Four Birds

Pictures: Four mixed birds today.

The Bullock’s Oriole still likes to visit for a drink now and again.


Here is a House Finch and a Lesser Gold Finch. I modified the feeder so they have to do tricks for me now to get the seeds. They don’t seem to mind at all 🙂


This Northern Flicker came by to get a drink of water.


Exercise: Maybe 4 miles today, good!

Night folks


Bullock’s Oriole

Pictures: Bullock’s Oriole, a pair! I was looking for something interesting to post this morning when I looked up and seen these two come to the feeder area 🙂

As always click for the image for the bigger picture.
Female Bullock’s Oriole.

Male Bullock’s Oriole.

Weather: Warmer 🙂

Exeercise: I at least got my two miles in.

Night Folks


Staying busy: As we go through the holiday weekend the camp ground is staying busy with folks coming and going steadily. Today there will be a mass exit as people will have to get back to work tomorrow, after having a fun time this weekend. At any rate, it’ll keep me going for today.

Update 4pm; I have gotten pretty much caught up for today but I had to keep busy to do it. Shouldn’t be this busy again till the 4th of July.

Tablet: My tablet is getting a lot more use this weekend. I’m in and out so much that I don’t have a lot of time to set down with the computers. The tablet is just too handy to pick up and add a few lines to the blog, looking something up on Google or checking the weather. Just a few years ago you could have never convinced me that I would be using a tablet so much, they are just so handy. My friend that just left, had a Windows Tablet and it make me think about getting one but Windows Tablets just don’t act ready for prime time to me. Many of them don’t even have GPS built-in, and looking around the net I don’t see a go to map/navigation app for Windows Tablets, speech recognition seems to be pathetic to me, Android and Apple seems to be far ahead with speech when comparing. What is with Windows and all the Training you need to do with speech to get it to understand you! And even with the training Windows, my Android does a much better job at recognizing my southern drawl then Windows does. With Android or Apple you just pick them up and start talking! I think maybe some of the higher cost Windows Tablets are much nicer but for a lot less money I can get an Android Tablet that does all a Tablet needs to do, and does it well. Do you have to train Windows phones for speech? A good Google question, I’ll look it up.

Walk: I have not walked today for exercise but I walk plenty around the camping area, for sure enough to call it exercise.

Birds: I have a few Black-chinned Hummers coming to my feeders and I happy to report that the Bullock’s Oriole have follow me over to my new location, I have at least one male and one female coming to the feeder.

Night folks

Computer stuff

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.08mi, time: 44:21, pace: 21:22min/mi, speed: 2.81mi/h. This is becoming my Standard Walk.

Older Computer: I am running an older computer (desktop) with a old Graphics Card in it (ATI Radeon HD 4800), Firefox and Windows 8.1 . Well it turns out all these things were not getting alone, and in my Firefox browser the text was not very clear and I try many things to fix it over the pass few weeks. I think I finally got it with this little tip.

Link to what I did. I disable ( gfx.direct2d) and so far that seems to have fixed it. Here is the quote from the link that I use to figure this out.
Try to set the pref to false or if this didn’t help disable Direct2D by setting the gfx.direct2d.disabled pref to true on the about:config page and leave hardware acceleration otherwise enabled. That way you still have the benefit from hardware acceleration, but may not suffer from rendering issues.
You can also try to uninstall Windows update KB2670838 if you have this update.

I am glad to be passed that problem, it was making me nuts.

Birds: Here is two bird shots of a Male and Female Bullock’s Oriole. Taken here at Storrie Lake.
Bullock's Oriole Male_1070
Bullock's Oriole Female_1072

Night Folks

No more snow!


Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.21mi, time: 55:23, pace: 25:02min/mi, speed: 2.40mi/h.  Another short walk. Maybe I’ll add to that later.

Another walk, I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.40mi, time: 02:26:45, pace: 61:10min/mi, speed: 0.98mi/h. Second walk

The time is off on both walks, the first one I stopped and chatted and the second one I forgot to stop the timer.

Weather: Hey, the weatherman missed, as in that it did not get as cold as predicted, I like it when they miss to the warmer side of thing. I think I might make it into t-shirt and shorts today. I’ll just call this happy weather 😀

and …..

Pictures: I am glad this is over!
Storrie Lake Snow2_1099
Storrie Lake snow_1097

Birds: I am seeing lots of birds around the area, Hummers, Magpies, Blue Birds, King Birds and others. I will be getting some pictures before long.

Computers and Devices updates: Today seems to be a day for updating, Windows updated and lots of my apps updated today.

Night folks

Around the Park

Here are a few shots from around the Park. Click for a larger image.

It is a little tight on the parking here, but hey, it is a RV park. Tomorrow I start my second week and we’ll see how it goes. The first week went fine and I liked doing physical work again. I guess this is the first time I have done much labor type stuff since I had my knee replacement, so far so good   photo crossfingers.gif .  Mind you I don’t want to work like a dog, but I do like being active.

Exercise; I have ridden the bike for about 7 or 8 miles a day,since being here in the city. That is not a lot and I have not been riding very hard but at least, I keep moving on my days off, I do ride on my work days sometimes too. I just got to see how I can build on this and keep the knees in good shape. I sure don’t want to get down now while trying to work-camp.

Birds; I am being surprise as to the birds I am seeing here in the city. I just seen a Bullock’s Oriole on my Humming feeder, trying to get to the sugar-water. Maybe I need to buy a Oriole feeder, or an orange and cut it in half.

Today I tried me a little bowl of soup, something I have not had in a long time. I eat a half can, 4 carbs.


P.S. Better update my bird of the week. This is a Rock Wren and I took this shot in Why,AZ
Click for a larger image.