Wild Flower, Yet Again

Pictures: Couple more Wild Flower shots.



Chilling : βœ… Yep that gets the Check Mark today! I be back walking tomorrow.

Clipboard Managers : I have used Ditto Clipboard Manager for years now but I have moved to one called ClipClip. Ditto worked beautiful for me for many years but ClipClip has a thing that I like that Ditto don’t have. ClipClip does all that Ditto does and this other thing which is, it keeps all my clip(or to the number I set it at) until I shut down windows at which time it clears the clipboard and that is the feature that I like. Now if I happen to leave a password in the clip it will be deleted when I shut down. I could not find a way to do that in Ditto.

Night Folks


Chill day

Chilling:  Today I have little to nothing I want or need to accomplish, and it is nice to just let the mind  and the body find their way through the day aimlessly. Life is pretty good today πŸ™‚

Bird: updated my Bird of the Week or maybe the Bird of the Month lately. This week it is a Roadrunner.
Roadrunner photo Roadrunner1.jpg
Road Runner photo RRunner1.jpg

Exercise: I walk and stretched this morning afternoon and I even track my walk with MY TRACKS but then I forgot to turn it off after my walk 😦  Maybe it an old dude thing …..?

Enjoyed my Chilling day: Well the day is coming to an end and I have enjoyed the nothingness of the day πŸ™‚ I like a day like this one now and again but not too many, I mostly like a little something to do here and there. Even if I am not volunteering I usually find little things to do, mind you, many of those things are from a setting position o_O but not all.

Night folks

Where to?

Weight 186: 😦 Still got the bigger than a bear thing going on, LOL. Looks like another adjustment is going too be needed.

Move: I have not taken off just yet, but I will be on the road soon. Still kicking around anything ” the what’s” I may need from the stores. When it comes to food, I’m a bit of an over-stocker. Maybe it has something to do with my love of eating? At any rate I want to have everything I need for a week or two, in case I end up far from a store. There is a casino up the road that I could stop at for a night ….. I’m not big on casinos but it could be something different to do. I sure don’t gamble, gambling is just a way to throw your money away, the way I see it. I really prefer the open space of the desert. Still I could at least look around ….. maybe. For now it is blogging, chilling and thinking but moving will come at some point today.

New location: http://goo.gl/maps/Iq8VfΒ  This will do for a place to stop for a while. I’ll do some pictures later.

Walk: I did more walking than this but that walking was for other things and not exercise. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.52mi, time: 01:00:26, pace: 24:00min/mi, speed: 2.50mi/h. http://mapmywalk.com/workout/499680061 I have let my stretching slip for two days running now, hopefully I’ll get to it tomorrow.

Long day:

Night folks

Done for the week

It is time to do a little chilling out after my big two-hour work day πŸ™‚ . I will add in a few chores and do a little bike riding this weekend and but that will be about it. Slowly cooling down to the chill mode ……… almost there, oh no, it seems to be my normal speed 😯  life is good. No, I did work hard this week with my little 15 hours and it tired me out pretty good and I will enjoy my leisure time. For all you young folks that might drop by and read this blog ………. us old dudes have much slower standards, a good thing from my point of view.Β  The biggest thing I got to watch out for is my knees and they are fairly well this week, and hopefully that will mean some good bike riding this weekend.

I had fun chatting on the phone today with my RVing friends that are out and about. I kind of wish I was out there too. I am not sure how long I will work-camp this summer, I could break off at some point and go boon-docking ………., we’ll see. I sure think about it a good bit when I talk with my RVingΒ  friends and they are out having fun while I am not 😦 Β 

Well Google IO has come and there is no big device announcement other than the Galaxy S4 coming out with a Google version, I was hoping for more fun stuff but I will have to wait till the fall. Could be some things come out in between ……… I sure can’t afford to buy much now, but I like reading about it all.

I will have to call one of my old friends from Sunny Acres this weekend that is having a birthday. I have not talk with him for a while and it will be good to chat.Β 



Wow this is already 4 days off

Time is flying, someone please slow it down!

Today I have gotten in my bike ride 17 or 18 miles (72 miles for the week), got the generator out and exercised it for a while and check/added water to my house battery. I am now in the chilling, blogging and cruising the internet mode!


Wow I went all winter and summer without getting much mail and today I got a whole bunch of junk. 4 letters form one bank, two from another,Passport America discount card stuff, Verizon mail and two from my insurance company. That is more mail than I got all year! LOL To me less mail is good. I did not need but maybe two things out of it all!

I called one bank and told them to stop sending me all their promotion junk …….. hey they said they would :)! I don’t want all their special offers LOL! Thank you, I can get into enough trouble without the banks help!

I may be the only person in the world that don’t like mail (letter types anyway)! I told the bank they could send me email LOL!

You know I think we should have the freedom to live without an address ……….. but the truth is we don’t have that freedom, which I think is sad. The government is worry that we are all bad guys!!!!!!!! “Where you at, where you live, Β  just in case we the government, need to run you down like a dog!” LOL.

See ………… I really don’t like mail, 90% of mail is just wasted paper! Paper must be gotten rid of, most goes into trash which in turn is just a mess to be gotten rid of ……….. email is so much better, you just hit the delete button, gone. You can block email if you don’t want it, have you every try to block a letter???? On the news the other night the post office said it is having trouble with operating money ………….. and I can fix the post office problem, yes I can ……….. just do away with the damn thing! If you can’t get it by Fedex or other private means …. you don’t need it no way!

I don’t know it but I bet the biggest cost to US post service is junk mail anyways.

OK I am off my Photobucket.

Night folks