Weight 185.4: No change yet.

Chores: is the thing today. Started with the laundry and a little cleaning around the RV, both where much-needed. I also pick up a load of water while I was out.
Dust: is a thing you can never beat down out here in the desert, just too dang much of it. You would think that in a box of only 8 X 30 feet (my RV) it would not be too hard to keep it dusted, but it certainly keeps me busy. Another thing about the dust is that we have not had any rain this year to speak of, and we badly need some. I normally don’t like rain all that much but I sure would not mind seeing a good hard rain about now. Also with this being a weekend all the recreational-folks are out enjoying their recreation vehicles (4 wheelers). The 4 wheelers are the best dust making machines there is! LOL. That is okay, if you going to camp for free on BLM land, you have to expect to share, even if you don’t find it fun 😯

No exercise: today is a chill-out day and my knees are enjoying that 🙂 but tomorrow I will do me some walking, at least 5 or 6 miles. Of course I will chill back out on Monday.

I am going to update my bird of the week today. This week will be a  Carolina Wren. This Wren was playing in this log. The log was hollow and about 6 feet long, it would run back and forth through the log.
Wren, Carolina photo wreninlog.jpg

Night folks


Busy today

I worked for 4  and half hours today, big work day for an old goat! LOL, no it was not really bad and I did get some things done, a couple of trees that needed to go, are now gone. I also cleaned up a few more sites that needed a little cleaning, place needs a little cleaning up here and there like all camp grounds. A good days work.

My computer (Desktop) crashed on me and I had to let it do a hard drive repair on my “C” drive, seems to be working well for now. Sometimes I think this computer’s mother-board is not just right ………….. it runs like a champ 99% of the time, go figure.

No exercise today, the 4.5 hours of running around here working will have to do for today, but I did do my stretching. I feel like I am keeping up pretty good with exercise, while I adjust to having a little work in my days.

Short post today. Later

Little Cleaning

This morning I fired up the generator and plug-in the vacuum cleaner. The solar will run most things but the vacuum cleaner, AC, and the microwave use a lot of power and I usually get the generator out if I want to run one of these. I have no need of the AC when I boon-dock because I pick places that have cooler temperatures. The microwave is a thing I can live without, but I do need the vacuum cleaner now and then. I can run the vacuum for a short time on the batteries but if I plug it into the generator I can clean at a slower pace and I do a little better job when I am not worrying about the batteries. I am an old bachelor and I need to do a better job, yes I do! LOL

Speaking of solar and such, looks like I have another overcast day on my hands. That is OK, I can do fine with a few overcast days here and there, my batteries stay in pretty good condition when missing out on the sun for day or two.

I have become a bit lazy since I have been on the mountain …………. I am starting to get up later and later. The nights are just such good sleeping weather I hate to get out of bed in the morning. I should set me a time and make myself get up, because if I don’t, I will get up later and later. So …………… if you could set the time that you get up what time would that be? I think maybe 8am ……. what do you think? I am often still awake at 11pm and I am one that needs my 8 hours sleep so the earliest I would get up would be maybe 7am ………… so it will be between 7 and 8am. There was a time or two in my life that I could sleep most of the day and play most of the night but now all I want to do at night is to watch a little TV and play on the computer a bit and then I am bored with it all and it is time to rest. No there is not anything in the night that I much like doing anymore, guess it’s that way for lots of old dudes, yes?  😯

Chores; I went into Cloudcroft and did my laundry so I at least got me a couple of things done.

Weather; I am getting a little rain for the second time today. It is not a big rain but a rain no less. I am glad of that, the woods up here need some good rains,it is really dry.
Wow, I am getting a good rain now, a nice hard rain.

Hummers in the rain.

Getting things done

Yes I am getting a few little chores done here and there. Wash the truck and it was a real mess, clean up the vacuum cleaner and put in new filters. I pick up a new air filter for my truck too. I want to check my house batteries before the day is over too. And the rest of the story will be ……. CHILL OUT TIME!!! LOL.

I got the batteries checked. Now I want to get a little shopping done and I will be set. I think while I am out I will stop by the Golden Corral and eat. I’ll be good. I promise  😉  .

Update 4pm : I did eat out at the Golden Coral and I was good!

I rode 11 miles on the bike this morning and I had a friend out of the park that rode with me, that is always nice, gives you someone to talk too. Tomorrow I may have two friends riding with me.

I have done the Walmart thing and forgot a few things too, but that is the way of it with me.

They are always updating WordPress, my blog is on WordPress. So I always see little changes here and there and I guess that is a good thing. The one thing I would like to see is a spell checker on the mobile app. Maybe some day. Trying the mobile app now, just a couple of lines to play around.

Enough for today, later.

Generator running

Had to do a little cleaning this morning and run the vacuüm for a bit. I have the desktop running with the big screen and I sure like the extra real estate.

I guess since I got my laundry done yesterday I have a little free time today to play on the computer. I am listening to music on the computer as I blog and I do that now and again when on the desktop. I have not copy all my music to the laptop maybe one day I will do that. Of course all my music is pretty old, like me and I like it that way. I play a real mix bag of music. Music has always one of them things that I can live with or without. Sometimes I really enjoy it and today is one of them time. I should put a few good track on the phone so I could listen while out exercise but I guess I kind of like hearing the things that are around me when I ride the bike, you know birds and such(nature). When in the city I like hearing the traffic, don’t want to run over you know.

I think I will get out and ride my bike today, the wind don’t seem to bad just yet. With that in mind, I best get started before that wind picks up, so later.

3PM I have done all my exercise stuff and I am now in the chill out mode! I took a 10 mile ride come back did a good amount of stretching and a little body type exercise. I feel good, yes I do.

Computers; is something I enjoy messing with, most folks just use them to do a few things but I like computer just for the computer. I had computers before the internet. I am not a geek by any means but know a little more than the average user, and only because I play with computers more. If a had lots of money to burn I am sure that computers would be one of the areas that I would spend it. I have gotten away from a lot of stuff I use to do on computers, just ain’t enough time in life to do everything, is there? I need to find the discipline I once had to make myself learn. Anymore tech type things change so fast it is almost impossible to keep up with. I sometimes miss knowing what the latest is all about. Maybe I should subscribe to a computer magazine again, online of course.

I got to thinking on computers and the like and ended up do a little reading around the net, so I have had my fixes! LOL

Hard wind

Yesterday evening we got the hardest wind of the winter. The wind blew up a lot of dust, the dust got on everything and as night set in it did a bit of sprinkling rain which made a nice film of mud. I clean all the windows and the solar panels off but the RV will take a lot of cleaning when I get hook up to water. The truck is a super mess and will get a good washing later this week when I go to Yuma.

The knees are acting up a bit today so I will take the day off from exercise but I may do some stretching later on but that is all. I am icing one of the knees now.

Generator running

Generator running today, needed to do some cleaning with the vacuum. The place was a mess and in much need of the vacuum LOL.

While the generator is running, I will be do all my updates to the desktop there will be a few big ones because I have not run it much this winter. Amazingly I did not have a lot of Windows 7 updates. The Verizon Manager was out of date and it was 52 mb download……….. bloatware! Installing it now.

I got my exercise done early today with a good walk but I still have not done any stretching but I will later on.

Getting things done

Today I start the day with an attitude of I will get this and that done, even if my back was hurting a bit. I wanted to exercise, ride the bike or walk, (I pick the walk) so I did. I wanted to get in a little stretching, so I did. I want to really clean the inside of my truck, vacuum and wipe everything down with armor all, so I did. I wanted to vacuum the RV, so I did ………………… tomorrow I will be saying something like “my back decide it really wanted to hurt like hell, so it did”   LOL, but we are hoping not!

I think maybe I will go to Yuma tomorrow and do my 1st of month shopping. First thing I will do is to wash the outside of truck, it is a big mess. The heavy coat of dust and a few sprinkles of rain just did it up good.

When I did my walk this morning I thought about the app My Tracks that I have install on my phone and if I can remember next time I take a walk I will turn My Tracks on and see how far it is that I am walking. Didn’t think of it till half way through my walk this morning. All this tech stuff and I don’t even use it!!

The weather is staying nice here in Wellton, AZ. The day time temperatures are getting near 80° my outside cage says 77 at 2:45 pm and that is a good temperature you ask me. the nights get to mid 40s to mid 30s and that is good sleeping weather now that I am use to it. The days are getting a little warmer than the weather man is saying and that is OK.

Sunday Chores

Today is my chores day, time for laundry and cleaning on the rig a bit (inside ). The outside is just about a loss cause out here in the desert, so much dust around. Needless to say, these things still much be done from time to time.

Exercise, I am not sure I will get to any of that today, maybe a day off. If I do it will more than likely be a walk and I may do my stretching.

Computers, I spent a lot of time yesterday hacking on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I got it to where I want it, pretty much so anyway, just have to get  my apps the way I want them now.

Heath, I am feeling a little head achy the last two morning I have gotten up. I talk with my friend this morning and he said that he had come down with some kind bug that started that way. I hope I don’t get some dang bug! Don’t like to be under the weather.

Speaking of weather, last night I slept without any heat and it was not to bad, just a little cool getting up this morning. I hope the weather gets just a little warmer.

Solar, I am so happy with my solar this year! It is just about where I want it to be. I can watch all the TV I want at night and during the day I can run my laptop all day along with other small things, like maybe a charger for the drill or the camera. For now I have 4 batteries and 3 solar panels and they are playing well together. I could stop here and be fine from now on, but like most folks, I feel like if I had just a little more ……………. LOL.

Warm day

Last night was a cool one but as always here in the desert, the day is shaping up nicely, into a real warm day. It is, such as it is, in the desert! I like it too, each night as it gets colder, I just add another blanket and all is good 🙂 .

I have not gotten anything done today to speak of but I hope to get in some exercise before long and maybe some stretching. I did clean out one of my drawers this morning, one that had not been clean in a very long time, so it was much needed. Always plenty of storage spots to clean out.

Almost 3pm and I have gotten out and did a good bike ride of about 10 miles and I have done some of my stretching, so I will consider myself doing good.