Pictures: Pelican and a shot at Caballo Lake State Park.


Other Side.

Afternoons: The afternoons have been pretty nice weather of late but the night are still very chilly. It will be good weather to work on my solar panels change-over when I get started.

Night Folks




The difference a week makes. The below images taken today and this link is the same place a little over a week ago. Lots of green happening here.



Moved: I have moved back to Caballo again and will stay for a week and move back to Elephant Butte for another two weeks and hopefully I’ll be ready to move on by then.

Friends: I now have two friends in the area Barry and Bruce and I have known both for a few years now. Always good to have friends around.

Night Folks

Little Move

Pictures: The gravel road in the lower Camping area got to us so we moved again. We only moved about a mile or less to the upper camping area. We now have a view of the lake 🙂 Here are a few shots of the new view.

It is very Overcast today. All these shots taken from the steps of my RV.

Up the lake.

Down the Lake.
Caballo Lake-4-7D1-032618

Across the Lake.

Night Folks