Pictures: When you set up a bird feeder and birdbath you never know who will show up 🙂

Maybe to just hang out for a while.


Or maybe a cool drink of water!


Exercise: Another day off. I had to go this morning to have my blood work done at he VA Clinic.

Night Folks

Maybe back to exercise

Bird: Here is a Swainson’s Hawk my friend spotted for me shortly after getting here to Storrie Lake. It was a long shot.
Swainson's Hawk_1069

This sunset was in Why, AZ about 7 years ago.

Blood Work: I had my blood work done this morning at the VA Clinic and I’ll check back to see if I need to do anything later this week.

Exercise: I have been laying off a bit because one; the doc wanted me to before my blood work and two; my knee wanted me to slack up too 😦 .

Walking: My friend (Jeanne) that I met here earlier and that is such a good walker is back and hopefully my knees will let me do some walking with her. She is a great walking partner.

Night folks

Bird: Pyrrhuloxia, picture taken in Deming, NM. I only have two sets of pictures of this bird and neither is as good as I would like.
Wild Flower, this is a White cover and I took this pictures in KY.
White CloverIMG_6075

Weather: Wow, it is trying to rain again. I always get a little excited when it rain any more, maybe I’ve been in the desert too long? LOL.

Update; Not much rain this time but had just a little hail.

Health: Tomorrow I go to have my blood work done again and hopefully this time I won’t be dehydrated.

Night folks