener; My last day for two glasses a day, tomorrow starts one glass per day. I have given up all caffeine and sweeteners once before but the last time I was able to drink juices and milk ……….. however ……… this time I am doing a diet (Atkins) and I will not be able to drink much of anything but water, or at best, very little of other kinds of drinks. Tough fight ahead, for an old dude that just loves his bad habits!

Ah shucks, got a little bit of overcast skies today. Can’t complain too loud, the weather has been beautiful, overall, and is not all that bad today even with the clouds. I think it is time to get up and out, to enjoy some of that fine weather.

Exercise; No, not today, I will chill out for today, maybe I will do a little stretching but that will be all.  I will get back on the program tomorrow.

This is all for today, later.

Going to be hard

As I sat here having my first glass of tea, I am thinking, “man it is going to be hard to give this up”. I just love the taste, and no more than I drink you would think it is no big deal, but I really pour the artificial sweetener to it and that is the part that I want to be rid of. Unfortunately I don’t even want it without the sweetener, so maybe it is not the tea but the sweet taste that I am liking so much? No matter, by the end of the month I will drink no more tea. I have committed to staying off all sweetener for at least a month or more, and if I do start back with the tea I will keep to 2 or 3 glasses a day. Hopefully, I can adjust and just stay off the drinks with added sweetener. I will not start back on soda pop for sure, too much bad stuff in it. Next week will be only one glass of tea a day, as I slowly cut it out completely.

It is beautiful outside and I think it is time for a bike ride, 12:30 pm.

3pm; Exercise and stretching done for today. Rode the bike for 10 miles and did my usual hamstrings stretching. I may take a little birding walk here in a bit too, just to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Yes, I think I will do that now. 🙂  Later.

Better Weather coming

Hey, this kind of weather just totally upsets us old men and no matter how hard we try not to talk about it, ………. it is to no end, we just must! LOL, been cold as all get out and it is about to break, finally, its about time, thank goodness I say.

Click for larger image
     But hey, just check it out ………. look at them seventies. That’s what I’m talking about!

♪♪♪ It won’t be long now, it won’t be long now, till I am ever so warm again ♪♪♪ LOL

OK I am over my old-man weather talk. Photobucket   I am ………. till tomorrow.

Exercise; I walked down to Jack in the Box again today, about 3 miles round-trip. I may get out and do my  stretching here in a little while, seeing as the wind is not trying to blow the RV away today. OK,OK no weather talk. Tomorrow I may be able to ride the bike in the afternoon, and that would be a good thing.

3pm; Added a little stretching to the day, mostly hamstrings. What do you think …….. is my days just too exciting? Well OK, I won’t over do it, life is good! LOL

About my caffeine/artificial sweetener habit; I am down to two glasses of tea a day now. I am pretty happy with that, and hope to be free of it all in the near future.

Weight/diet; Staying with the program but my weight is staying about the same for now, just under 190 pounds.

Finally, a Bike Ride

Yes, I got that bike ride in today and I like it but I will have to wait and see what the knees think about it all. I rode only 10 miles but it felt fine to be back on the bike. It is a beautiful day for riding too.

I thought I would sat down and blog for a spell but it sure is nice outside so I think I will get back up and go outside and enjoy some of this weather, while it last. It is just a beautiful day. Back later for more blogging.

It is later ……….. and I did enjoy some of the beautiful weather but the wind is starting to come now. We take what we can get 🙂   I did get my stretching done so I am done with the physical part of the day. This morning I was on the go early and got out and clean the RV Windows and then went and pick up some water for the RV, so I have had a good day.

My count on tea today is 4 glasses ……… I will try to do better tomorrow. My body is wanting it’s caffeine but it will have to give it up sooner or later, the fight is on! LOL. More than the caffeine, I want to be rid of the artificial sweetener, which I surely like the taste of, to me it as good as cocaine, not that an old hippie like me would know about such things  😯   It is probably just me but I could swear that I feel better and have more energy now that I am soda pop free, could it be?   Mind you, I am still not a barrel of energy but I do think I feel more app to do things.

Speaking of doing things, I can’t seem to sat here on the computer today so I am off to do something outside, you folks have a good day.

It is time

It is time for me to start making a serious effect on my artificial sweetener/caffeine problem …………. OK, so the first thing is to give up the soda pop. I have one 20 oz coke in the RV and I will drink that today and tomorrow will be no soda! That is the plan and it is a start and I choose to start by dumping the soda because I think it is the worst of the two, pop and tea that is. Some of you may need to ask in the next few days if I have had any soda pop, just to keep me on my toes. If you ask (with comments) on the blog I will have to admit to the world just how it is 😯  So the fight begins ………….   This morning I did go to Jack in the Box but I only drink water.

This is the plan, start by completely dumping the soda and then after I have done that ( one week I think) I will start to cut back on the tea. First cut of the tea will be down to 3 glasses a day (one week), two per day (one week) and then one glass a day (one week). So the plan is to have drinks free of artificial sweetener/caffeine by mid Feb or sooner. My first really hard time with this drink thing will come later this week when I head off to Yuma and I am stuck away from my tea all day. When I am out riding around is when I drink the most pop. Maybe a tea before I go and one for the road will keep me away from the soda fountain.

Exercise; I am going to have a tough time with it for a while. My knees (especially the new one (for those that don’t know I had a full knee replacement about 3 years ago)) are still fussing at me a good bit and I have just got to give them a break, maybe a week or so and hopefully that will help. So in the mean time I have to do something to stay exercised! I have done a mini upper body workout over the last two days and I will have to keep at that and even expand it ………… if it is to replace my walking/bike riding. I will need to go deep to find that cup of willy!

Are all these plans new year resolutions? No, they are things I have put off for a very long time and now is the time to start the fight of better habits for heather living. This is the best time for me to do these things, because here in the boon-docks I am at peace and very settle into my routine for next few months, and that will allow me the concentration that I need to do these thing.

Folks send me some good wishes and luck, I may need it.

Weather; It is cool and a little windy and the wind is making it feel even cooler, but we do have some sunshine so not all bad.

Time to get up and move for a while. Later

Short walk

Today I took only a short walk for exercise and I haven’t stretched any as of yet.

I have found that I really like the people here in this boon-docking area are friendlier than the one in Welton, they seems friendlier ………… maybe it is just me. Odd how that works from one place to the other. For those of you that don’t follow my blog I spent about 5 months boon-docking in Welton, AZ last year. I may spend a little time there this year too but not 5 months, that was too long for one place. Anyway the first year I RVed I came by this park and meet folks that I really liked, maybe some places just have good karma? I find that I have found some places that I like really well but don’t fit in with the people and others are just great places and have the nicest people. This park has been great this year.
Some pictures from around the park ………and here is a Mocking Bird.

Click for larger image.

Weather is one of the things that has also been great this year, with fall temperature about 10° above normal. Yes this has been a good start to the winter for sure.

My diet is going well but I do need to take the next step. I need to give up all my artificial sweeteners ……….. I ain’t much wanting to, but I need to, in order to move on. 😦   My weight has stay at the same place for over a month now so I have to change something and I think it is the sweeteners.

Added another short walk to my day. I enjoy walking around the little park, it is such a great place to boon-dock and just to be.