Lining things up

Busy Visiting: I have been busy today trying to line up a job for next summer, lots of time talking with the ranger who seems like a great person. Anyways this will be another camp host position. The area I would be hosting has 10 sites and the host site. The host site has electric(from solar array) a waste hook up (dump), but no water, I will have to haul water from the ranger station if I get the gig, but if I get the gig there will be a truck I can use for that, meaning no fuel wasted from me driving my truck.

Pictures of the Host site: Here is where I would be spending my summer. If I get this gig I could be here for 6 months of next year April – October, so we’ll see.
BLM Grants_1138

I would still be on solar but I would be stepping up from my 4 panels to this 48 panel array. I think that I could live well off this much power 😀 The only thing I would need to worry about is if the Hosts before me have badly abuse the system and destroyed the batteries, trying to do things like run their AC all day and all night.

BLM Grants Solar_1141

The one bad point I see, is that the host site is in the lower part of the camp ground and internet or TV signal is not the best here, so maybe no TV and maybe only 3G for the internet 😦 Even in the higher part of the camp ground (where I am now) I get about 2 bars of 4G internet signal and only PBS for TV.

From everything I see, I would like to do this gig but I am sure there are others that would like to do it too, so we’ll see how things goes.

And that my friends, is what I have been up for today.

Exercise: Just a short walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.28mi, time: 45:25, pace: 19:56min/mi, speed: 3.01mi/h. Added some stretching.

Night folks