Shooting the noon

Pictures: A mix today, a moon shot I took a long time ago and a Female Cardinal which is also a picture from long ago that I just never got around to processes.


Female Northern Cardinal.
Cardinal Northern Female 20d _2562

Exercise: Another walk with my friend Jeanne 🙂 I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.15mi, time: 42:05, pace: 19:37min/mi, speed: 3.06mi/h.

Night folks

Watch out for the big fires Santa

Xmas Holiday: I guess it is here again. Hope everyone is having a happy one 🙂 I see lots of people out on the road so please be careful while out and about folks. Oh. and don’t make your fires too big tonight.  photo arg-santa-chimney-rev-url.gif

Pictures: A bright red Cardinal for Xmas.
Cardinal photo CAT8.jpg
Cardnial 20D_0145

Exercise: I kind of made myself get out and get started but once started I went for a while, a good walk for me.
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 5.81mi, time: 01:50:29, pace: 19:02min/mi, speed: 3.15mi/h.

The bug: I am not out of the woods yet but I think I’m doing better, even though I do have my moments of “Oh no, this ain’t over yet”. I’m sure all the medicine I’m taking is helping.

Night folks

In the better Weather :)

Weekend: We are into the the weekend and lots of folks coming and going. All the working folks are coming out to play, fair enough, I’ll share 🙂

Weather: Yesterday was a very overcast day but today is mostly sunny so far with a great temperature. I love being here in southwest AZ this time of year and most of the US folks knows why right about now, with the cold front kicking every-bodies weather temperatures down along with other bad weather, snow and such.

Pictures: I’ll change my Bird of the Week and it will be a female Cardinal. What do you think, does she have a Beak-Ring ❓
Cardinal photo AfterC.jpg

Male Cardinal on a rainy day.
Male Cardianl20_9677

Night folks

Chilling a bit

Easy day: I am chilling out a bit today, well not working as hard anyways. This morning was wet and cool, I even run a little heat when I got up this morning.

Walking: I will have to be careful with my walking for a few days as it is Elk hunting season. One could get shot o_O

Weather: Looks like I could be getting my first freeze or right next to it, next week brrrr, I don’t like the cold! I knew that Oct would be chilly so I am not fussing ……. just saying …… I really am not fussing …. No no, I am not ❗

Full Campground: Ha, this is the first time I have had a full house. Good to see the place going so well.

Pictures: Back to birds. Here is a Male Cardinal.
Cardinal photo WebCar.jpg

And a Female Cardinal.
Cardinal photo CarFVA.jpg

Night folks

Mixed and favorite Birds

Internet: Painfully slow today and the worst I have seen it here, sure hope this don’t go on often. I got about 2 bars of 3G and it is a slow 3G, not good!
Ha, just got it to connected at 4G …….. now if it will only hold … 🙂
Update 3 hours later; All is well and 4G is still holding. Maybe just a little morning boo boo?

Exercise: A great walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 5.61mi, time: 02:14:29, pace: 23:58min/mi, speed: 2.50mi/h. Added a small amount of stretching.

Birds: I started birding before I started photographing and so I knew some of the birds before I knew how to get their pictures and here is some results.
Here is a Tufted Titmouse and a Carolina Wren.

Carolina Chickadee and part of a Downy Woodpecker.

House Finches, Cardinal and Carolina Chickadee, in the rain.

Photographing is a on-going learning thing for me, there is a lot to it and I sometimes still take pictures that I don’t want to own 😦 But as time goes by, I sometimes get one I really like. Here are two that may not be my best but I like them 🙂
Rufus Hummer
Western King Bird
Western King Bird 2_1149

Okay enough birds for today.

Night Folks

New Bird Day

A new bird for today is ……………… let me look and see what I got ………….

Click for a larger image.
American Kestrel photo AKWC2.jpg

American Kestrel takes a Cardinal for lunch! I took this picture maybe 6 years ago in KY. These small predators will surprise you with just what they can do. At the time I had several feeders in my yard and I heard the cry of the Cardinal and in the time it took me to get to the door, the Kestrel had taken the Cardinal and flew off to this nearby tree. The Kestrel is shorter than a Blue Jay but has 2 inches more wing span and weighs about an oz more. A small but very efficient predator.

For exercise today it was a bike ride of 10 miles. I took a walk down to the Owl’s nest this morning too, but the chicks where sleeping in. Maybe they will get more active by the end of the month, allowing me to capture some good shots.

Little wind today, maybe 10 mph or so, not bad. The afternoon temperatures are going to about 90, so still fairly hot but down 5° at least. Looks like the weather has been updated to say that it will continue this hotter than normal weather for a while. 😦