Changing Weather

Pictures: Had such nice days and then this ….


Here is a sunset from a nicer day.

Not done yet : I hit the publish button by accident 😀 ! I am sure there must be another line or two in me!

Socializing Online and understand one’s Limitations: I must not be very good at this online thing ….. I see folks that have so much going on with their blogs and I have no ideal were they get the time to do as much with them as they do. The main reason I turned off my “likes” was that I just could not find the time to go to each blog and take the time to read them and return the “like”. Even when I did this only a couple times a week it was trying for me to read the 50 or 60 blogs. Very time-consuming!!

So I have tried to slow it down a bit … by only allowing comments. This way I can find the time to go to the blogs that comment and give them a fair read and spend a fair amount of time with them enjoying photos, recipes, paintings, poems and other fun things.

Now of the aforementioned things, I have only a pretty fair understanding of the photos. When it comes to recipes I might not fully understand how all that comes together but I can often tell that would be a plate I could enjoy! As for the poems … I am even more lost, but I think of them like race cars, I might not know how to fine tune one but I can tell that one is fine tuned by how well it goes around the track! Also with poems I like to dream of being able to write so fine of words in such poetic fashion, but if you read my blog ….. we both know that is never-never and I mean never going to happen!!! LOL. As for paintings … well they are very much like the poems for me! It is all well and good, in the end …. I’ll take a fine photo of it 😀

There you go, my talking post of the quarter, I promise I won’t do it again for months 😏

I think I’ll call this post to an end early today!

Night Folks