More Bike Trail shots

Pictures: Couple more of the bike trail and the last picture just scenery from along the trail.




Exercise : I rode the bike for about 7 miles today and took a few pictures along the way ….. so more shots coming soon.

New parts : I went down to the city today and got a new stem for my Bike seat. I am putting a little wear and tear on the old bike. Actually, I just replaced what a bike shop broke when working on my bike down in Cottonwood last spring ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They put it on a rake hanging by the seat stem and was a little to rough.

The bike shop in Kingman, AZ sure had some nice bikes and they temped me pretty good but I resisted. I just got too many other things ahead of a bike to pay for and buy for now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Night folks



Weight 185.4: I guess I need to start practicing my growling, you know, the bigger than a bear thing! LOL. I’ll just keep playing with little adjustments in my diet, maybe I’ll figure it out.

4 Wheelers: Man, there is a lot of them that comes to this area. Sometimes I wish I had one to play with, looks like they have great fun riding around on them. As I watch and look at all the trails they go on I’m a bit surprise by just how well they climb around the mountains. They seen to go about anywhere. On the bad side of things, for us parked RVers they make a good bit of dust, but hey, if you are out in the desert camping free, you got to share. Fair enough. I could move about a thousand feet from here and I would hardly notice them. I just happen to park near the trail where they come in. Also this is the weekend so there is a little more activity going on. Come Monday all the four-wheeling folks will have to go back to work to pay for those neat little toys.
If I was still working it might be that I too would have one of the 4-wheelers. But that is Okay, while out walking it is not apt that I will turn-over and kill myself, just looking at the good side of thing ๐Ÿ˜›

Walk: No real walking today, I just did a little strolling and ended up chatting with one of the other RVers. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.53mi, time: 01:00:46, pace: 39:50min/mi, speed: 1.51mi/h.

Added a second stroll, can’t sat still today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.16mi, time: 33:22, pace: 28:51min/mi, speed: 2.08mi/h. I do these strolls a good bit but I have not been keeping track of them. I especially do a lot of them when I come into a area I’ve never been before.

Bike ride: I have been itching to do some bike riding but highway 95 is a busy road and it don’t have a lot of shoulder room.

Bird of the Week: and on time this week ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a Downy Woodpecker and this shot was taken in KY
 photo DF.jpg

Dolphin Browser : I’m on the beta release and this one has some big changes to the interface. So if you are Dolphin user be ready.

Night folks

A good old bad day is a coming

Brr, the mornings are starting to cool off a bit now and I will miss the warm mornings. Mind you, in a couple of hours the temperature will be right where I like it, but it sure is nice to get up to a day and put on your shorts and t-shirt and be set for the day. In the summer I seldom ware long pants or long sleeve shirts, but often in the winter I can’t get by with it, just too cool. OK enough old man weather talk ๐Ÿ˜‰

Soon it will be moving time, not sure where we’ll go to, but it won’t be far. My friend and I are kicking ideals around, and we think we got a plan, but with the two of us …………. you never know.

My friend’s inverter stopped working and we had to figure out what was up with it. Took us a try or two but I think we got it going. We’ll know in a day or two for sure.

Had a decent bike ride today, it was slow and easy but it was on an old sandy road and kind of had to be that way, but still it a nice ride. I got a Google “My Tracks” of it and I’ll post that if I can remember how.

Well shoot, Google tracks made a mess out of my tracks. I will put the link in, but it has too many lines, if you remove the two straight lines from the start/end point, you will pretty much have my tracks. Google, what are you doing? Here is the link, for what mess it is ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  The next time I ride my bike, I will use an Android app called MapMyRide and see if it does any better.

One thing I would like to mention, tomorrow is my day to be bad bad bad on my diet! Once a month I have what I call a bad day and just damn well eat what I want and tomorrow will be that day for me ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย  I look forward to my bad day each month and I never have more than one bad day a month. I will have some biscuit and gravy to start, then some donuts, then there will be pizza and bread-sticks and lastly maybe I will top that off with some strawberry shortcake with lots of whip cream …………….ย  or we may just run into other bad food and just eat what we see! I have me a big time on my bad day! LOL. I often start these days with such plans but after a couple of treats, I call it good, but we’ll see because tomorrow is my bad day ๐Ÿ™‚

OK, this is the end of my day, so a good night to you folks.

Busy today

I have been out hobnobbing today and enjoying old friends, that I meet last year here in Wellton. I am starting to enjoy my different set of friends each place I go. I got to be careful and not visit too much or I won’t get the things done I need to get done. LOL.

Exercise; I walk a mile or so, rode the bike about 13 miles and did my stretching just now. Exercised up! For you folks that read this blog you know just how boring I am by now with the same things everyday, but one day, not too many years from now I will look back at this blog and say “damn I was getting with the exercise then”! I fear another ten years will tell a big tale on me, but I am doing pretty well at 60 years of age. This blog will give me something good to read.

Just as I got back from my bike ride the air in my front tire let go. The value stem cut itself on the wheel, probably where the bike shop did not mount it in straight. Lucky me, this time I had an extra tube. I think I need to start doing all my own work on the bike, that would be better than waiting till others work breaks and then having to fix it myself.

The weather was cool in the morning but the afternoon turn out pretty nice. I think we are in for some winter here in the desert, but that is still great weather compare to most places one come be in the US this time of year.

Birds; I have move my Humming feeder to the sunny side of the RV and the Humming Birds seem to like it much better there. I did not see any Hummers on it when I had it in the shade of the RV, I guess the Hummers like the sunshine too.


Great ride today

Man I had a fine ride on the bike today (20 miles). It was a normal ride except the last 1/3 mile ……….. I stood up on that bike and pump my old rusty heart out and damn it felt good to feel the heart race wildly in my chest! What a great feeling of euphoria I had after getting back to the RV and parking my bike. I miss the days I got that feeling about everyday while exercising, I need to do that more often. My stretching went a great deal better too, after being so warmed up from the hard riding. All and all a fine first half to the day.

The little park I am in (West Pinal County Park) has at least 20 rigs here now. When I got here the first part of Nov there where maybe 8 rigs. This is a very poplar spot to stop for a while. Prehaps tomorrow I will get out and take a walk and a head count ……. if I don’t ride the bike again ๐Ÿ™‚ย  . I find this place to be one of the most peaceful spots that I have stayed in boon-docking, well not one of the most peaceful, it is in fact the most peaceful spot I know of, for now, always on the lookout for the next best place to be. I evidently have a lot of company in that way of thinking.

One of the great things this year is the weather, that has been seasonally warmer, it has afforded great opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy it’s splendor. I just don’t see how it could be any better. Great for walking, bike riding or just being out to catch some vitamin D.

Comparing apps from Windows Store to Android’s Play Store.ย  Still a long ways to go for Windows 8.

Prehaps some of you readers remember a while back I was having a hard time trying to do “like’s” on other people’s WordPress blogs, well I got that problem fixes and it was as simple as enabling 3rd party cookies in Firefox. So now I am spreading my “like love” around everywhere, LOL.

Good ride

Had a good ride on the bike this morning after having a day off. I was a little stiff but it was still a good ride. I am often a bit stiff after a day of doing nothing. Yes, I am at the age where I have to move at least a little bit every day. Ha yea, old is just too much fun! LOL. Hey, I guess it is better than the alternative …………. you think? ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Anyways 11 miles on the bike and I added a good stretch afterwords, so this old dude is happy with that.

Weight; Well I still have no new celebrations but I am hanging tough at any rate. Staying with the program and exercising regularly. With me the biggest fight is always the eating and finding the place where I can live with on a long-term basic. I am sure I could kick it in high gear at this point and drop my last few pounds but I want to do it slowly and in a manner that I can continue with for the rest of my life. At some point in the Atkins diet one is support to test the waters and see where it is you stop losing weight but I feel no need for that test because when I was stuck a month or two back I think I found that point. Also I will add that I think I can live at that place too (with the amount of food and the types I was eating).ย  I am slowly coming around to the point to where I can eat a little less but richer foods, and that is a good thing for the long-term.ย  I need the variety for good eating habits. The one thing this diet has given me is the know how of what (foods) makes the center of me grow so much and so fast.ย ย  LOL.

OK my day is at it’s end so later, my friends!

More Windy days

Yes the wind keeps coming and that is fine by me, I am kind of enjoying the windy days. They sure are cooler.

Microsoft Windows 8;ย  Wow this upgrade is going to be a big change. I have read about it all day and man there are lots of things different, big time. The user interface (UI)(like the desktop when Windows 7 opens) is a different looking critter. I have read some of the support guys reviews and they don’t much like it because they feel it is going to be hard to support ( help user on the phone type thing). Reading about how it works, I can see this to be a problem. I myself will live with how the UI works but I just hope that under the hood everything is top-notch and from what I have read it will be. We all will just have to learn to use the interface even if it is not as good as it could be.

The UI is kind of a mixed bag with two UIs,ย  from what I am reading, a UI for apps and a UI that is kind of like the desktop now, that can be switch between. Going to be different.

Exercise; The wind has kept me walking this week and I have done a good bit of walking, about 3 to 4 miles a day. I have also be doing very well on my stretching. I do hope the wind dies down soon, I like riding my bike better than walking.

Open day

Not sure what I will get into today. My friend either wants to run the roads or work on his RV built. The weather is a bit wet and windy for my bike ride so I will take the day off or maybe walk some later on. Sooooo, who knows what I will get into today. I kind of like days that I don’t know what I will do.

As I said above, it is a little wet and windy and a lot cooler today, I like the cool part very well. Nice to have a temperature break.

I hope tomorrow is more hospitable to riding the bike, less rain and wind. I miss my exercise.

As time rolls on ………..

This morning I did my usual exercise, 11 miles on the bike, a nice ride too. Yesterday evening I did take a little walk about 1.5 miles. I have also been really good about my stretching of late, and that is a good thing because it is something I need badly because I get stiff old muscle and joints pretty quick.

Banks;! Banks continue to bug me. I made a payment from one bank to the other and for some reason the payment did go throughย  after talking to each bank they both say it is on the other!?!? There you go, Banks! Second thing, I can’t seem to get the banks from sending me junk mail, LOL. If I did not need a bank, you can bet they would be gone! Sadly, In this day and time one just cannot do without a bank.

Good bike ride

It was enjoyable to get back on my bike today, for a good 11 mile ride. After all the walking it felt good on my joints to not have all the impact of my 200 lbs on the knees and other joints. I guess I should really mix my walking and bike riding a lot more than I do. I seem to enjoy the bike more than the walking.

Weight; Doing OK on that front, not great but OK. What that means is that I am staying at 200 lbs and not gaining but not losing either. Well maybe losing 2 or 3 lbs but I am not thinking that even counts, because I have stay at or near 200 lbs for so long.

Smart things; Smart-phone and tablet that is. I think I may have found an app that will let me tether the two together. (I can connect the tablet to the internet though the phone). The app I had been doing this with stopped working about 3 months ago and I have found one that is at least working for now.