More old shots

Pictures: Just a couple of shots I had not taken off the camera yet.

Bike trail in Kingman, AZ.


Exercise: I walked a couple of miles today.

Phone : Still liking my new phone and service so far. Hope it holds up for a couple of years.

Night folks

Last Bike Trail

Pictures: Here is the last shot I will have of the Bike trail. I will have to find a new subject now 🙂


Update: Here is a little map that was on post along the trail in Kingman and some of the rides I took. I put bots and miles with matching colors to show some of my rides.

Exercise: I walked a couple of miles today.

Night folks

Couple more days of trails

Pictures: Bike Trail, had enough yet? Another day or two 🙂




Email: Looking at moving my email addresses. Maybe Protonmail or Tutanota mail, maybe both. I will likely not use the encryption that much but I will feel better that my email is not being scanned all the time. Anyone use these?

Exercise: Not today, chilling 🙂

Night folks

These Shots from along the Trail

Pictures: From along the bike trail in Kingman, AZ. The area has it’s beauty.



There are many areas with the rock that is eroded away in this manner. I see where bigger birds use the holes, maybe Hawks or Owls.


Exercise: I rode the bike 8.5 miles today. I had a little spill today …. Nothing major, just took off a like bark here and there, a few bandaids and I’ll as good as new 🙂 . You know, I think falling is a little tougher now than it use-to-be o_O

Night folks

More Bike Trail shots

Pictures: Couple more of the bike trail and the last picture just scenery from along the trail.




Exercise : I rode the bike for about 7 miles today and took a few pictures along the way ….. so more shots coming soon.

New parts : I went down to the city today and got a new stem for my Bike seat. I am putting a little wear and tear on the old bike. Actually, I just replaced what a bike shop broke when working on my bike down in Cottonwood last spring 😦 They put it on a rake hanging by the seat stem and was a little to rough.

The bike shop in Kingman, AZ sure had some nice bikes and they temped me pretty good but I resisted. I just got too many other things ahead of a bike to pay for and buy for now 😦

Night folks