Two in the Pan

Is two in the pan better than one in the hand? New bird photo on the right. The star is a western Blue bird (male) and the other is a Pine Siskin. These are from Cloudcroft again, I have not gotten the camera out since being here.

Exercise/Bike; I did a 10 mile ride on the bike but had to walk back the last mile, one of my tires blew out. I will need to go to Las Cruces or order one off the internet. Looks like I may be walking for exercise the next few days. I could get tires at Walmart but I would have to put on bigger tires and I am not sure I want to do that, but I might.


Back to public

Today I will be taken my blog back to public again. I set it to private to get a few things changed and I have done that. There are times when I want to vent a little and this is a public blog so I must be careful now. I guess I have people reading this that don’t like me much and are telling folks that where not meant to hear it, what it is that I am writing. Hey “John you dumb-A,  it is a public blog on the internet” LOL.  OK, OK, John gets it, lesson learned. I have never use names of people I make a fuss about but someone who was close to me at one time took advantage of the knowledge they have about me and my surroundings in order to tell tells. Again lesson learned.

I now have a second blog ……….. (Bad RV John) and this is where I will do my venting about things. Still I will never use someones name.  The new blog will be sit to private and only a few people I trust will have access to it. I need to vent sometimes and I don’t have a lot of people around my person at times that allows that kind of trust. My good friends that know me, know that I need to blow a little steam now and again. LOL. Sorry to all offended on RV John, but over at Bad RV John ……….. well only my friends will know. 👿

Enough about my mistakes … moving on!

Exercise; This morning I did about 18 miles on the bike with a break in the middle for a nice cold Diet Coke at McD’s. The ride felt good. Hopefully I will get in a little stretching today. I need to give my bike a good cleaning today and wax up the chain real good.

Weight; It is going good with my weight moving slowly down, a lb or two a week. I am feeling better all the time. A fat guy like me don’t know how much better they can feel till they start to lose a lot of weight, it is a big differences for sure.  Hey what is my final gold ……..???? I think that will be about 180 lbs, a ways to go. I don’t know how much harder it will get as I start to get closer to my gold. I know from the last time I lost weight by exercising only (for the most part) I had to really get with it to get that last few lbs off. This time I will be doing much less exercise but still a fair amount, plus the Atkins dieting.  I am so surprised that I am getting alone with this dieting thing, I would sure have never thought it.

It is time to hit the public button! Welcome back to all my friends ……. and any others that must read my blog, LOL!

Back on the bike

Today I got back on the bike and had my 10 mile ride and it felt good to be off my feet from all the walking. I started back stretching today, all is good.

My friend Max hit the road this morning headed to Phoenix, AZ. Again, good travels Max. I had another friend stop by today and visit for a short time that I had not seen for a spell and that was nice.

If you like, you can make a lot of friends while doing your RV traveling and I have made a few. I hope there are many more to come and I am sure there will be.

Busy Vs not Busy. Say folks what do you think is the better lifestyle, to keep yourself busy doing something or to have time that you do nothing? I see some people that are just lazy and do nothing, other that can not find something to do and those who prefer to relax as to doing something. I see people who are always busy doing something that needs to be done or has to be done and other that like to be busy. Where are you in that picture and where should one be? Is there a one size that should fit all or is there many sizes that should go around? I think many, and I am always trying to find the just right spots, which I feel eludes me most of the time, I am either too busy or not busy enough.
I think I need a busy judge!   OK, I will just have to figure it out for myself 😉 .

I have some pictures to post but I will wait and post later on this week.

Had A Great Ride

This morning I top off my weeks riding with one last great ride. I had a little over 63 miles on the bike as I finish this morning. I good week for me. If I could only do as well with my eating LOL. I am doing fair with the eating but not as well as I do with exercise. Anyway between the both I am getting a little weight off.



Today is yet another work day for me but I think it will go fast. I will not have a lot to do today because one of the things I do that takes up most of my time is to water the plants around here and that I will not do today because we had a really good rain last night. Best rain I have seem this year.

Well my co-worker is back so next week I should only work 3 days.


It is near the end of the month and I got bills coming due that will hit me for a big chuck. One is insurance, about a $1000.00 for full time, full coverage for a year. I guess that is not bad. $125.00 for my next year of mail servers, still a lick or two to pay for the work on the truck and of course the cell/air-card bill! Bills bills and bills. They are making me nuts!

Bike ride 13 miles

Had a nice ride this morning. A little longer than most but a good ride.

Today I will ……………………………….. LOL who knows????? It is going to be a good day I think! LOL

I kind of like the ideal when I have no ideal of what to do next. There is a ton of stuff that I could do but do I want to do them??? Or which one is it that I will do. Of course I will work the afternoon but as for the rest of the morning (not much morning left now) who knows? That is the kind of day I am going to have, a wait and see day.

I am doing my laundry this morning as I blog but that is about all. Can’t seem to find second gear! Maybe I am a little tired this morning.

The old truck has done very good of late with no more clutch problems. Maybe I will not have to worry about it for a spell with the new clutch, new tires and few other small things. I am knocking on wood. I sure hope the winter goes well with the truck as I pull the RV around Yuma.

Only a couple of months away from my trip to SD, Got to renew my driver license. Maybe I go by and see Mount Rushmore seeing as the last time I got near it I did go by. Just now looking at the map I see that Hot Spring may be the closest place to get my license. Not to far from Rushmore, so maybe.

Time to get ready for work, Later.

Running late

I am running late this morning on blogging anyway. I  went out and rode the bike this morning with my friend (Ron) and we had a pretty good ride. Afterwords I went to Walmart and goof off a while and now it is getting late in the morning.

Today is my Friday and I am looking forward to a few days off. Tomorrow is the 4th of July so Happy 4th to everyone!

My air-card(4G LTE USB Modem 551L by Novatel) is doing very good so far and I hope that I am done with air-cards for a while ………… well after I get the back for it! I hope they come out with a good all around antenna for it soon, I only have a 3g antenna for it now. So hopefully they will soon have a good all band antenna. Hey, and maybe an all band amp!

We got just enough rain last night to make the dusk on my truck, turn to mud!! It is a mess and maybe tomorrow it will get it a bath.

Later, time for work!


Relaxing a little this morning. For a little while anyway, later I will head to the bicycles shop to get a new tube.

High noon …………… I have a new tube in the bike tire. They did right by me and replaced the tube free.  Good I can ride now. The stem blew out when I put 90 lbs in the tire (rated at 100 lbs) So I will try to keep it at 80 lbs and see how it rides.


My friend (Bruce) stop by this morning and visit for a while. Always great to see my friends.


Still trying to fight the good fight. I have cut out lots of foods and I am sticking to that. I have added better for you stuff and I have drop maybe 10 lbs and I am holding it seems. Need to found the next step. LOL could be less blogging, I just sat when I do this!!!! More time out of the chair could very well be a good thing.

OK I have talk my self in to getting up LOL. Later!!!!!

40 Miles

Yes this morning I got in my 40 miles on the bike (only 10 today) for the week. I fight on with this bear suit I wear (weight) to keep going! I am making some head way on the eating thing but nothing big just yet.I guess I should buy a scale ………… but I kind of hate to, just one more thing to pack in the RV.


Where will I be when the winter comes, I am near sure it will be Yuma, AZ but nothing is lock in rock for me. I know I will be here in Las Cruces for the summer. This fall I will have to take a trip north to SD to renew my driver license. I will more than likely just drive up and back with my truck only and not take the RV.

In the Park

Here in the RV park today we had a RVer run over a gas meter so that was some excitement for a bit. I feel for folks that do that kind of thing and always say “that there are those of us who have done such things and those of us that will do such things sooner or later”. Bottom line don’t be to hard on someone who goofs up because it could be you next time!!!


Time has gone by fast for me lately, it seem the day just starts and then it is over. It seem like everyday is like that to me any more, come on old man time slow down!!!

First freeze

This is the first freeze of the year that has froze my water hose coming into the rig. I of course had water in my holding tank just for this reason. But anyway brrrrr!

The weather doesn’t look much fun for the days coming either Photobucket!

I should be in Yuma! Yes I should!!!!!!! Photobucket

Only up to 61 today hope I can get put for a bike ride. This morning I will work for 2 hours and then be off for the rest of the day but by 10am it will still be to cold for a bike ride I think.

OK the morning is about gone. So work time is here and I am off to it.


Took a little ride with a friend over to Silver City and just goof off for a bit.


After work this morning I rode the bike for about 10.5 miles. Have not been walking as much and the knees feel a little better.

Night folks



Well the new printer arrived and is working well. Wireless and all. Glad to have my wireless back, so now I can set it off in the other room. I will leave my other printer hook to the computer and try to find something to print. The ink in these things cost as much as  gold. I think they must measure it with an eye dropper so I will use the ink somehow.


Only a couple of hours this morning. It is near time … time flies in the morning. I am usually up an hour and a half before work and it still seem like I how little time.


I did get 10 miles of bike riding in yesterday and the knees don’t feel to bad this morning. As much as I enjoy the walking I will have to do a little least of it.