Rain yet again

Pictures: Just a couple shots showing the rainy day.

The sky looks just like this today, a bit grey for sure but hey it is still nice and green 🙂



Weather: Rain yet again here in the desert, the amount of rain this year has amazed me a bit. The years I have been here before didn’t have near as much rain. It is a good thing pretty much all around for a couple of reason. one; the area can always use more rain(it is the desert 🙂 ) and two it helps keep the dust down.
Update; It has rain all day and it’s still raining.

Exercise: It is early in the day just now but I am going to say I will not be exercising today. The old joints are fussing at me today so I will give them a rest. Hips, shoulder, back, ankles, wrists and knees, that Author is such a constant friend on these rainy days *%$#(*!!! That is okay he will calm down when it warms up a bit 🙂

Night folks


I want Sunshine!

Pictures: The cloudy days are staying around for a while, not why I come here! The good thing is, it will pass 🙂

If I want to see a bird out my window ….. :/


In all fairness I do get to watch Hummers when it is not real windy like today. On windy days, I have to set my Humming feeder on the ground to keep the wind from rocking it back and froth causing all the sugar water to spill out. This sugar water would end up on the side of my RV.
Mind you, if I was not in such a homebody mode when I was here in my winter area, I am sure there are areas not far away that would be pretty good birding places if I got out and about.


Exercise: It is already 3:30 pm and I have not did any exercise, not sure I will get to that today.

Solar: There has been a couple of days in a row now with little to no sunshine, I may have to get out the generator for a while tonight. I don’t very often have to do that with my solar system on the RV. I have about 520 watts of solar on the roof and 4 batteries to store the power in which is about right for my needs. In the RV solar game some folks need/want/have far more and some need/want/have far less, all depends on how you use things and your needs/wants. I think that I am likely in the middle of the road with my system. I do see a lot of folks that have half or less but than I see them use their generators far more (sometimes not always). I see some that have twice as much and still run a generator a lot (sometimes not always). I find few folks that are at just the right amount for their needs. I think solar is kind of like money …. the more you got the more you spend, the more solar you have the more you use 🙂

Internet : My connection continues to be problematic, with all the folks around. Could be that the weather is not helping much today.

Night folks

Rain coming to an end

Pictures: A sunset from back near the first of the month, it has been too cloudy the last few days for sunsets. Maybe tonight there will be one …..


Weather: Well we have had some rainy weather over the last few days but I think it is all coming to an end. This morning it rain pretty hard but I have sunshine now ….. although it is bit windy this afternoon. I sure am enjoying the solar power from the sun 🙂 I miss it when it is not around.


Merry Christmas everyone.

Night folks

Another day or two

Pictures: Sunset.

Sunset 6_20d_031015

Odd Couple.
Odd Couple 21 _20d_071015

Exercise: Took my 2 mile walk.

Move: By Friday I will need to move on to somewhere and I am not sure just yet as to where but I think maybe it will be a short move.

Weather: Just maybe the rain is over for this area but it is still very cloudy so … who knows. The temperatures are fair, I could use about another 10° but it is close enough.

Night folks

Some Maintenance Day

Pictures: Some this and thats.

B&W Weeds 20d_2526

Sunrise 20d_2513

Weather: It is a cloudy day, very overcast and cooler today too.

Maintenance: I got the generator out and changed the oil in it and ran it for half hour or so, just to exercise it. Also after getting the tires rotated the other day I thought that maybe I should check to see if they had lined up the valve stems on the dulies, so I could add air as needed ……. one side was fine but I had to pull the wheel off the right side and line it up myself 😦 I didn’t mind too much seeing as they only charged me $15 to do the rotation, but had they paid little more attention to what they where doing they could have save me some work.
Tomorrow I will check the air in the RV tires and make sure they are ready for a longer trip should I decide to make one 🙂

Night folks