Hanging Out

Pictures: Here is another of the Cactus Wren digging a seed out.


Weather: For now it is holding at the mid 90s but the forecast has much hotter prediction coming and I am not looking forward to the heat.

FOSS: I found another Free Open Source Software that I like, CopyQ Clipboard Manager. I have been using ClipClip which is free but not open source. There are others that I have use before but I think I like this one better.

Night Folks


Another of the Cowbird

Pictures: Here is another shot of the Bronzed Cowbird that visit me the other day.


Exercise: I am walking a bit slower for the past week or so but I am still going.

Hot : Well the summer heat is starting to come back into the forecast, I see the high 90s coming πŸ˜•.


Back to Yellow

Pictures: This is near the end of all the spring flowers I have shot in the desert this year. I am sure there will be more over the summer but hopefully I can found a few birds to photograph too. I am starting to see a good many birds now that I am in a higher elevation.



Exercise: We walked 3.3 miles today, a good walk indeed. The knee fuss at me a little bit. We are moving tomorrow so maybe I give it a rest with a day off.

Night folks

Western Bluebird again

Pictures: A couple more Western Bluebirds.



Theme : Well okay I think that I am about to settle on this one, “Toujours”. As far I can tell the word is French but I can’t seems to get a solid definition for it. Anyone know this word? Maybe forever or always?

Weather: It has been really nice here temperature wise and will be good for a while yet. I think about moving sometimes but I am enjoying the weather so much. My next move will likely be to an area that is much warmer. The elevation here is almost 7000 feet and the area I am looking at next is only around 4000 feet which will mean a big change in temperature. Weather changes in short distance is a thing that I like about the southwest part of the US, one can drive for a hour and be in a totally different climate, however, temperatures are still hitting near a hundred in the area I’m consider, so I’ll wait a bit.

Data: Looks like I’ll be going over on my data limit 😦 Man, I wish these wireless carries in the U.S. would lighting up on the cost of data. I think maybe there are some trends that feels like it is going to get a little better, I sure hope so.

Photoshop CS2 Free?: If you try the links I give you in a earlier post and didn’t get nowhere you might try this one This one to Adobe with download link and serial #.

Night folks

Stroll or walk?

Weather surprise: It is certainly cooler than expected for this time of year here, I’m sure it won’t last long. AZ has given me a good long stay of 6 months, all with pretty good weather.

Stroll : I took a short slow stroll, maybe a mile. Just to get out of the RV for a bit. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.05mi, time: 40:04, pace: 38:04min/mi, speed: 1.58mi/h.

Walk: Went out to take a second stroll but it turn into a walk. This one was in the mountains too πŸ™‚ I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.58mi, time: 01:34:55, pace: 26:29min/mi, speed: 2.27mi/h.

WordPress App: I see the WordPress app on my tablet got updated but I don’t see much difference about it. Maybe it helped it out under the hood.
Ha, I found one change. To refresh a post you have to pull down from the top now while on that post, the circle arrows are gone. I switch between the tablet and the computer sometimes and I have to do this to see the changes I have made from one to the other. LOL, mess me up for a minute or two, till I could figure out how to do the refresh.

Pictures anyone?: Wild Flowers

Birds: Coot and Duck

Got to have a sunset, yes?:

Night folks

My New location

Internet ………….  It sucks here! Not caring for the non-connection here at all. I am going to try to update my location, maybe I can at least get that much. I best hurry along with this post because yesterday about this time I was not able to do much of anything on the net.

My Location@4:07pm,6/13        I am at Heron Lake State Park in NM.
Los Ojos, NM 87551, USA            OK, I got that much done! By the way I got here yesterday about noon.

It is trying to rain here but only a little sprinkling so far. Like all of NM it is very dry here and the fire dangers are very high. A good rain would be most welcome, for sure. The temperatures are better here too, seeing as we are at about 7000 feet.

I think that I may be getting some bird pictures here. I will say no more than that for now, and we’ll see.

Short post today …………….. again. I put out some seeds for the birds and the next time I looked up the seeds where gone, so I think I will watch a little bit.

To good to be true

LOL, about the Air-card ……….. I got an email from Verizon saying that my new billing would be $20.00 more than before! So on the phone I go, after talking with the rep I moved my plan back to where it was, 5 gig for $50.00. When in Yuma the other day, the guy in the store or the rep I called after coming out of the store neither one mention the $20.00 access fee for the card. But it is of no matter, I was watching for it! I guess Verizon thinks you won’t notice the extra $20.00 on your bill?!?!? I would have stayed with Verizon too if they where willing to up my data, but I should have known better, and now I do. Crazy, the way they do things. For 8 gig they want a total of $70.00 on the air-card, while one of their resellers (Millenicom) is willing to sell you 20 gig for the same $70.00. Just goes to show you, just how much Verizon is price gouging. So ………….. come May, I will be changing to Millenicom for my air-card provider. I love the Smart-phone but I may be dropping it too. We’ll see.

Exercise was the normal ride on theΒ  bike today, 11 miles. After getting back, I took a walk down to see the Owls but the chicks where not moving around much today.

One of my favorite sites is closing down, PhotoBotes. I see they made an offer on the last post to let someone take it over, I hope that happens, it was a nice site and pretty poplar. I guess you kind of have to be a photo buff to like such site, it had some great photos over the time I watched it.