Still not getting out to take any pictures of late but I do think I will try to get back to posting a little something each day. Likely that will be only a few lines of much of nothing. Never was a big talker, very creative or inventive but I am going to try to get something on here about every day. So bottom line get ready to be bored if you just mush come see what I am up to, LOL. I have done photos so long, now-a-days I can’t think of much to say that is not photo related.

Today was my chores day and I got out and got them done, laundry and a little shopping. Too much excitement 🙂

I did take on a short walk when I got back, about two miles.

It has been a bit too cool for shorts and t-shirt, which is my kind of weather. I think I slow down in the winter but then again I don’t like hot weather much either, if it gets too hot I’ll fuss about it. It has been cloudy over the last couple of days too, just been kind of gloomy all around weather wise.

Night Folks

Cuteness Alert

Pictures: Two little chippers 🙂



City: My friend Barbara and I went into the city today and did a few chores and had a meal out. I got water for the RV and did a little shopping.

Weather: We have a sunny day with a little breeze but I do hear thunder in the distance, so maybe there will be afternoon shower.

Night folks