Back on track

I got my day started right, with breakfast, exercise and stretching, in that order. I like it when my days start like that. Afterwords, took my truck to the car wash to test it for leaks (after replacing the cab lights Thursday ) and it seems to be OK. I run a lot of water on the roof to test it good, so the cab lights seems to have fixed my leak. All in all a good start to my day.

If you read my boring blog much you much, you know by now that I am a person who likes things to be on track for the most part.  I do like changing things now and then but it usually means moving to a different area and doing things in a bit of a different way but getting the same things done.

Well life will be what it is. LOL.

Weight/Diet; I am hung up yet again and this time just above 190 lbs. I know what I have to do ……..  but I think I will wait till I am in the boon-docks to do it. The thing I have to do next is to give up all my caffeine. I love my caffeine 😦   ,  I will miss it, But at some point it has to go. I don’t think it is the caffeine itself that is the problem but it is the artificial sweetener that is in my drinks that is the problem. No matter, my drinks must go. I will do best at this chore when I have total control of my environment, and for that I do best in the boon-docks without many people around.

Weather; The weather folks are saying that this winter here in the west will be warmer than normal, so maybe I can move a little slower this winter. I have really enjoyed the Oct weather here in Deming.

Bird of the Week; I put a new bird over on the right. This is a Carolina Wren and the log it is in use to lay in what was my front yard (bird feeding area) and this log was maybe 5 feet long and hollow all the way through, this Wren use to love running back and forth through this log as fast as it could. I liked watching this bird, it always made me smile.

The mornings are so cool

I love the morning up here on this mountain of Cloudcroft, it is just the right temperature to sleep in. I did manage to get out of bed by 8am this morning, a good thing. If I was one with lots of money I would buy me a summer home up here.

Time to get my breakfast on, two eggs and sausage, mmmmmmm mmmmm good.  Yes that was good.

Birds; I am seeing a few that I would love to get a picture of. I have put out a seed feeder and this morning I am near sure I seen a Female Black-headed Grosbeak. While walking and at my feeder I have seen a Dark-eyed Junco(Red Back). I am seeing lots of Northern Flickers while out walking. I wish I could get pictures of all these guys but they are a bit jumpy up here in the woods. Oh I have seen a few wild Turkey too.
I like to put seed out on the ground for ground-feeding birds and I do ……  but most of those seeds are going to a local chipmunk who takes care of anything that hits the ground LOL. Just look at that “Who Me?” look, will you!

Oh it is indeed a nice morning ……. my neighbor with all the dirt-bikes just left. They where off where I could not see them very well and on their way out I could see that they had 1 four-wheeler and nine dirt-bikes LOL. It sure is peaceful again around here!

The day is done and I have not did much on the exercise side of things so maybe tomorrow I’ll do a bit of walking or something. The knees have fuss at me a bit today. Looking at the weather I see some pretty high humidity in the forecast and I don’t know how much my old knees will fuss at that.


I got my exercise right after breakfast this morning and it was good. I rode my usual 11 miles on the bike and it was a really good ride and pretty fast one for me. I enjoyed it a lot, I always do better in the morning with exercise. I feel more energy in the morning for some reason, always have. Well maybe not when I was a kid but as an adult I do.

I work this afternoon for 6 hours but  will be off tomorrow. I like off 🙂 . The part days go by fast but one has to do more of them.

Tomorrow I will do a little shopping at Walmart to be set for the weekend with food and such. I seem to shop more on the Atkins Diet. I think that it may be due to buying less at a time. I think buying less is better for me as I learn my new eating habits. When I go back to boon-docking again next year that(buying less at a time) could be a challenge if I am away from the big stores again, maybe, maybe not.

One Last workday

Yes Monday will be my weekend 🙂 . I will be off 3 and then work one, off one, and on for two(Sat Sun) . There is only two of us in the office for now but a third is coming in at some point I hear. Once we get three in the office I should be able to get all three of my days together.

I am whipping up my breakfast now, two eggs and sausage. I must admit that I really miss my toast LOL. It is not so bad that I can’t stand it, but I do miss it a little. Milk is a thing I miss too. But over all I have lots of stuff I can put in place of these things.

Yesterday was not too busy in the office so I did get out to do a few things outside and I enjoyed that. I did a good bit of walking and moving around in general . I think I will have time for that today too, a good thing. I need to do this moving around to get just a little exercise.

Time for work, later.

In Jack in the Box

Having my breakfast and updating my apps. They updated the WordPress app so I had to try it out, so a couple of fast lines are in order. Seen to be working but I still don’t see a spell checker on this version. It is odd because I had a spell checker on an earlier version but can’t find it on this one. OK later I think I will visit for a spell.

The above part of this post, posted from my Thunderbolt phone with the WordPress for Android app.

After getting back from Jack in the Box this morning I walk back down to the same area to the IGA Store to pick up a couple of things and the walk give me my exercise for the day. It is about two and a half miles round trip. I did a little stretching when I got done with the walking and then took another short walk with the camera. I had no luck at all with birds today, maybe I will gather the energy to go out a again in a little while.

Tomorrow will be my 1000’s post. That is a lot of saying nothing if there every was a lot of saying nothing! LOL. It will be a good enough record of my RVing life.

It is My Friday

HA did I ever tell you folks that Friday is good at any age??? Well it is Photobucket!

My computer crash again this morning …….starting to have flash back from the days of Windows 95 and Windows 98!! I may need to work on it for a bit ……………….
PhotobucketI am sure I could do something for it!Photobucket

If I have to bet on a piece of hardware that might be going bad it would be the video card. If so that would cost me about two to two and half bills, well the one I would pick would. They can be had much cheaper but I like a good video card.


I rode with my friend (Ron ) today again and we put in about 11 to 12 miles, A great ride. Today I will start my new week count, so that is 10 miles for the week( I just round down).


This morning I had a bowel of Cheerios and now I am having an egg sandwich. Both very good. It is 10:45 am so maybe about noon (the time I go to work) I will have a pear. Lunch at maybe 2 pm? For lunch I will have a Beef Pattie, mixed veg, bake potato and 2 slices of whole wheat break. Oh, and maybe an orange for dessert or maybe I will add a cucumber to lunch and have the orange about 4 pm . It is plan anyway and the lunch plan always works out …………. it is the supper plan that I have the trouble with. LOL. Maybe it the like of a supper plan????


Cleaning is a job I don’t like all that much but it is one of the endless jobs that has to be done over and over. It would not take much for me to hire someone to come in and clean an hour or two a week!!! LOL, but I won’t, I’ll just keep huffing and puffing along I guess!

Wow almost time for work, later my friends!