Getting my Social On

Bird: Time for another Blue Jay, this one sating around looking majestic 🙂

Something a little different, here is a wild Flower, picture taken years ago in KY. Trillium Toadshade.
Trillium Toadshade_9940
When I took pictures of wild flowers years ago, I also took the time to look up the name of that flower and I have not done that in a long time. There is so much to learn in a life time and so little time to learn it, perhaps I should start doing that again.

Hits: On my blog there is a Stats section where it shows me that I got from 3 to 20 hits or so each day and I usually just give it a glance and move on because I write my blog for my own record mostly (and just a few friends). The point being I don’t really concern myself with the hits too much because there is just not that many, however yesterday I had a whopping 367 hits which is very unusual for my little old blog. I would not have even notice if it was not in a bar graph form, which make the amount of hits stick out a bit. Here is a picture so you can see what I mean.
Hits photo Hits_zps724125a2.jpg

Okay, what happen here? I guess here of late I have just been getting my social on, LOL. How you ask? Well I guess I am interacting a lot more with other bloggers. Yesterday I went into my reader and went to all the blogs I like and caught up on my reading, so it must be all the interaction I’ve got going on. Just for the record if I read a blog it is because I like it and not because I’m looking for hits. There are lots of blogs out there, so no one has the time to read all the blogs they like everyday (or maybe every month or year) because there are just so many good ones, but I do read a few that I like.

I have linked to a couple of new blogs lately too and maybe I feeding off their popularity.

So ….. the question is,” Am I getting more social in my old age?” LOL! Yes I am, and not only on the internet but in person too. I don’t see this as good or bad, it just is, and who knows, it could change, I have my moments  😈

All this said, it could have been something else that cause all these hits yesterday, but catching up on my reading and adding a couple new links and being linked by these two people s blogs (Thanks Jeanne and Barbara). These are the only things I can think of  I have done differently.

Update; Wow, I don’t know what is happening, I just looked at my stats again and I am off and running again today, with over 200 hits! With all these visitors, I am beginning  to feel bashful, LOL.

VA and a Doctor appointments: This afternoon I am going to chat with the Doc at the VA clinic and I already know that s/he is going to tell me my cholesterol is high, I’m not sure how high. I hope I don’t have to start on medication for it, because I find it a pain to get meds on the road, so I am hoping for the best. I’ll update on this later.

Updater; Wrong again!

Update; Not good, I am dehydrated and my potassium is high.  I am to change a couple of things in my diet and go back in two weeks for blood work again. Oh, I have to slack up on my exercise for a week before I go back too 😦  Never had a doctor tell me that before. My diet soda is out and if it turns out to be causing me problems it will be forever ……. and may be anyway, just not good for you. No more bananas and drink more water(already drink a gal a day), I guess I’ll be able to drink two gallons a day now that I am taking the pop back out. The dehydration is probably connected to the Atkins diet, which I talk to the doctor about. It being connected to the diet is the best case scenario, that can be changed easily if need be. Hopefully small changes will take care of things. I guess my HDL cholesterol number where really good the doc like that. I guess I’ll know more about things at the end of the month, after more blood work and seeing the doctor again.

Long winded post today!

Night folks


Weight 187: Out of control 😦 Staying too close to the refrigerator ………… maybe I can move it outside? Every time I walk by the refrigerator I hear a little voice that says” resistance is futile ” LOL. Maybe that is just the growl of my over size belly?

Okay, on the serious side of things, I think I may have too much processed meat in my diet. It is hard for me not to have those constant little snacks, like a slice of lunch meat now and then. Sometimes the slice turns into 3 or 4 slices! The now and then and the how much part of this is what gets me in trouble 😦 . I have always been a big eater, and I still am, but now I control what I eat pretty good ……… however the how much and how often part, not so much control.

Diet: Okay, my diet is kind of like the weather with me, I am just over doing it here on the blog. I will be dropping the subject as a daily thing. I’ll keep the blog updated on my weight, but not everyday. Oh crap, what have I done now? If I take out the weight and weather ………. what am I to talk about now? LOL. Hey, I still got exercise! I guess my blog is just about the the little daily things in my life, and seeing as I’m a very mild manner old dude that is just not all that exciting, is it? So am I going to change how I blog? No, but maybe I’ll keep it in mind, sorry, I just like the boring old dude that I am, it works for me 😛

Exercise: Good bike ride. I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 10.77mi, time: 47:11, pace: 4:23min/mi, speed: 13.70mi/h. Not a bad ride at all considering the hills and wind.

Exercise is something I enjoy, it feels good to me. When I was young and exercise was forced on me by school and the later on the military, I didn’t much like exercise. Mind you, I was not lazy because I came up on farms and there was plenty hard work that I didn’t mind doing, but exercise for the sake of exercise was not me. I think exercise is a thing that needs order to it, a steady pattern, or at least it does for me. For me liking exercising started about 15 years ago when one day I couldn’t reach my shoe to tie the laces without a lot of effort . So, I decided that I had to do something about that, and that is when exercise for the sake of exercise begin for me. I blew my knee out in the middle of that 15 years and couldn’t exercise much and regained my weight but over the last four years I have gotten things back under control, thank goodness. Even with my knee shot, I tried but I ran into limits and that discouraged me. Exercise has been good to me, it has taken me off blood pressure and cholesterol medicines. It is good to be able to exercise and enjoy the benefits that it gives, I am thankful.

Walk: Hey, I must be feeling feisty today because I added a short walk to mine day. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.44mi, time: 01:00:21, pace: 24:43min/mi, speed: 2.43mi/h. A slow walk, but a walk 🙂

Night folks