Pictures: Just the everyday Critters. Squirrel, Chipmunk and Rabbit.




City: I was off to do some chores today.

Move: Tomorrow I will move, I was thinking of going to my spot that I have used all summer along with this one, but I am now thinking I am ready for a bit of a change. Not sure where I am going but it will be one of three places, all of which I have been to at least once this year. I will end up by the end of the month being near a VA, where I can do my medical stuff.
I went to Walmart today but I didn’t get much food items so tomorrow I will stop and stock up on food and head south a bit.

Night Folks


Blue Water Lake

Pictures: Some shots around the area, the lake is to my front and a canyon to my back and it makes it hard to choice which way to go for my morning walks.



The old brings the new.


City: I went into the little city of Grants today did my shopping and a little laundry and other chores.

Night Folks

Western Grebes

Pictures: Couple shots of Western Grebes, there are many on the lake near where we are parked and I usually see one anytime I look out.



City: Barry went into the city today and I went with him and we did a lot of locating of things such as Laundry, Propane and Post Office among other things. We also visited our friend(Judy) while in the city too and it is always good to see friends.

Night Folks

RedWing Black Bird

Pictures: Today I looked back in my old files and got to birds and shut my eyes roll the mouse wheel up and down a couple of times and clicked …… I landed on the Red Wing Black Bird. These are not very good shots but it is where I landed 🙂 At least it shows off his beautiful wing. These pictures taken in 08.



City: I went into Lake Havasu City today did a few chores, laundry shopping and such.

Exercise: I’ll take two days off now, Sunday and Monday.

Night Folks

Always entertaining Squirrels

Pictures: Couple of shots the squirrels and their antics.



City: I went into the city today to do the chores, laundry, shopping and such. Debated on going in today because of the holiday but decided to give it a go. I got in and got chores done before to much excitement of the holiday got start I think. The interstate was very busy on the way back and I was glad to get off the road and back into the beauty of the forest 🙂

Night Folks