Bills again

Bird: Here is my Downy Woodpecker for today.
Woodpecker, Downy photo onpole.jpg
I don’t know what this one is but I like it.
 photo Packsomething.jpg
Look at this, some silly person had a big chisel! Okay, just kidding, it is a site to see.
 photo IMG_5327.jpg

Bills: Lots of bills today, I paid my mail service for a year and register my truck and Trailer for two more years, ouch! Now I am so poor that I can hardly pay attention! Insurance will be next month 😦 the old bills just keep coming. While I was out I also got me a haircut.

Exercise: I took me a walk this morning to get things started. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.23mi, time: 42:24, pace: 19:00min/mi, speed: 3.16mi/h.
Good start to the day.

Night folks


Good day to Move

Move: Getting ready to go today. I will miss being pluged in 😦 I have gotten spoiled over the last 5 days o_O . I’ll take my time and probably won’t leave till late morning when it is warmer.

Bills: I paid all my bills this morning now I’m poor again 😦 Such is life, LOL. Doing things on the internet is perhaps not the safest way to do things now-a-days but it sure is convenient. Living the life I’m living in the RV, I think doing everything by mail would be a really big pain in the backside.

Time: Well, I guess it is time to slowly get ready to leave. The sun is up and it is a bright morning, a good day to move.

Update 1pm; I’m at Walmart for the night and I’ve already did most of my shopping. Enjoying just hanging out at the stores.

Weather: It’s getting better with the temperature at least making it out of the 50s! 🙂 For tomorrow the weather man is giving 70° now that is getting to my kind of weather! 😀

Location: At Walmart for the night.

Solar/Batteries: I have got to remember that I only have half the battery power now, after disconnecting 2 of my batteries. I checked the battery monitor and it is showing the two batteries are charged now, so we’ll see tonight how they do. If I could find a good deal on one battery I would buy it, even knowing that I will have to replace all four next fall.

Night folks


I am debating when it is that I will hit the road, today, tomorrow? Not sure, let us see how things feel as the day goes. Maybe I’ll start putting away a few things and see how that feels LOL. I can’t just plan something ….. The notion to do it has got to be right, got to have the urge!

Update: I did get the urge here is my new location. When = today 🙂

I got a couple of things done after getting here, one; I picked up a new vent for my RV and replaced the broken one, and two; I broke over and brought a propane tank so now I have an extra one again. With the cold weather coming it will be good to have the spare tank. I kept waiting to run into a deal but I had no luck on that 😦 I am sure now that I have one I will find them all over the place! LOL. Also today I went online and paid my bills for the month, that is always fun ……….. not!!!

The trip to Joshua Tree was a nice little trip and was something different to do, now what?

Tomorrow I need to do a few chores, like my laundry and maybe look around for some good plywood to finish the solar panel job.

Here is the new bird of the week, this is a young Blue Jay and the picture was taken in KY.

Night folks

Blue Jay

Bills ……… More Bills

Today is the day I pay up for my sins of spending, each month on the first. The bills keep coming and getting bigger while the income stays the same. I think I am headed to the poor house, do they have those any more or was that just a thing I heard as a kid, no wait, I think that is, my house!!! LOL.

This morning I did my laundry and picked up a little water for the RV. The day has flew by and I don’t know where all the time got to. Must have been them bills …………… takes me a long time to click on the PAY button! It is a good thing I can do all my bill paying from the computer, if I had to do old school and do it by mail or physically go pay them, I am not sure they would get paid! Sure seems to take a lot to push that pay button 😯  ❗

Exercise will be a bit slack today, I did ride down to the store and back(about 4 miles) and I will more than likely take a walk down to see the Owls. That is not a lot of exercise. I think I best take that walk now.


My Friday

It is my Friday and it has come quickly. I have stayed busy and time had went by fast this weekend. One more today and I will be off for four days, yea! I like working the weekends because it is always peaceful and quiet around the RV park. But is is not bad to work here anytime, only one bad egg around but that is a Bad RV John thing 👿

Getting a few chores done this morning before work, laundry mostly. Tomorrow I will do all my end of month stuff, pay bills, do some shopping for my monthly supply of bathroom items and a couple of other odds and ends I do monthly. There are a couple of chores I need to get done this week too, checking the house batteries and running the generator a little (exercising it to keep seals from drying and such), Always things to do, life is like that , yes?

I get up early on my days of work, around 6:30 and that gives me a two and half hours to do whatever I need or want to get done. Of course I do my blogging, eat and I sometimes get a chores or two done. I like having plenty of time to do things and I hate being rush. I always seem to stay busy during the morning and the time is gone before I know it. I guess I have been getting up around 6:30 everyday since I have been here but that may change now that it is getting hotter and the morning are the best time for sleeping while it is nice and cool. On the other hand I will want to exercise fairly early before it gets too hot, getting up early may stay the same …………. we’ll see.

Speaking of exercise I look for ward to a good bike ride tomorrow, not sure whether it will be a long one or short one. We’ll see.

Well it is near time for work, so have a fine day folks.

Windy day

No riding the bike today with a little wind blowing. I took a short walk to the hardware store and got an end connection for my water hose(outside) because I had a leak this morning. All fixed now. Maybe I will get to do some more walking today.

Got the old bills paid up, just so fun don’t you think? LOL. I am lucky I guess, in that I don’t have a lot of bills thank goodness. It is a good thing because the little ones bug me and if I had lots of big ones I would not be happy! LOL.

Money; Just the bit of traveling I did from Yuma to Las Cruces put me behind a little and the high cost of fuel is a big part of that. Of course it did not help that I put off buying many things this winter that I needed. These things had to be bought once I got here, such as shoes, pans and sheets. My income is just too darn small! Oh well, life will go on and all shall be as it shall be, so might-as-well be happy with it and get-on-with-it! LOL.

Popping up on search engines; I have seen that when I Google RvJohn my blog usually comes up on top any more. I do nothing to promote this, so I guess the sheer number of posts I have is making that work that way. I have posted about everyday for the last 3 years and a good bit before that so that is a lot of miss-spelled words I got out on the web LOL! It is not important to me to be out on the web, I keep this blog more for my record than anything else. I don’t mind the readers and get some interesting e-mails now and then. I also get great links to some other sites that are into some of the same things I like. Most of these connection are by way of comments or likes on the blog, pretty neat.

Time to get out of the RV for a bit! Later.

Bills paid

Yes it is the first of the month, time to pay the bills and it is done. I am glad I have few and small bills. I hate paying even these little ones and I could not imagine paying lots of big bills any more. There are some good things about becoming older, wiser and more conservative, it bring peace of mind in ways.

It is windy today and I may take yet another day off from exercising. In the summer I usually exercise 4 days and take 3 off and this winter I have been doing 6 days and one off. I think I will have to slack up just a bit. I have also done a good bit of walking and I need to stay more with riding the bike because it is so much easier on the knees. I would prefer to get out and exercise but I don’t want the knees in a mess so I can’t even if I want to, so I will give them a little slack.

Computers vs Devices;  The speed of apps impress me when compare to computer programs. I am liking the smaller portable devices (Smartphones, tablets)  they are ease, fast and to the point. Computer program are usually always over blown, they try to make them so they have everything that anyone could possible want. That ends up with most of us having way more than we need or want. I hope one day that all apps will easily run on computers because there are a few I would load right now. For example I love the speech recognition on the smart phone vs Microsoft speech Recognition, it is just totally easier, better and faster to use. Maps on the smart phone is much faster. Maybe it is just that there is so much on the computer that it just takes longer to get to it and get it up and running. There are some trade offs that programmers should look at and maybe they will, in the future. Of course there is lots of stuff that I would not want to try to do on a portable device that I do on my computer, one would be blogging and there are many more. I am just getting at the ideal that some things are so much faster and work better on a portable device and I think that they should be just as fast and good on a computer.   Just for the fun of it I am trying Microsoft’s speech recognition again.  It is difficult and not very accurate. I usually end up giving up, it is just too complicated and trying on one’s nerves. Believe it or not it took me the last 10 minutes to get in these last three lines. LOL 🙂  .


Well the bills where a much bigger job this month because of all the records I am keeping while playing with the Easy Money app. I added it the old fashion way by check book and then I added it to the Easy Money apps on both my tab and smart phone. So I am keeping track of it online, on paper and on two devices. LOL. When I start feeling like the devices are good enough I will drop the paper check book or at least do it on a weekly or monthly basis instill of every transaction but that will take a bit for me to trust the app.

Well I have gotten my exercise done today. I walked and took a little longer path maybe adding 2 tenths of a mile. Getting near 3 miles anyways. I did a good bit of stretching when I got back. I am hoping to get my stretching up to 15 or 20 minutes and stretch more of myself. For now I mostly do my hamstrings and bend the replaced knee to keep it in good working order. I need to add other stretching to my routine. By the way here is the My Tracks map that I said I would post of my walk yesterday. My Tracks.

After clicking the My tracks link, If you click the end time on the left of the map it will give you more info about the walk. I don’t know why it has the start time the same as the end time. I don’t understand all there is to understand about Google maps.

Busy moving today

I have moved a whole 300 feet today. LOL. I just move to an area a little more to myself because I like a little space. I had good neighbors but as I said I like a little space. The spot I pick would be hard to park to near me and that is a good thing. I am sure sometimes at night I turn my TV up to loud if you are very close to me and I beat and bang sometimes too. When I am off just a little I have some peace and quiet and I am not making others lose their peace and quiet, so good for everyone the way I see it.

OK, I am a little unsociable too LOL. I mean no ill feeling toward anyone, just like my space.


It is time to pay the old bills 😦 . Well I best get to it. OK, that hurt a little but it is done. 😉


Now on to the next thing ………… Exercise I think. Off I go.  4pm and I am back from my 10 miles of bike riding. Now If I can get a little stretching in later on I will be doing good.


The club WINs has a group of maybe 15 people who have came in today (in this area) not sure how long they will stay. Most are nice folks. What is a WIN???? Click Here to see. A friend and I (lots of other too) always make a little fun of them all having canoes, every time we see a RV with a canoe somewhere on it we know it is a WIN, LOL. They are a pretty active bunch and canoeing is one of the things they much do a lot of, because a lot of the WINs have canoes. Like I said, the ones I have met are nice folks.

Humming Birds

Didn’t take the Hummers long to find my new locations. They are already at the feeder and enjoying. I turn my RV 180°  from the way it was so the feeder is on the sunny side now and I think the Hummers like it batter.

Enough for today, later.

Bills, yes it is time

Time to pay the bills, oh what excitement ……… for my collectors! LOL I hope they like it as much as I don’t because if they do they are very happy people. Well it is a thing that has to be done I guess. I have already gotten it done so I can chill out with my $2.00 I have left over!!! LOL.

Think I will go off to breakfast this morning and then do some shopping ……… oh there is one more bill to pay, just no end to them bills.


While I am out today I will try to find a good fast hotspot (WiFi) to update my phone. The 3G connection here at the park is just too slow.