Pictures: A couple of sunset from two different places I have stayed this summer.

Sunset in the woods.


Sunsets across the open field.


Chores: I went off to town today and did my chores, laundry, shopping and water for the RV.

Weather: It rain hard yesterday evening but I think we are going to get a little break from the rain now for a few days.

Night Folks

Cowbird Pair

Pictures: Here is a shot of a male and female Brown-Headed Cowbird.



City: It is chores day and Barry and I headed off to Flastaff to do them-there-chores. Water for the RVs, Gal of water for my drinking water, laundry and shopping, all done.

Weather: We have been getting a good bit of rain here and that is a good thing. No dust and most of the time it is not too muddy 🙂

Night Folks

Always entertaining Squirrels

Pictures: Couple of shots the squirrels and their antics.



City: I went into the city today to do the chores, laundry, shopping and such. Debated on going in today because of the holiday but decided to give it a go. I got in and got chores done before to much excitement of the holiday got start I think. The interstate was very busy on the way back and I was glad to get off the road and back into the beauty of the forest 🙂

Night Folks