Very old Photos

Pictures: I started birding and photographing within a year or so of each other, to me they kind of went hand in hand. These shots where taken not so long after I started all that, at least 12 year ago I would think. Let me look ….. Okay the EXIF say I took these 10/13/2005 at about 4pm, so they are 12 years old. I took these with a Canon 20d (that I still have 🙂 ) and 300mm Lens + the 1.4 EXT. Still have those things too, I need to update maybe …. 🙂 At any rate I process them today(again) and here they are.

Carolina Chickadee, picture taken in KY.


Carolina Cickadee redone2016

Exercise: I walked for 2.3 miles today.

Night folks

Chill day

Pictures : Carolina Chickadees.
Carolina Chickadee 20d _2513

Carolina Chickadee 20d_2483

No exercise : Today will be a chill day. I did take a small birding walk but that is about it for today. Only seen a couple of birds and that was the Black-tailed Gnatcatchers as best I could tell.

WordPress Reader: For a long time I have been trying to get some Boggers(as in Google Bogger) in my WordPress reader and I think I got that done toady. I don’t know if I will be able to do “likes and comments” form my reader or not, but we’ll see. The trick was to do this from the website and not my WordPress app on Android, which I use for most of my blogging.

Night folks

Tablet still on my mind

Testing the Tablet:
Trying out the new tablet for a everyday driver. It sure has a lot more possibilities than the Nexus 7 does. You can type on this because it is big enough that the on screen keyboard is usable . The Samsung keyboard even has Control V,C and X for paste, copy and cut, which I think is a nice touch. One of the big thing to me is that I have not been able to my Xmarks plug in for Firefox mobile going. Use to work fine but updates have broke things somewhere along the line. Lucky for me it still works in Dolphin. Another great thing about this large tablet is that I can do multiple windows at a time, just like in Windows O.S. I think that is a Samsung thing, no matter who’s thing it is I like it ☺

Pictures: Carolina Chickadee

Chickadee Carolina photo crlitellvv.jpg

Chickadee Carolina photo ChickD.jpg

Windows Computer: Sorry to say that you still can’t beat them for a all around internet tool. However things have gotten better with the other devices but if Windows ever catches up with just a few of the things that Android and iPad do …. I for one would only use Windows. I am cheering for them. I am so surprises to see Microsoft being a bit of a under dog in the tablet and phone world.

Exercise: A fair walk I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.70mi, time: 01:26:16, pace: 23:17min/mi, speed: 2.58mi/h.

Night folks

Mixed and favorite Birds

Internet: Painfully slow today and the worst I have seen it here, sure hope this don’t go on often. I got about 2 bars of 3G and it is a slow 3G, not good!
Ha, just got it to connected at 4G …….. now if it will only hold … 🙂
Update 3 hours later; All is well and 4G is still holding. Maybe just a little morning boo boo?

Exercise: A great walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 5.61mi, time: 02:14:29, pace: 23:58min/mi, speed: 2.50mi/h. Added a small amount of stretching.

Birds: I started birding before I started photographing and so I knew some of the birds before I knew how to get their pictures and here is some results.
Here is a Tufted Titmouse and a Carolina Wren.

Carolina Chickadee and part of a Downy Woodpecker.

House Finches, Cardinal and Carolina Chickadee, in the rain.

Photographing is a on-going learning thing for me, there is a lot to it and I sometimes still take pictures that I don’t want to own 😦 But as time goes by, I sometimes get one I really like. Here are two that may not be my best but I like them 🙂
Rufus Hummer
Western King Bird
Western King Bird 2_1149

Okay enough birds for today.

Night Folks

New exercise

Birds: The last of the Chickadees.
Carolina Chickadee l_2513

Carolina Chickadee l_2399

Butterfly, Variegated Fritillary
Variegated Fritillary_8459

Exercise: Today I have ridden the bike for 6 miles and added some new exercise. I worked out with some dumb-bells that I got from Walmart today, not much, but a start anyways. Working out is a lot like losing weight, you get there ….. but then the hard part is to stay with the program! I added my stretching this afternoon, so a good day for me. I have done no walking in the park to speak of, today because everybody is here and no-one is leaving or coming, so I have little to do. Maybe I do a couple more miles on the bike, later today.

Diet: Dieting is the fight that is toughest for me. Maybe I can mount the refrigerator backwards, with the door of it facing outside and that way I would have to go outside to get in it …… o_O As it is now, the refrigerator is within arms length from where I sat on the computer, too easy to reach. Another good solution would be to add a combination lock that must be locked each time the door is shut, LOL.

Night folks


Bird: Here is yet two more Carolina Chickadees
Carolina ChickadeeFri_2715
The good life.
 photo MENMYSEED.jpg
Flower and Bee
 photo IMG_3232.jpg

Exercise: I have not been doing anything dedicated directly at exercising but each day I will ride the bike at least 6 miles(two miles at a time) and I don’t know how much I walk. The bike riding is to get out to stretch and rest the eyes a bit when I spend too much time on the computer, so I just take a trip through the park, which is two miles and I do that at least three times a day.

Stretching, I have been doing about 4 times a week.

Weekend: The weekend is here and the weekend folks are here too, but it don’t seem as busy as it has been the past few weekends. Of course it is still early, just Friday.

Night folks


Birds: My humming feeders is starting to pick up business now. The Rufous and Calliope Hummers are here now along with the Black-chinned that has been here all summer. This makes for a lot more excitement with all the chasing going on.

Okay, here is a Chickadee busting open his newly scored sunflower seed.
Carolina Chickadee Seed_9895
This Chickadee is ….. stepping off on his first step to a Waltz? 🙂
Carolina Chickadee DanceIMG_9053

Weather: The rain yesterday turned out to be just a teaser and only got things damp and smeared the dust on the Vehicles 😦 , maybe the next rain will be better. The summer temperatures here have been very much to my liking with the days in the mid 80s and the nights around 60 or so, just like I knew it would be, sweet!

Night folks

Rain, very nice

Chores: Today is Chores Wednesday( A good name for it, you think?) for me, laundry, pick up some water and do Walmart, all done before 8 am 🙂

Windows update day: Today is the second Wednesday of the month so it is Microsoft time to do it’s updates. One can count on about 100 MB of updates each second Wednesday of the month.

Bird: Okay, let us see what I got.
Carolina Chickadee_2550
I cut off his tail in this shot 😦 , but still I kind of like it.
Carolina _8348

Exercise: I did do a bike ride today, but only 6 miles and as always of late I have been doing my stretching.

Weather: I have slipped up on my old dude duties by not doing much blogging about the weather so ……. We are getting us a little rain and it is about time. Being in the west all the time has made me enjoy the rain when we get it, I hope it don’t just tease us a little and then stop, would love to see a good rain.

Night folks

Caged Birds

Bird: Here is more Carolina Chickadees. This first shot is another way to control the feeder from being over taken by the thousands of Starlings that came to the place where I lived at the time I took these pictures. The cage would allow the smaller birds in while keeping the larger ones out.
Carolina Chickadee_0726
Carliona Cickadee_2559

Here is one of nature’s Bouquets.
Nature Bouquet_1182

Night folks

Little busy today

Bird: Another Carolina Chickadee.
Carolina Chikadee_9142
Carolina Chickadee_2514

Wild Flower and weed.

Exercise: Not a lot today but some. A short slow walk with the ladies this morning, a short bike ride and little walking around the camp ground. I have kept up my stretching too.

Busy: As it turns out it was just a little busy today and that surprised me. A few leaving and a few coming in.

Night folks