Walk: I started today with my walk and I kept it short. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.73mi, time: 54:07, pace: 19:51min/mi, speed: 3.02mi/h.   A little stretching was added.

After that, batteries: where the next thing on my list of need to get done things. I added water as usual and look them over for any problems, all is well.

Thirdly, I fired up the Computer(laptop): and did a little catching up. You know I have not had my desktop computer turned on in almost two months now, wow. I use to have to fire it up at least once a week, or I would have withdraws! I guess I am getting more and more mobile.

The weather: needs a little attention, why you ask? Well let me tell you, it is just the best you could possibly ask for! Beautiful is an understatement, in my view it is as good as it gets! Just dandy.

Diet: I am in the battle now, I have taken the weight off and the fight is on to keep it off. As expected and as I knew this is the hard part. When all things are going at their best, diets are good but if things get out of sync a little it is when you got to look deep ….. and I am there. My knees have set the limits of how much exercise I can do. Sometimes my emotions are not in their top condition as with anybody. The big one is probably the ever-present appetite, that us folks that have that tendency to be over weight have. I have been in battle pretty heavy with this for the pass couple of months and I have lost ground to the tune of about 5 or 6 lbs, it may not sound like much but I know just how fast it can get out of hand. So as a blow from me in this battle, I put it out to the world to be seen ….. this will hold me accountable to not only myself but to others. I don’t know about you, but if I think others are watching it makes me want it more. Mind you, I have not thrown in the flag yet, but I need to find that edge again.

Folks at this point it is not about the know how or the know what …. it is 100% about the will power that lives within. I know all the tricks ….. now I must use the tools to fight the battle. I think this is a very important time in my life and if I am not going to be fat, now is the time to make that decision. May I find the higher power from within to be that skinny guy 🙂 

Night folks


Blogging according to me!

Ha, nothing makes this old dude happier than to see signs of warmer weather! It’s a’comin soon, thank goodness! The weatherman says warmer temperatures starting about Sunday and I so look forward to it.

About writing a blog, according to me.
The best thing about writing a blog and not being a writer is … Well you see since I just kind of scribble incoherently I never, never have to worry about that thing they call writers block, note; this is an excellent plus when you are trying to write a blog 😉 Most importantly since I am not a writer I don’t have to be correct by not talking about the same things over and over, so my favorite subjects are always open to me. It’s okay, I’m not going back into the weather anymore today (Ain’t you just lucky now?). I think that one of the things that helps me , is on some days when time is short or I am not feeling the sharing thing I can make a very short post and move on. One of my favorite things about reading others blog’s is that they have something to say, on a regular basis, so I can look forward to reading it when it is time. Don’t have to be everyday or every week, but I like it when it is consistent. This is one of the reasons I write everyday, the reader knows I will have something there to read (the other reason is personal, and that is I am keeping a record of my RVing life for me to look back at one day) . I try to keep my post short, because when I read others blogs I am not looking for a book but just a short ideal of what is happening in their life. (Just me, maybe I have a short attention span?) LOL. There are exceptions, I read one blog where the person is writing a book, but it is usually not that long of a post to read.

When I started blogging I really didn’t think I would get any better at writing but I have improved just a tad maybe. So at this ripe old age I am still learning a lot about grammar and writing in general, and it is sure not because I am putting a lot of conscious effort into it. It is just kind of happening, by doing. LOL, for those of you thinking “What, he actually wrote worst than this at one time” just go back into my blog a few years and you’ll see it is so 😦

The biggest and best thing about it all, is that I have begun to really enjoy doing this silly blog, and if there is a few out in the cyber world that enjoys this blog, bless you and thanks for reading along!

Okay enough about blogging, now back to the weather ….. No, I am just kidding! But it sure is pretty outside …………… 🙂

I have a few things to do around the RV when I get to them. One is the roof work, finishing the repairs of the solar panel’s mounts and two, is the always ongoing type of things like battery maintenance, air pressure in the tires, cleaning around the outside and other such little jobs. It will all still be there when it is nice and warm 😯 .

The knee is still feeling kind of funky and I won’t know the full story till I take that first walk in the next couple of days to give it a good test. It is a replacement knee and to tell the truth I don’t know if they heal like a real knee might or not, I am just a tad worry with it, but we’ll see soon enough.

Enough chit-chat for today, night folks.

Catching up

All the little things get behind when I have a major problem happen (like flipping solar panels), little things, that need done all the time, like windows, screens, batteries and other such things. The one thing I always manage to keep up on is exercise, a good thing.

This morning I had a short but exhilarating walk ……. :-!  Well the return was anyways, because I ran the last half mile! Now, I am not a runner, so why you ask? Well I took off for a short walk this morning to the other side of the interstate because I wanted to check out the BLM land that is over there. I was just cruising along at a nice leisurely pace enjoying the nice beautiful morning and then on my way back, I remembered, that I had put on tea water to heat up, and promptly forgot about it, and stepped out for a walk. Will needless to say when my brain turned back on and I remembered, I picked up the pace, LOL!

All was well when I got back, except my mind’s wondering of its well being : shock:  Anybody got any jellybeans? LOL. (For those that can’t catch that reference, it is referring to Ronald Reagan’s likeing of jelly beans when he was in the white house and later in life developing Alzheimer’s disease) A friend and I will often ask each other “you got any jellybeans?” when one of us forgets something, that we just shouldn’t forget. We don’t mean it in a bad way, but with good humor, like Ronald Reagan had about his Alzheimer’s disease when he first got it, he was once quoted saying the best thing about it was that he got to meet new friends everyday. Don’t care who you are, you got to love a person that can keep such great sense of humor when having such terrible disease.

Got a couple things done today. One was to get a load of water for the RV and the other was getting the batteries checked and water added as needed. There you go, little exercise and a couple of chores just about makes the day complete for a old dude …….. Only one thing left to do …..

The weather has been pretty fair, with a bit of clouds. The temperatures has been slightly below my liking but still okay. Now I can call this a full day …… Just had to have a little weather in here! LOL.

All is well, night folks.

Bike Ride

I took a short (7.5 miles) but hard bike ride (lots of hills and wind) today. The wind was not blowing hard just yet but it was blowing pretty hard for bike riding. I am betting the wind this afternoon will be a little harder but not as bad as yesterday.  The temperature has taken a little turn downward but only a little. I think today and tomorrow will be only in the 60s.

Added a little fresh water to the RV today (20 gallons maybe), went up on top of the RV and wipe the solar panels down, and checked my batteries out and added water to them. Them chores, just got to be done  ❗

My Nexus 7 should be here tomorrow according to FedEx, I’ll be happy to have it back. It was in for repairs for those of you that don’t know. I did not have all my stuff backed up at Google so I will have to do all the setting up of things again. That is OK, I like that kind of stuff. I do think this time I will use the Google backup though. I will have a ton of apps to download and a few of the apps need some setting done. All in good fun.

I still have not gotten a good picture of the Scaled Quail but here is a shot I took this morning (harsh sun light).

Click for a large image.

Folks, have a nice day.

Light on the exercise today

I took a short ride on the bike today, around  7.5 miles, and I did it at a very slow pace. No stretching just yet either, maybe later. I did do a few things around the RV. I cleaned the solar panels, filled the fresh water tank, empty the gray tanks, checked and added water to my batteries, and lastly I ordered my mail to be sent general delivery to Wellton. That has been about it for the day, a slow one for me. It is around 3pm and I am just now getting on the computer to blog. I did turn it on earlier today but decided that I needed to do some of the chores, so I got right back off the thing and did my duties 😯

I am finishing off my one and only glass of tea for today, and today I took a little smaller glass. I am staying with the plan on this no Caffeine/sweetener thing, and Monday will be my first day in years with no caffeine in my day, wow. I am sure that I will miss my old friend caffeine for a while, LOL. Well, at least till my body and mind gets use to the ideal. I am thinking at this point, that my mental addiction will fight me harder than the physical addiction seeing as I am down to one glass a day and still look so forward to having that one glass of tea, so much. No matter, I am set in my mind, and it will be. If I put it in my blog, it has got to be so!!!!!! LOL.

Man, I am drinking a lot of water now, with it being my main drink. I think some days I am drinking 2 gallons a day …………… so all that drinking and emptying takes up a lot of my day! LOL. Well at least water is a thing you can’t over do ……. at least I don’t think you can?!?!?

The temperature today is fine, but it is a bit overcast, with the sun popping in and out from behind the clouds. I am hoping that we will get by on only one cold spell this year. That would be nice, but I bet Feb will have a cold spot or two. Hey, we could get lucky.

Cooking, I spend a lot of time cooking on this Atkins diet. I cook 4 to 5 times a day, seeing as all my meals have meats. Cooking causes a lot of dishes, dishes cause a lot of dish-washing, using up a lot of my water. I guess dishes are my number one use of water.

I went out and did my stretching so I am fit for today.

The evening is here so I think I will go out and enjoy the last of the day.


Shaking out the cobwebs

Fire up the generator, one; to exercise it, two; so I could run the vacuum, three; defrost the refrigerator (I use a hair dryer so I need to power),  four;  fire up the desktop computer and do all my updates. The desktop needed the cobwebs shuck out of. Firefox had my No Script   add on to update and it cause a little problem at first but about two restarts later, all is well. I will let the generator run for another 30 minutes to an hour (has already run an hour, at least) so it will get a good workout.

Yesterday I check my batteries and added water to them, so I am caught up on my maintenance, there is of course many things I could do (lots of stuff going on with a full time RV) but I have all the main ones done anyway.

Exercise, not sure if it will be warm enough for me to ride the bike or not but it will be a bike ride or a walk here pretty soon.

Man these updates to the computer seem to take forever, so many things to keep updated. The app type on Windows 8 don’t seem to do well at all. I give up, I will try again some other time.

OK, I am out for some exercise, back later. 4pm I am back from a 10 mile bike ride and I have done my stretching so I am all set for today. Feels good to being doing my exercise but it also feels good to have it behind on some days and today is one of them! LOL.

Water; Did you know I drink a gal of water a day and I often don’t start till after 3pm? If I could make myself drink only water I think I may drink 2 gal a day! Takes me a bit to start on water but once started I can’t seem to get enough. I have been that way for years now. Unfortunately, before I start on my water I drink a lot of diet soda pop and tea sweeten with Splenda. I need to stop that!!!!!

Happy Full-timer Birthday to me

Yes, it is year number six (starting today), on my full-time adventure, RVing. I think they have been good years. I hope the next five are as good as the first five. Sure there where a few bumps in the road but over all, I think this has been the better of the times in my life.

Exercise; back on schedule with a 11 mile ride on the bike this morning. Still need to do more stretching but other than that, I am staying with it.

Chores; Got the Honda Generator out and run it for a bit and checked the water in the batteries. Took a little trip to Walmart and other places for food and this and that’s.

Another beauiful day

The weather is spot on today, just gorgeous outside. I love the desert on days like this and it is way I come to the desert. The sun has been out all day with little to no clouds, so the batteries are getting a great charge. I love it when a plan comes together LOL.

I just got back from a ride on the bike. I rode with my neighbor (Ken) for about 10 miles and he rode on but I came back. 10 miles is good for me at the time. Maybe I can do better if the humidity goes down a bit, and the knees don’t bug me as much. I have not done any stretching yet today. Maybe later.

Off and on Sunshine

Today has been partly overcast, but not a lot. Today I run the roads some.

Going to the city ends up taking all the time of my day and leaves little time for anything else. I enjoy getting out but hate that it take so much time to do anything in Yuma. Yuma is just so spread out that it takes lots of time to go about anywhere.

As soon as I got back today, I went out and checked my batteries for water and ended up doing a little maintenance on the cables because they had a little terminal corrosion on them. I got out the old grease gun and clean them up a bit and give them a coat of grease. I’ll have to keep a good eye on them and if they corrode up any more I will have to pull them out and give them a full cleaning. Hopefully I could get to them enough to get the corrosion stopped.

Truck needed love

This morning, well the last two morning have been kind of cool and the truck batteries have fuss just a little while trying to start the truck so I took off to Walmart this morning and replaced both battery with new ones. The cost of about $200.00 or near it anyway. Now it should be good on batteries for a few years. Lots of stuff to keep up on an old truck.

When I returned, I took a short ride on the bike (to the store and back for milk, 2 or 3 miles) and then I took a walk, about two miles. So I got in a little exercise but still have not done any stretching, maybe later.

Weather is to be cold tonight, all the way down to 27°, even colder than last night! Brrrrrrrr! Looks like the temperature start to pick up a little after tonight, a good thing if you ask me. LOL