Time to hit it

OK I had a whole day off yesterday so today it is time to get back to my exercise and stretching. I think today will be a long ride on the bike. I enjoyed the ride Tuesday so I will try again. I am kind of waiting on it to warm up just a little before I go and it is taking a while because today is cloudy. It will not be long. Maybe I will eat while I am out.

My friend hit the road today headed east a little ways, so good travels and luck with your progress, my friend.

Banks, always changing things around making their pages hard to get around. I had some points on a card I wanted to redeem and it took me forever to do so and I had to set up a new account with the place to get my money back, nuts @$%^@*5! And just like Forrest Gump “that’s all I got to say about that”!

OK time to get started.

It is now after 3 pm and I got a 20 mile bike ride in again and I did a good stretch after. I use my new way of stretching (the one I link to the other day, yoga thing) and I think my back is going to like it better. Yesterday while at Walmart I pick up a good mat that I can use to do my stretching on without worry about slipping and breaking something, LOL.

Not getting any sun hardly at all today but my batteries are still getting a fair charge. Looks like the weekend will be a little cloudy. We’ll make do.


As time rolls on ………..

This morning I did my usual exercise, 11 miles on the bike, a nice ride too. Yesterday evening I did take a little walk about 1.5 miles. I have also been really good about my stretching of late, and that is a good thing because it is something I need badly because I get stiff old muscle and joints pretty quick.

Banks;! Banks continue to bug me. I made a payment from one bank to the other and for some reason the payment did go through  after talking to each bank they both say it is on the other!?!? There you go, Banks! Second thing, I can’t seem to get the banks from sending me junk mail, LOL. If I did not need a bank, you can bet they would be gone! Sadly, In this day and time one just cannot do without a bank.

Nice cool day

It is a beautiful day on this mountain with temperature just under 80° and a slight breeze, just prefect.

Exercise, was a 3 ⅓ mile bike ride and a 5  1/2 mile walk in the woods, I feel exercised! LOL. Here are the tracks to my walk. There are hundreds of walking trails up here to walk. I am starting to walk the same trails because they are close to me and I can start and end at the RV. Hey, I can still find new paths to walk if I want. I may do that over the next few days.

Banks $%^&(&! I am really starting to get bugged by Wells Fargo. They have charge me some kind of fee on one of my account so tomorrow I will being closing that account and moving it to another bank, if they don’t give my fee back to me.  I will be starting an account with an online bank called ING Direct. I had a talk with them today and they seem to have good support. I wanted to talk to a person before opening an account just to see how they where with their help. I ask silly question that anyone should know just to see how they would respond and they did very well. It is a no fee checking account that I am looking at. I may move some saving their way too. Fed up with the big banks wanting to charge fees. Most all small banks will do the same things for you big ones will and I will move everything if I have to.


LOL the banks kept trying to find ways to charge you for something but they usually give you a way out if you go look into it, I guess they must be trying to catch folks not paying attention. Two years running I have gotten letters for my bank telling me they where going to charge me a service fee for a checking account that I have and each time I have been able to avoid the fee by adding something that don’t cost me. Both time it has been another account …………….. seem to me that the banks are just making more work for their self’s. Last year I added a saving account(no cost to me) in order to not have to pay for one of my checking accounts, LOL. This year they again are wanting to charge me for the same checking account and to stop it this time I had to get a credit card (which is yet another account) but if I do this it cost me nothing for anything. Also I don’t have to use this new credit card but maybe once a year, so no pain for me to have it.  Way are they so determined to make more work for their self?!?!?!?! LOL. So the way I see it, what could have turn out to be two free checking accounts has now turned into 4 free account of some kind or another. Looks like to me they now have more work to do with little to no effect on my part, I do have just a little more to keep track of but not all that much.  OK Bank, if you want more work, I’ll give it to you!! Go figure!

Is it possible that the banks are trying to make things more complicated to mess us up and then charge us fees? If so, go for it bank! I am not young and dumb, I am old and wise and I can keep up with your trickery now-a-days so bring it on!

I had a great ride on the bike this morning with two others folks from the park and it looks like we will do it again tomorrow if the winds don’t get up too early in the morning. I did just a little hamstring stretching when I got back. I still can’t get that upper body thing going 😦  !!

Wow this is already 4 days off

Time is flying, someone please slow it down!

Today I have gotten in my bike ride 17 or 18 miles (72 miles for the week), got the generator out and exercised it for a while and check/added water to my house battery. I am now in the chilling, blogging and cruising the internet mode!


Wow I went all winter and summer without getting much mail and today I got a whole bunch of junk. 4 letters form one bank, two from another,Passport America discount card stuff, Verizon mail and two from my insurance company. That is more mail than I got all year! LOL To me less mail is good. I did not need but maybe two things out of it all!

I called one bank and told them to stop sending me all their promotion junk …….. hey they said they would :)! I don’t want all their special offers LOL! Thank you, I can get into enough trouble without the banks help!

I may be the only person in the world that don’t like mail (letter types anyway)! I told the bank they could send me email LOL!

You know I think we should have the freedom to live without an address ……….. but the truth is we don’t have that freedom, which I think is sad. The government is worry that we are all bad guys!!!!!!!! “Where you at, where you live,   just in case we the government, need to run you down like a dog!” LOL.

See ………… I really don’t like mail, 90% of mail is just wasted paper! Paper must be gotten rid of, most goes into trash which in turn is just a mess to be gotten rid of ……….. email is so much better, you just hit the delete button, gone. You can block email if you don’t want it, have you every try to block a letter???? On the news the other night the post office said it is having trouble with operating money ………….. and I can fix the post office problem, yes I can ……….. just do away with the damn thing! If you can’t get it by Fedex or other private means …. you don’t need it no way!

I don’t know it but I bet the biggest cost to US post service is junk mail anyways.

OK I am off my Photobucket.

Night folks

New Week

Tomorrow will be another new week but today is ………….. Lazy Sunday!  I always enjoy a lazy Sunday rather I am lazy or not.

Banks and such

I have notice that when I pay my bill on the weekend( by computer)  the banks are the ones so slow to post it to my account. The Phone company and other always post right off. I think our banks are kind of irresponsible sometimes and just plain lazy.  Or better yet it is more than likely just greed because the more time they can keep your money the more money they make off it. If you are like me that is not a lot of money but if you think about all of our monies that is a lot of interest a bank could make in the day or two they fool around holding on to people’s money. Yes I know that the people at the banks need the weekend off, but when you pay electronically, this is all computers and I don’t think they need the weekend off!

OK OK I am off my Photobucket !


The wind has started to pick up here in Silver City. We are in a fine place for it ……….. low area and some trees to help keep it off us.

Sun Shine

Yes we have sunshine today and it looks and feels great. It is about time LOL!


The internet has been much slower this year then it has been in pass years ( Verizon anyway) Many calls have been made to Verizon and they don’t seem to care. With internet connection it always feels good when the speed goes up but slowing down is not so good a feeling. I think that Verizon has made an adjustment somewhere and it has really slow things down. This action more then likely saved Verizon a lot of money and now the top bossy can give themselves some really big bonus money! Ain’t that the the way good business goes today? Take from the poor and give to the rich!


I am doing my bank switching and it is going pretty good. Thank goodness for phones and the internet! Banks are pretty good now-a-days if you keep money ahead………. if you don’t you would be in trouble. I read the fine print on the agreements and I can see that it is a dangerous line for someone that stay on the payday to payday line with I gotcha traps about everywhere!  I don’t see how young poor folk get by now-a-days with all the traps set by the banks to dig every penny to out of poor ignore folks they can.(Ignore as in lack of knowledge and not as in stupid or silly)


4 miles on the bike.

Thanks for looking in.

Later John