Must be Bath day

Pictures: White-crowned Sparrows enjoying a bath.

I could just hear the conversation going on with these two birds ……
“Come on in kid the water is great”


“Now just shake it up!”


“Now you got it!”


Exercise: I walked for 2.5 miles today.

Night folks


Yellow-rumped Warbler

Pictures: This morning these two came by for a nice cool bath. It was about 50° this morning and I had just open the door of the RV and was debating whether or not to close it and fire up the heater, but I stayed tough and was rewarded with these shots 🙂

Both of these are females but the first bird is a first winter bird.



Weather: It is cool this morning and windy but the weatherman says it will get near 70° today.

Exercise: I got out and walk a couple miles with a friend today. Added five miles on the bike.

Night folks