More Juncos

Pictures: Here are a couple more shots of the Dark-eyed Junco (Red-back).

All the seed, makes a happy bird 🙂


Exercise: I rode the bike for 5 miles only.

Forgive Me: I am not getting around to other folks blog just now due to low-bandwidth but I will roll over data on the 25th so the 26th I’ll be able to see what you all have been up too 🙂 I am feeling deprived 😦

Theme: I am still playing with the setting a bit, I am looking for plain, simple and efficient. I am finding one thing that I can’t seem to work around and that is the default font in the theme (The body text font), I don’t like it. Is it silly looking or is it just me???? This is the Big Brother Theme.

Exercise: Only got in 5 miles on the bike.

Night Folks


Morning humor about oneself

Blogs: I have started my day reading blogs of people that I follow, trying to catch up a bit. There are a bunch of good writers out in blog land, make me envious of their writing talent. About the only thing I got going for me is that I am here everyday. I think one of the thing that I have come to a conclusion about is that I should keep my post short so as to not bore my audience too long. My theory is that anybody can read a couple boring lines but a long winded post would be too much, LOL. As a reader I know that I will sometimes skip over long post and op for the shorter ones and even better, are the ones with a couple of pictures but not too many pictures …… I don’t even like post with too many pictures 😦 So, a simple person with a short attention span? Oops, that is me!?!

LOL, a couple of quotes from yours truly. ” It is okay to be who you like …. as long as you understand the one that you are” 😈 ” Small doses of dysfunction is best eaten with a large dosed of understanding” ❗

New tablet: I am blogging with my new tablet this morning and one of the things I have come to really appreciate is the Samsung onscreen keybroad. I find it to be pretty much like a Windows keybroad which makes it very familiar. As I watch the development of Android, Apple and Windows tablets they become closer in funtion with each new version. There are always going to be small differences but they are slowly starting to do the same things the same way.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.55mi, time: 56:35, pace: 22:10min/mi, speed: 2.71mi/h.

Volunreering/Hosting: Looks like I will be going to Grants the first of Apirl. If you want to hear an old dude fuss over the weather just wait till then. Apirl temperatures are not very warm 😨 Looking at the weather averages it seems the temperatures dip into the freezing range about every night, but as in a lot of the southwest even with colder nights the day temperatures come up nicely into the 60s.

Visitors: Had a great visit with one of my friends (Barbara) ☺ Link to her blog over on the right side of the blog. It always feels good to have folks come by that I know.

Pictures: Mocking Bird
Mocking Bird photo MockingBird8086.jpg

Red-breasted Nuthatcher
Nuthatcher Red-breasted photo RBN9.jpg

Night folks

New Links

Exercise: I’ll be taking a walk with a new friend (Jeanne) in a bit. My friend Jeanne has a blog too, Here . Yesterday I walked with Jeanne and Barbara, and Here is Barbara blog. I have added new links to their blogs over on the right.

Pictures: Couple of Wild flowers.
Wildflowerday2 2_1125

Weather: We have just a little rain today and the weatherman says we’ll be cooling off a little and it is certainly cooler today. The evening has a little bit of everything wind, lightening, clouds and warnings, hope it don’t get to bad.

Night folks


Cold days

It is into a cold spell here in the Wellton desert but it is the time of year for it. I run my heater a little last night and again this morning, enough to get the chill off anyways. I had to go have one of my propane tanks filled this morning so I am all set for the cool evenings to come. The cost of propane here in Wellton is $2.80 a gal, not bad. Cost me $19.00 to fill my 30 lb tank.

Likes; I got a “like” to one of my post the yesterday and as always I go take a look-see at the liker’s blog and today I run into blogger that likes to find what I call heart-tugging story, so if you like that kind of story you should go take a look at this blog , Morning story and Dilbert. If one of the story on this blog don’t get a tear out of you …………. you just ain’t right! LOL. I really enjoy all the different kinds of blogs out in blogosphere. So many creative people out there, I wish I could be as creative as many others are. Me ………. I am one of the monkey see, monkey do kind of guys when it come to all that creative type thing, LOL. Hey, I keep trying, one of these days I might write something good. Maybe, I might, it could happen, you never know, anything possible, luck happens sometimes, I could hit the wrong key and it turn out to be good ………….. OK, OK, I am not going to win the lottery either so what the hell!!!! By the way, I just checked my lottery ticket ……………  😦     LOL.

Life is but a bowl of cherries all you have to do is pick from it …….. but watch out for them sour grapes! 

No soda pop today  🙂   Breaking them bad habits.

OK time to move, so I will go out doors and see what happen today. Back later.

And I am back 🙂   Exercise was a short walk 1.5 miles, a short upper body workout and a little hamstring stretching. I feel pretty good and my only fuss is that my knee feels a little funky, it’s going to need some time.

Back to the card reader thing, it turns out that I do need a new one. On a close inspection I found a bend pin on it  😦   So I will pick one up Friday when I go into Yuma. I hope it has not damage my card, well it not a very big card so it would not matter much.


I am still having trouble getting the like’s to work on other people’s sites, the WordPress ones.  I am mot sign up to Facebook so I know they won’t work but the WordPress one should work, yes? Anyone knows the whys of this please let me know. For all those of you stopping by and liking my post I always take a look at your sites if you have a link but often can’t give it a like for whatever reason, sorry, I at least give you a read and sometimes a comment. Most of the time it seems that I can like blogs with WordPress in their url but the ones without WordPress in the url I cannot, even if it is a WordPress blog. Maybe something to do with where the blog lives?? Any advice would be great.

Did my thing with exercise(bike ride) and stretching this morning and I feel good ……. for an old dude! Yes, I feel feisty! LOL.

Today I updated my newly added email addresses on the laptop and I just did it manually instead of making a backup and just importing them. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for email and just let it get my mail from all the accounts I have on the web and it works great. Thunderbird and a add-on called Zindus keeps my address book synced with Google and the web sites keep my email synced so all I have to do is keep the changing addresses up to date. I don’t change them a lot but I have just dropped yahoo, (few months back) so I made up the email openings with gmail and zoho. I like to keep at least one email address around for those folks I am not too sure of, if I go into a store and maybe they ask for email address that might turn into a truck load of junk mail it is good to have it handy.

OK it is time to go play on Windows 8 preview so I am off.


Day of shopping

Went to Casa Grande today and did a little shopping for this that and the other. I did Walmart and pick up the things I needed there and I stop off and did what little Laundry I had.


I pick up a air filter for my truck, and a fuse for the power back to my RV so now it should charge as I go down the road. It was fuse 19, all fixed! While out today I wanted to check for new tires for the truck but by the time I got everything else done I was ready to call it a day.


It has been a bit overcast for all three days I have been here with the sun out about half the time and I need a lot of solar!! Well I don’t guess I need it all that bad the batteries are in a high state of charge but ………… I wanted to run the desktop for a while so I fired up the Honda 2000. I am now on the desktop which I enjoy so much better. I like my laptop just fine but I like the desktop much better.

Hits on the blog

Yesterday I must have had something in my tags that got lots of hits. I usually get anywhere from 6 to 20 hits a day and yesterday I got over 70, Wow!!! I am not used to that many folks dropping by! They do a thing on the WordPress blogs where they look at tags that are somewhat a like and put at the bottom of people’s blog likely links with the same subject and maybe my tags match someones blog that was a lot more poplar than my.

Phone Nokia 5230

Trying to figure this silly phone out, I think it has too much stuff. I did manage to get my maps on it ………….. I have read that I can use it like a GPS but I have not figure it out just yet. I am working on it!

Night folks


The day-light is saved

Today is day-light savings time and we all get to rest an extra hour! I didn’t sleep in but I will enjoy some computer time this morning.


Well if you go over on the right and check out the blogs ……………. Sue  is having a great time down in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, except for working too much. I have been there and it is a beautiful place but you must appreciate peace and quiet.

George is still going through a tough time in his life and I hope he gets back to better times soon but I know how hard it can be when you lose someone you love.

Marcia ………….. I think the girl has gone domestic on us( As in a house and settling down)!! Hope she is having a great time at it!!!!

Other blogs …………… I am thinking on adding more links to my blog that are very RV related but by people who I don’t know but I do enjoy reading what they have to say. Not sure which ones to add just yet, but I like blogs that are active and have useful stuff (unlike my) but I also like to read about plain everyday folks doing their thing ……….. the little things in life. I also like the High tech type of blogger ( ones writing about internet and computer type things) and I know of some of those. Some of the ones that are really good are very commercial but still have good free info that you can use and enjoy reading about.

Lately I have looked around for such blogs that I would like to link to. So watch for more links of RVing type blogs.

Maybe during my long lunch I will research some blogs for links that I may like to add.


The days have been just so good that you would think it is still early in fall, but the nights are starting to cool off and it is feeling like winter in the desert in the mornings. Would be a great time to be a little farther westLoadng!!!


Today is friday

And it is my Friday too. Life is good.


I will look over all my work on the slide and check some things out and make sure all in working well and than one more job on it.

Have pretty much chill out today, I did look things over a bit and may do one more little job beside a lot of caulking.


I have not did much on the bike ….. knees have been sore from all the climbing up and down the ladder. But maybe in a day or two I can get back at it.

Other blogs

My friend Su is at the Low-Hi, My friend Marcia bought home in Yuma and George has fail into a bad time of his life and my heart goes out to him. All this can be read about on the links on the right except Marcia( if you know her she can be found on Facebook) and she has stopped posting to her blog.

Night all.


Shopping again

I need to stop this RV shopping or I will get myself in trouble!  Still looking at the new Work and play 30wr. It has one or two things I don’t like (as all RV do for me) but it has a lot of things I do like. The biggest of these things is room to add things that I want, like a desk or more storage. It also has a good size fresh water tank and fair size waste tanks.  The thing I don’t like about it is that it will have one hell of a lot of payments if I get it.

Just renewed my PassPort America card hopefully I will need it this year on the way to Yuma!


Today I had fun reading and listen to George’s blog about living and building a house in Mexico. I found it to be very interesting indeed. Click George’s link on the right and check it out. If you look at it on a different day then today it is his Monday, August 09, 2010 post. I enjoyed his talk about the Mexico safety and really all the video. Very nice and well done by George and Pete!


The afternoons get pretty warm. These RVs are big heat boxes for sure. My AC does a good job but I prefer when possible to not use it.

OK have nice evening everyone.


Day two of my workweek

A three day work week ………… life is good I guess. Of course I’m only getting my RV spot for the work but that is a big help. The job here include doing the Registration, many kinds of other office duty(of which is being done mostly by another office worker for now, thanks for taken care of the newbie ) cleaning, watering of the plate around the office and other small duties. One can stay busy. I will do more today than yesterday because I will do a good bit of watering ( lots of things to water around here). All this helps the day go fast.

No email today……………..loading. I enjoy my email unlike real mail.


This morning my new video camera downloaded a lot of updates and try to install a lot of software that I did not want Microsoft junk but I got it to stop in time ………… I think …………. ! Microsoft always over does things I think by adding to much junk.

Seem like all software companies want to be your only software and do everything half way right.

Well I did find one thing that The Windows 7 install on my Laptop did break ………… and that is the build in mic. I need to find a driver that works for this. If I have time today I will see if I can fix that.


One of the blogs I read is The Adventures of Tioga and George ad I enjoy this a good deal because George is very open. I have read about George getting medical care in both Mexico and Israel so it is kind of neat to know how things work. I would have thought that while in another country it would be near impossible to get care ………but I guess that is not so. Interesting.


Near time for my bike ride. Hope the knee is doing well today ………. off to ride!

Ok bike ride done … the knee fights me a little everyday but I keep pushing.


My two friends in CO say it is a nice temperature in the mountains of CO, so Barry you and Su enjoy that great weather. One of you give me a comment and tell me the name of that place again???

Ok I am done for the morning so have a great day.

Later John