Yet another Rainy day

Pictures: Seems like I have been in a lot of rain this year. I guess that is a good thing when you are in the southwest.

Clouds and the mountains at play.



Weather: It is raining a little today but mostly cloudy.

Exercise: I walked for 2 miles today and I cannot lie, I was just a bit stiff when I started today’s walk, form yesterdays walk. When I got back I was doing better 🙂

Night folks


If you seen one, you’ve seen them all, right?

Pictures: This sunset was one I only see …. well, just not very often to say the least. It was a very overcast day with little to no sun getting through the clouds and heavy clouds when the sun set. The sun got behind some thick clouds and couldn’t shine through them but highlighted the edge to give me this beautiful sunset. This was not a wide spread sunset so I shot this with my 100-400 lens. This is one of my favorites for sure.

Click the images for the larger picture.
Arizona strutting it’s beautiful evening sunset.


A little zoom.


Exercise : None yesterday and today I walked for 3.5 miles.

Weather: The weather has been to my liking for sure. The temperature is the main thing to me and it has been prefect. Today we have a little wind and it feels good.

Night folks


Pictures: A mixed set.

On my bike ride yesterday I came across this pond, even though it is the rainy season here the pond isn’t much more than a mud hole.


Near the pond was this rough looking plant that had nice white blooms on it.


A sunset from a couple days ago, that lit the bottom of the clouds in red.


For tomorrow’s post I have a sunset from last night that I found to be very unique.

Weather: We got a little rain last night and maybe it was the clouds that made for the great sunset I enjoyed last night.

Mail: Today I went to the local post office to see if they would except general delivery and they had me fill out a card that ask for old and new address ….. well if I had a new address I wouldn’t need general delivery would I????? I felt like saying “here is your sign” but I was nice and explain that I was out in my RV enjoying the Nation Forest. Still, they wanted to know where I was in the RV so I give them a I-40 Exit #. Government rules, nuts!

Night folks


Bird: I found another shot of the Pyrrhuloxia, but it is not very good.
I took this bird picture in Cloudcroff NM. Williamson’s Sapsucker.
Williamson's Sapsucker_6935

Weather: We have clouds and thunder again, so maybe some rain ……

Update 2pm: Finally a good rain and it feels good.

Near 3:30; The rain is still coming 🙂 About 4:15 and the rain has stopped, it was a good rain.

Night folks

More chores

Today was laundry day, it has been a while, I had a couple good size loads. Dishes and laundry, never done!

Without my walks or bike rides I am just a little board. Hopefully I can soon get back to some kind of exercise. If you have a thing that takes an hour or two of your day and then it is gone all of a sudden ….. It sure messes with your day’s time- schedule. It is like a big hole in my day.

There has been a bit of clouds in the days of late, I don’t like it 😦 I want my sunshine, now! LOL. I can’t fuss to hard because the temperatures have been just the best, over the last few days. As a matter of fact I have worn T-shirts and shorts for the last two days, and that is my kind of temperatures 🙂 Looking over the ten-day forecast the weatherman says a little cooler for the weekend but back warmer next week. Sounds good.

The last three mornings have had beautiful sunrises but I have only watched them from the comfort of my bed : shock: The sunset on the other hand have not been as nice. Maybe this is mother nature’s way of telling me to get up and enjoy the mornings, but I sure enjoy snuggling in the covers on the cool mornings and staying warm. Hey, the sunrise looks nice out the window too!

Evening update: Ha, as luck would have it we had a beautiful sunset this evening. Maybe a picture or two in the next few days.

Night folks



Good walk today. My friend went with me today and we walked for a good ways, something over 2 miles for sure. I know we left about 10:30 and got back around noon and we walked pretty study.

The sun is kind of coming and going today so it is a bit thin on power today, so maybe I’ll run the generator for a while later on. Oh, the tough life us boon-dockers live, LOL.

Afternoon update; The old clouds went away this afternoon and we got lots of sun, and that is why so many of us RVers come to the southwest 🙂

Yesterday I ordered a few more things off the internet, while I am here in Yuma and have my friend’s house to have items shipped to. For the first time I have ordered some stuff off Ebay and I hope all goes well with that. I made two orders and both sellers have a great rating, so maybe all will be well. We’ll see in a few days. Us old dudes learn new tricks everyday, yes? LOL. Here’s to hoping we don’t get tricked!

It is about 8pm in the evening now and I hear the crop-duster plane taking off for its evenings work. The area is full of vegetable crops seeing as the Colorado River runs through the area and makes for good irrigation. So about every night one hears the plane flying around doing its job. It takes off about dust and is done by around 10pm or so and oddly enough it only works at night. I am sure there is a good reason for it but I don’t know what that reason is.

OK, I am calling it a day, so good night folks..

The last Tea

Since I was a bit lazy for two days this week, I decided I should get out and ride the bike today, so I put 10 miles on the bike and did my stretching. I had a good ride today.

Tea, this is it  …… the last day! I got a half-gallon left so I will pour a glass here in a few minutes and pour the rest down the sink, good-bye my tea friend! LOL. It seems like the mornings are the toughest to get through without tea now but when I get to tomorrow afternoon that could all change. 😕  I don’t really think it will be to bad seeing as I only drink one glass a day now. I guess it will be like keeping the weight off, it is the long run that will be hard.

We got a little sun today but the clouds are causing it to pop in and out. Beats the last 2 or 3 days, that had no sun at all.

I may run the generator far a little while. I got a couple of things to do, vacuüm and run the desktop for a little while to get all the software updated. I think I will do that now.

The desktop was not too bad out of shape but I am still running a few things, maintenance and such.

About to start on that glass of tea ………………… I am going to have that last tea with a good plate of fish. This one will be a nice big glass, 20 ounces  🙂

Ok I am half way through that glass of tea. As I was pouring the rest down the sink and watching that beautiful golden color disappear down the drain, I glanced over to my glass of tea setting on the counter and thought “Man, I sure hope I don’t spill that glass of golden goodness” and reached out carefully to moved it a little farther back from the edge to insure it was safe! ROTFLMAO. Yes I am that nuts!!! If one can’t laugh at one’s self ………….

It is done, I will have fond members of the The last Tea.

Folks have a nice day.   🙂

Cloudy day

Lots of clouds today and I guess it is OK seeing as it has been so nice all winter. We have had such beautiful weather this year, so I guess it is time for a little cold. I must admit I am a bit spoiled to all the nice weather we have had. I see Yuma is a good bit warmer than here and that might make my wheel anxious to roll, LOL. As long as it don’t get real cold I can hang here, I like this place. It does look like we are in for a few cloudy days in a roll and some rain to the boot. The rain will make things a little messes for a bit but it will help settle some of the this wild west dust, a good thing over all. Getting a few good gust of wind out of the south.

I have only walked 2 miles so far today and nothing more yet. I did spend some time on my laptop and organize/delete a lot of pictures I had all over the place on my computer. That took some time. I had lots of bird photos that I just was not going to use, so they had to go. I guess I could spend a week doing that on the desktop. I have done bird photos for over 6 years now and I have a lot of pictures, most are very well-organized but over the last year or 2 I have gotten a little slack, I will have to do better.

Well there is not much Vitamin D(sunshine) to be had today but I think I will get out for a bit anyway.

Update 2:45pm; Added 1.5 miles to my walking and did my stretching, so I am all exercised up for the day. The sun has pop out for only a few minutes here and there today, still no rain , maybe tonight.

Overcasted day

Yes the old clouds have come to cast their shadows upon my solar panels 😦   . That is OK I still have lots of battery power left for now, if I get just a little sunshine here and there today I will be fine. Actually I can do fine with no sun for a day but may have to get out the generator if I have two or three overcast days in a roll.

Exercise; I good walk of maybe 3 miles this morning. Just a bit of wind out today and I prefer to walk when it is windy. I still have not done my stretching but maybe later, back was bugging me a bit this morning. There is a good chance of rain today 40% (that a big one here in the desert) and we have a little Humidity today and that always makes my old bones fuss just a tad.

Update to Exercise; I took another small walk about 1.6 miles this time. I also did a little stretching before this walk, so I am pretty caught up for the day.

I like animal a good bit even though I don’t have any pets (I don’t feel like I can give a pet the life it needs from my RV) but their owners make me nuts sometimes. I have a neighbor about a 100 ft away from me that I have not seen since I have been here (3 days now) and there is a dog (young one) tied up outside his RV and one of the other neighbor comes and checks on it about twice a day but that is all the company the pup gets. I don’t know if the owner is gone or what the deal is. The dog is getting fed and watered but that is about it.

HA OK, I just talked with one of the other neighbors and it seem that the owner of the dog is in the hospital, Sorry to here that. Maybe I will visit the dog now and again, after asking the neighbor that is taking care of it.

I have several Anna’s hummers coming to my feeder already, I enjoy watching them.


Another cool morning

Lots of clouds today and I bet we will get some rain. OK my friend is here and we are going for a walk.

My friend arrived just before I got back from my trash run and we went for a walk ………………. it was a long one and I think a time or two my friend was ready to kill me for getting him into such a long walk. LOL.  I couldn’t help but laugh when he realize how long a walk it was, we had a lot of fun on that walk. I will guess that we walk a good 10 miles. The last of the walk is about 3.5 miles up a blacktop road and my friend was so wore out that he hitchhiked back to the RV. Mind you I was dog out too, but I couldn’t let on too much, LOL!  Afterwords we went out for a great meal in Cloudcroft. Tomorrow my friend heads out on a long trip to Illinois, so good travels my friend and have fun with the family.

The weather is making my internet not good, a few disconnects. The only thing I don’t like about this place, or at least one of the hardest to adjust to.