Cowbird Pair

Pictures: Here is a shot of a male and female Brown-Headed Cowbird.



City: It is chores day and Barry and I headed off to Flastaff to do them-there-chores. Water for the RVs, Gal of water for my drinking water, laundry and shopping, all done.

Weather: We have been getting a good bit of rain here and that is a good thing. No dust and most of the time it is not too muddy 🙂

Night Folks

Pair of Cowbirds

Pictures: Here is a male and females Brown-headed Cowbird.



Exercise: We walked 3.6 miles today and it was a windy walk but despite the weather we had a great walk.

Weather: It is a bit cool and windy too, hopefully this won’t last too long. It is cool enough that I am running heat in the RV.

Night folks

Pictures: These bird are often seen in many places here in the US. I have been hearing the Doves cooing each morning this week but not this morning. I think maybe that is because some folks came into the area yesterday and did a lot of shooting with their guns. The Doves are one of the most hunted birds in the US and maybe that scare them away.

Brown-headed Cowbird. This is a female bird and it will laid about 70 eggs this spring but … all in other birds nest! They do not raise their own.


Morning Dove, I enjoying the sound of their cooing.


Exercise: We had a great walk today! We did about 3.3 miles according to my MY phone with MapMyWalk app and we did 3.5 miles according to Jeanne’s Phone with MapMyWalk App. We just go by the lower and call it close enough 🙂

Night folks


More Petroglyphs Pictures: By the way these are not easy to find petroglyphs, they are way off the beating trail, compare to others you might see. I don’t know a thing about petroglyphs but I had fun going to see these.





Bird of the week: I have been neglecting my Bird of the Week so here is a update. Female Brown-Headed Cowbird.

BrownHeraded Cowbird female_4500

WordPress: Man they must be working on WordPress, I can’t seem to get things to work at all, tags and now my Widget along with the other tools o_O come on WordPress!

Okay I found the problem …. well at least I know it is something to do with my Firefox browser or one of my add-ons. Rats!!!! Found the add-on …. It was a add-on by the name of Disconnect Well okay, to get right down to it ….. it was an operator error, that would be me 😦 By playing with the setting of the add-on, I got things going again.

Night folks


Busy day: I stayed busy today and it went quick. Cleaning this morning and weed eating this afternoon.

Birds: Here is a Male Brown-Headed Cowbird.
Cowbird photo MCB.jpg
And here is a Female Brown-Headed Cowbird.
Cowbird photo FCB.jpg

Weather: We got a small rain shower. The temperatures are still staying at a nice place 🙂 I think I am having a nice run of luck on the weather.

Hunters: I am having a few hunters come in now and than, I guess it is Elf season.

Night folks