Lesser Gold Finch

Pictures: Here is a couple of the Lesser Gold Finch.



Chores/Move: I went into the city today and did my chores. Tomorrow I think I will move to another park for a week and then come back here to stay over the holiday weekend. This is a very peaceful park and I think it would definitely be a good holiday hide out!

Night Folks



Pictures: Couple shots of a weed.



Chores : Today I was off to the city for my chores, laundry, shopping and such.

Weather: It is staying so hot this year, about 90° most days lately and for here(elevation near 7500 feet) that is petty warm. Keep in mind I try to stay places where hooking up to electric is not necessary but 90° is about my top limit.

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Blue Water Lake

Pictures: Some shots around the area, the lake is to my front and a canyon to my back and it makes it hard to choice which way to go for my morning walks.



The old brings the new.


City: I went into the little city of Grants today did my shopping and a little laundry and other chores.

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Pictures: These two are the same shot but I did one with ACR and one with DPP4 and to be fair I still do most of my processing in Photoshop. This shot was not to good out of the camera and it was what I was looking for to see what I could do with it. Things are much easier when you start with a good photo 🙂 However it is obvious that either ACR or DPP4 can do great things if they have the right operator …. and I am not sure … I am that!


DPP4 Sunset-a1-7D1-042918


ACR Sunset-1-7D1-042918

Chores: Today was a day for chores so I took a day off from exercise.

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Year to Year

Pictures: Last year at this time it was very green around here. See images here in Feb Archives of 2017.
Now for this year, I have tried to take pictures of the same areas, not so green this year 😦

Forgive the images quality, these are snap taken in the harsh sunlight just for comparison from last year to this year.


City: I went into the city … This was a day for my chores, water for the RV and doing my laundry.

Night Folks

RedWing Black Bird

Pictures: Today I looked back in my old files and got to birds and shut my eyes roll the mouse wheel up and down a couple of times and clicked …… I landed on the Red Wing Black Bird. These are not very good shots but it is where I landed 🙂 At least it shows off his beautiful wing. These pictures taken in 08.



City: I went into Lake Havasu City today did a few chores, laundry shopping and such.

Exercise: I’ll take two days off now, Sunday and Monday.

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