Is it Over?

Holidays: Holidays, are they done for a while? Oh good!!! Sometimes there is way to much of a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Blogging: I am starting back blogging today but it might be a bit before I get on track with photos and such. I will at least say Hello and Night Folks each day ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, that is the best I can do for now, LOL.

Texting: Over the last year I have just started to do a little texting … why you ask? Well, seems like over the last year I have run into people who want to do it. Most of the folks I know are older like myself and didn’t want to text, but that seems to be changing a little. What made me think of this is that I just got a text form an old friend that I know just hates anything Smartphone, so if he is willing to texts than it must be catching on with us old folk! Right Barry? LOL.

Firefox: I have always use private browser mode in Firefox but I have learned about an extension Mult-Account Containers that I like even better than private tabs. The extension seems to isolate tabs better when putting tabs in their own container. One of the best things about this is that I can log into both my google accounts and both my Flickr accounts all at the same time and they can’t see each other on Firefox. Helpful when you want to make different setting to like accounts ๐Ÿ™‚

Internet: Over the last few months I have had lots of problems with Verizon internet service, I think maybe they have overloaded they network since they have push so hard with they new unlimited plan. Like most big businesses they like to get the customers but hate to do the services, (money for as little effect as possible).

Exercise: I have kept up with my exercise, doing five days a week and taking two off, but I have put on a good amount of weight over the last year and it is making it hard. I’ll keep pushing!

Friends: I have 3 folks in the area that I know from last year. Good to have folks around that you know.

Night Folks

Yes! Back to warm weather

Pictures: When I post some of my bird pictures I will often pull them out of old file folders on my Computer and just pick ones I have not processed yet, put them in Photoshop and see what happens. Today I found a folder named (Sort Cloudcroft) this means that I took these shots deleted the bad ones and just left them to sort later into the right bird folders(which it looks like I never got around to doing). So it is kind of like new stuff to me ๐Ÿ™‚ .I took these pictures about 3 years ago in Cloudcroft, NM, and it is one of the best places I have been here in the west for birding. Should you ever be in the area I would highly recommend camping out in the National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. Beautiful area with lots of birds.

Here is two pictures I took while there.

I’m not all that good at IDing Warblers, so if you don’t think this one is not a Yellow Warbler drop me line with the right ID.
Yellow Warbler
YellowWarble maybe 20d _7828

Western Bluebird.
Western BlueBird 20d_7794

Weather: Yes’ I talk of the weather a lot, well you know that good weather is an old dude’s dream? It is true, we live for the beautiful days with lots of sunshine and mild weather ๐Ÿ™‚ You know what? It is a good day for me today ๐Ÿ™‚ The sun is out and the temperatures are getting better. I think maybe the cold spell has pass by this little area of the southwest, a nice thing for all the other RVers and I, indeed.

WordPress: After getting the stats the other day I have been looking around the stats page and man, it sure has a lot of information about what is happening with your blog! Stats is not a thing I have paid the least bit of attention to during my blogging but after a good look around I can see the page has a lot of useful info and tools. I sometimes get busy and miss when followers join and then I of course miss out on their blogs. I see you can find a list of your followers in the stats, I didn’t know that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ because I just didn’t looked at them. I guess there is a lot I don’t know about blogging even if I have been at it a while. I guess it is never too late to learn.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.39mi, time: 45:04, pace: 18:50min/mi, speed: 3.19mi/h.

Night folks

Thank You

Pictures: Purple Finch.

Purple Finch 20d_3332

Purple Finch 20d_5283

Blogging, A Thank You: Everyone got their stats from WordPress in the last few days and I see a lot of folks posting them. They are basically about hits on your site and my is about 30 hits a day. I see lots of blogs that have far more and a few that have less and I think about it all. I could do things to up my hits but it involves getting more social with things like Facebook, doing groups(like the rewards things that are designed to give you more hits) and other such things but in the end I think I prefer to keep my blog simple. The best thing about that is if I get busy doing other things I can just let the blog float along, also there is only a certain amount of time I want to spend blogging and not a lot more. (Note: To my readers, I will always try to post a little something everyday, this is the one thing I am commented to about this blog.) So popularity is not the biggest thing on my list when blogging. Mind you, it feels good to see the hits,likes and comments but it is not the biggest thing in life. Overall I like to keep my blog in a manner that is still fun to me and that is what I will do and let popularity take care of itself. Besides I’ve never been the popular guy so I don’t think I would know what to do with it if I had it!

And now for what this is all about anyways …….. With all this in mind I would like to say thanks to all the folks that do visit and interact with my meek little blog and I.


Going less: When I get set into a place and time goes by I seem to go less and less. I think if I was to move into a isolated place I might become a hermit โ— LOL. Kidding aside, I have been going a little less of late, one thing is it cost to go, two, it is very time consuming and sometimes I like being a homebody.

Solar: Getting lots of good sunshine and I like that, still a little chilly but sunny ๐Ÿ™‚ Boon-docking is always good as long as you got sunshine, all the other things can be managed, such as water, and heat. Power is always the tough one. I have one neighbor here that has a wind generator and I have often thought of getting one but the wind is not as consistent as the sun but it might be nice in addition to solar.

Exercise: A short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.14mi, time: 40:55, pace: 19:08min/mi, speed: 3.14mi/h.

Night folks

Where to?

Weight 186: ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Still got the bigger than a bear thing going on, LOL. Looks like another adjustment is going too be needed.

Move: I have not taken off just yet, but I will be on the road soon. Still kicking around anything ” the what’s” I may need from the stores. When it comes to food, I’m a bit of an over-stocker. Maybe it has something to do with my love of eating? At any rate I want to have everything I need for a week or two, in case I end up far from a store. There is a casino up the road that I could stop at for a night ….. I’m not big on casinos but it could be something different to do. I sure don’t gamble, gambling is just a way to throw your money away, the way I see it. I really prefer the open space of the desert. Still I could at least look around ….. maybe. For now it is blogging, chilling and thinking but moving will come at some point today.

New location:ย  This will do for a place to stop for a while. I’ll do some pictures later.

Walk: I did more walking than this but that walking was for other things and not exercise. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.52mi, time: 01:00:26, pace: 24:00min/mi, speed: 2.50mi/h. I have let my stretching slip for two days running now, hopefully I’ll get to it tomorrow.

Long day:

Night folks

Moving Change

About moving: I had planned to move today but now I think I will not. I will stay here for a few more days.

Weight: I forgot to do that this morning. I near always do the weight thing first thing out of bed, but this morning found me thinking on other things and I forgot the weight. That thinking thing, is just hard on me, LOL!

Walk: Another short walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.29mi, time: 43:36, pace: 19:03min/mi, speed: 3.15mi/h.

Stretching: Last summer I stopped stretching and did not start back until about four months ago. I’m just now getting back most of my flexibility in my hamstrings. I can now reach my toes and a little lower now, and I think that is pretty good for an over 60 something dude that has a good bit of arthritis. The best part is that I think I can still gain a little more flexibility in my hamstrings and I like that ideal. I’ll keep working at it.

Blogging with a Device: For the last three or four days I have not used the computer for any of my blogging. With all the practice I’ve had this winter, I’ve gotten better at using the Nexus 7 for near all my blogging. About the only thing I have trouble doing is linking pictures from Photobucket and Flickr. Those two sites are too messy to deal with, but I’m working on it. It is kind of neat, all the things you can do with mobile devices.

Another couple of thoughts on mobile devices.
1. I think the absolute best app that has came out for mobile devices is the Swype Keyboard (and other keyboards like it, pretty sure the Swype keyboard was first).
2. The divide between computer and mobile devices has really narrowed down in the last couple of years.
3. My biggest fuss with mobile devices is that the apps are so damn nosy.

Night folks

Ten things about me and blogging

Blogging = writing. Me …. I am certainly not a writer but yet here I am pecking/sliding away at the letters on this tablet. I sometimes wonder why I do this, because I know I am not a writer but yet, I enjoy being where I am at this very moment, looking for the words that I will share with the world today. I have the few friends that read my scribbling and now a few Kindred bloggers. Lately I have been following a few other blogs fairly close and enjoying the writing skill of some very talent folks, and this is the thing that makes me wonder what it is that I am doing here. I have always wrote my blog for my own benefit pretty much, in that it keeps a nice record of my RVing life, but beyond that I have not looked for much else out of my blogging. But than this is not in a place where only I see it, is it? So ….. just what the hell is it that I am doing? I don’t have a clue! Maybe one day I will figure it out, than again maybe I will never really have a good reason for just why I do this blogging thing …… and you know what? I am okay with that, some things just are what they are and don’t really need a reason do they?

Some things that have come from my blogging ….

1. I have gotten to be a better writer (still miles of room to improve)

2. I have come from a place where I hated writing anything, to a place where I look forward to my daily scribbling.

3. The blog is a great way to keep a few friends informed of the little things happening in my life.

4. Help develop a few social skills, I will confess that I am not the most social person that you will ever meet.

5. Help to keep me very honest about personal golds, such as losing weight, exercising and staying with a diet. Also about my defeats such as my inability to give up caffeine!

6. LOL, if one writes about most the things one does in life, one becomes more careful of what one does! Maybe in that way it helps me to be just a bit better person. (I think we all should have room for self improvement, throughout life)
Note: I don’t write about everything ….. for example when some fool rides my bumper way too close and I have a bit of road rage, even if it is just a bit of cursing under my breath, and I certainly don’t want to talk about the times I stick my head out the window and give a good cussing with a little bit of fist shaking! Okay I haven’t done that for many years, LOL.

7. Learn the lesson that if you put it in this blog, you can’t take it back! Yes even old man, just like teenagers, get into trouble running their mouth! It is just one of them lesson that even if you learn it well, over a few years you kind of forget and once again have to learn.

8. With number 7 in mind, always try to keep the blog positive and find another outlet for negative feelings, we all have them, just got to keep them in check sometimes ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

9. This blog helps me stay up to date with some of the little social tech things happening in the world. Not that I use many of them, but at least I know about them.

10. This blog gives me something constructive to do, that I really enjoy doing! It is a nice part of my day.

11. One more, I am not a creative person in any sense, and perhaps this blogging helps just a little with that. I have always desired to be more creative.

There you go, my second list of ten, plus one! If anyone can find use of one of these, it yours to have, LOL.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.02mi, time: 35:03, pace: 17:22min/mi, speed: 3.45mi/h.
A nice walk. The knee is feeling fine today, damn near normal! Ha, ain’t nothing like a little moderation, LOL. Perhaps I can push up to 3 miles a day …… without the knee fussing? I won’t try that for a while, give the knee just a bit more time, before I look for the boundaries. Added a fair amount of stretching and all is well.

Fine weather today. Little overcast but that is Okay the temperature is nice. T-shirt and shorts weather, just the kind I like.

Looks like I have been full of nonsense today, hopefully I got it all out ๐Ÿ™‚ today.

Tomorrow’s nonsense may be about using a tablet to write over 95% of my blog. All of this post was done on my Nexus 7.

Night folks ๐Ÿ™‚

Blogging according to me!

Ha, nothing makes this old dude happier than to see signs of warmer weather! It’s a’comin soon, thank goodness! The weatherman says warmer temperatures starting about Sunday and I so look forward to it.

About writing a blog, according to me.
The best thing about writing a blog and not being a writer is โ€ฆ Well you see since I just kind of scribble incoherently I never, never have to worry about that thing they call writers block, note; this is an excellent plus when you are trying to write a blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ Most importantly since I am not a writer I don’t have to be correct by not talking about the same things over and over, so my favorite subjects are always open to me. It’s okay, I’m not going back into the weather anymore today (Ain’t you just lucky now?). I think that one of the things that helps me , is on some days when time is short or I am not feeling the sharing thing I can make a very short post and move on. One of my favorite things about reading others blog’s is that they have something to say, on a regular basis, so I can look forward to reading it when it is time. Don’t have to be everyday or every week, but I like it when it is consistent. This is one of the reasons I write everyday, the reader knows I will have something there to read (the other reason is personal, and that is I am keeping a record of my RVing life for me to look back at one day) . I try to keep my post short, because when I read others blogs I am not looking for a book but just a short ideal of what is happening in their life. (Just me, maybe I have a short attention span?) LOL. There are exceptions, I read one blog where the person is writing a book, but it is usually not that long of a post to read.

When I started blogging I really didn’t think I would get any better at writing but I have improved just a tad maybe. So at this ripe old age I am still learning a lot about grammar and writing in general, and it is sure not because I am putting a lot of conscious effort into it. It is just kind of happening, by doing. LOL, for those of you thinking “What, he actually wrote worst than this at one time” just go back into my blog a few years and you’ll see it is so ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The biggest and best thing about it all, is that I have begun to really enjoy doing this silly blog, and if there is a few out in the cyber world that enjoys this blog, bless you and thanks for reading along!

Okay enough about blogging, now back to the weather ….. No, I am just kidding! But it sure is pretty outside …………… ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a few things to do around the RV when I get to them. One is the roof work, finishing the repairs of the solar panel’s mounts and two, is the always ongoing type of things like battery maintenance, air pressure in the tires, cleaning around the outside and other such little jobs. It will all still be there when it is nice and warm ๐Ÿ˜ฏ .

The knee is still feeling kind of funky and I won’t know the full story till I take that first walk in the next couple of days to give it a good test. It is a replacement knee and to tell the truth I don’t know if they heal like a real knee might or not, I am just a tad worry with it, but we’ll see soon enough.

Enough chit-chat for today, night folks.

Working ………..

I owe, I owe, off to work I go!! I would like to get over that some day!! LOL. No, here at this working camping job I make no money, I just earn my keep, site and utilities. However, it sure is a convenience staying here, so close to every thing and not to mention that I am not out on the road burning fuel by pulling around a 30 foot RV.

There will not be any exercise today, the 5 hours of work was enough for me, but I hope I can work in a little stretching later on. Labor is not the kind of exercise I would like but it will have to do for a while. If I can keep up my stretching it will be OK.

After work today I was a bit tired, I am not used to all this labor stuff, LOL.

Blogging ………. I talk about my blogging from time to time and what it is I am doing or not doing with it, and today I will do that again, just a little. One, anybody that stops by and reads a bit knows right off that as I writer, I suck, two, I have nothing real important to say about the big things in life, three I have no product to promote, four, I care very little about popularity, so …………. what the hell is it that I am doing? LOL, good question! OK, here goes, one, this blog is something I started when I started RVing full-time about 6 years ago and it is kind of my record of what I have done in that time. I have done nothing fancy or extremely interesting but still I can look back and see. Two, it is a way to share with a very small circle of friends just what it is that I am up too. Three, I don’t mind that it is open to anyone that would like to come by to see what is happening with me and I appreciate the look-see when they do and the comments too. I like the “likes and comments” as it gives me a good reason to go look around at other folks sites to see what they are up to, and I enjoy that. Four, this blogging thing is actually helping become a better writer, a skill that is much-needed in my case ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  .

A little about who I am …………. I am just a plain worker ant of life, doing nothing more special than any of the other worker ants, I am not faster, better, worst or in any way much different, some that know me might think so ๐Ÿ˜ฏย  but I really am not. You know, at this point in life I think it is the way I want it to be, I just want to be me, for better or worst. Is it not OK to be an everyday garden variety person? I think it is. As a matter of fact I like this kind of people most. The ones that want more than this, are sometimes hard to like, they get in your way and take up a lot of space and sometimes need constant attention, they make me tired, LOL. So, this is who I am, of course there is much deeper stuff with me, as there is with everybody, but the world don’t need to see all that, some things are best kept in small circles, yes? Each day I live life, I think, that I learn a little more about how to not be the person that takes up to much room, and how to help other with their space in life, mind you, I still have lots of room for growth! So there is why I am so dang boring and have no interest in changing ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

OK, today there was more than most of you wanted to know about me, ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  so I won’t do this again for a year or two. Hmmm maybe I should put this post in the About section of the blog? No, I will just keep them wondering.

I am on Ubuntu today and I have gotten lucky and got both pieces of my encryption software (Encfs and Turecrypt)ย  working on Ubuntu, I am happy about that. I like it when I can figure out how things work, or in this case with Linux, I am happy to just get it to work even if I don’t know how I did that, LOL!

Enough chitchat for today, later.

Down Sizing, and am I the chatter?!

Yes I am starting to down size again …………. as in 2X to XL, LOL. No more $2.00 more for the big man size! I bought a new shirt today and seeing as I am now pretty confident that I am going to keep my weight down, I am buying to fit. โ—ย  I don’t seem to be going any lower but I am staying where I am and have done so for over 6 or 7 months now? I don’t see myself as dieting any more, but as eating a new way, a way that I should have done all along. Of course if you call not eating anything you want when you want, dieting, then I am dieting. However I am starting to look at this as the smart way to eat and the way one should eat, one should not be able to eat just anything they want in this day and time. The foods of today are just not that good for you. Bottom line ……….. I like my new size ๐Ÿ™‚ย  and I am liking my new foods.

Seeing as I bought a new shirt today that means I did get off the hill and go into Deming for a spell, mostly to have something to do. I spent a few hours messing around doing much of nothing, shopping and the like. Didn’t do too bad on the buying end, just a shirt, a battery power vacuรผm cleaner and some hamburger patties.

The battery power vacuรผm is something that I have needed for some time now, with all the boon-docking I am doing. It just is not to convenient to run the big one I have, because I need to run the generator and that is a bit of a hassle seeing as the generator is not the built-in type. I do get the generator out once a month and run it just to exercise it, but that is not enough vacuรผm time, even for an old bachelor, LOL. I have vacuumed once a month and swept the carpet the rest of the month but sweeping does not do as well as vacuuming. So I am glad to add a portable vacuรผm to my mix of tools.

About the Vacuum cleaner, it is from Walmart (where else would it be from for those of you that know me โ—ย  ) and it is a Shark 15.6 volt cleaner. I tried it out for a couple of minutes before plugging it in for its initial charge (20 – 24 hours, wow) and it did a fine job. I think I should have had one of these a long time ago. They sure are a lot better now (battery power ones) then what I could have bought 6 years ago when I started to RVing.

Just had me a meal, and it was two hamburger patties with one slice of cheese split between them, a bowl of greens and one hard boil egg. I eat about 3 meals this size during the day and one a little larger in the evening. I know, I know, that I should do theย  bigger meal during the day ………… but I don’t. Hey, I still weigh in at 190 pounds so I have room to improve yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

After getting back from Deming, I took a short but quick walk to warm up a little and then did my stretching. The short walk was to rest the knees a little, they been fussing just a little of late with all these long walks, but I did need to warm up a little for my stretching.

You know what, I think I am beginning to enjoy blogging a little better as my writing and typing gets better. Yes, I know I have tons of room for improvement yet, but I just keep trying. Hey, for someone who quit school barely being able to write I am doing pretty dang fair!

Oh no, looking back over my blog today ………….. I might be the chatterย  โ—ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Everyone have a nice eveningย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Save as draft

Trying my nexus 7 tablet out, to get a post started. Attempting to see if I can save a draft from the tablet. Hey, I found the save draft button! You can do most anything mobile if you know how, but I have not played with if much. The speech recognition on the tablet is far better than on the computer and faster too, as far as understanding what you are saying. I’m really beginning to like this speech recognition part, it does a great job and it even understands a little hillbilly! Who knows, maybe I can start blogging with speech recognition and not have so many writing problems. Now, wouldn’t that be nice! Unfortunately the speech recognition on the tablet does not offer full editing abilities like a full-blown piece of speech recognition software would. For example if the speech recognition gets the word “abilities” wrong as in the sentence above then I have to go in manually to correct that , and that can be a real pain. Still, something to play with and have fun with now and then.

10 p.m. Just finished watching a great show on the education channel about Henry Ford, a very interesting show. He was both brilliant and flawed.

Still playing with the tablet and the speech recognition, just goofing around this evening. Writing this as a draft on the evening of the 29th, and I don’t know how it will post as far as a date goes. Of course, I will post it tomorrow on the 30th.

2pm on the 30th; Hadย  a great bike ride this afternoon, my normal 10 miles. I also completed my stretching for today, so I will call me, fit for today. The weather is perfect today for a bike ride. It is a beautiful day.

The IGA store down the road has chicken breast on sale for $1.67 a pound this week, so I will be eating lots of chicken and have a well stock frig by the time the sales ends next week. I eat a lot of chicken anyway so this is great for me, I will eat even more ๐Ÿ˜€ this week and next. I am cooking up a big breast now. On this Atkins diet, chicken and fish are two of my favorite foods. They also have a one day sale on pork ribs tomorrow (.99) a pound so I may just stock up on those too.

It is time for me to eat that chicken, later.