More Cars

Pictures: Two more from the the car show.


What do you think ….. maybe this one needs a little work??


Moved: Today My friend and I moved south a ways, we are now south of Sedona, AZ – about 18 miles. Last night at our location west of Flagstaff it got down to 21° F, a bit cold for RVs I think. We moved less than a hour away but drop in elevation by about 3400 feet, it should be a bit warmer!

Night Folks


House Finches

Pictures: House Finches are about everywhere one could go in the US but still I like to photo them.

He has a seed …


Now it is gone!


Many Male House Finches will have a bit different color, a bit of yellow or maybe orange instead of the normal red. It all depends on what they eat.


Kind of orange.


Normal color.


Weather: This morning is right down cold but lucky for us this will pass in a day or two.

Exercise: We walked a couple mile this morning.

Night folks

Couple more Flowers

Pictures: Here is some more flower shots from a couple site back.



Weather: Looks like we have a rainy day ahead. I woke to rain and it has continue now for over two hours. I will say that we really needed it because things were very dry, so this is good. It is kind of cool too so this is not my favorite kind of weather, I don’t mind the rain so much but with the cold it makes the old bones ache a bit.

Exercise: Not today, it has rain most of the day or at least been misting and it is cold, good day to stay inside and warm 🙂

Night folks

Twisted Bee

Pictures: This bee was busy working away at the little colorful bush. I’ll post some close-ups shots of the bush in a day or two.



Exercise: We walked two and half miles today.

Weather: It has been a bit cold! The days are not getting too warm (mid 50s) and the nights are right down cold for RVs (high 20s) but by adding a little heat in the RV with the Wave 8 Heater, it is fine. This is a bit early in the year for RVing in the Flagstaff area, so a few cold days is expected. We are to have a couple days like this and then it will be a mix of warm and cool days off and on, for the next two or three weeks. Over all it looks like we will have more nice warm days than cool days 🤞

Night folks

Not much up

Pictures: Couple of shots looking away from the sunset.


A long tall shadow of me 🙂

What’s up: Not much going on with me. I am just hanging out in an area that I have been in for the last 4 years so nothing new for me. It is the time of year that is winter for me …. well I do have to run a little heat to stay warm. I don’t like the cold much so I stay in more and do less. The holidays are in full swing and I don’t do much on the holidays, other than try to stay out-of-the-way. I am doing fair on my exercise in that I at least get out for a little most days, but not doing near as good as in the last 3 or 4 past years. Guess I just ain’t all that motivated of late. It’ll all pass in time 🙂

Computer: I spend a good bit of time online when I am inside a lot and I have been playing with some of the online office stuff and have found that I like Zoho pretty fair, well for me it seems to offer better privacy then the big guys Microsoft, Google and Apple. Zoho has a really nice Zoho Writer for Android that I like a lot. Zoho files can be downloaded in about any format you want, while the big three and Evernote try to keep you lock into their system. I don’t need an online Office suite but if I did I think Zoho would be it.

My favorite cloud storage is Sync. Again it offer the best privacy.

I hope everyone is doing well and having some great holiday fun.

RV John

Hearty Campers

Pictures: Here is a Yucca coming alive for the summer.

Yucca 2 20d _1579

Yucca 20d_1577

Weather : Well, it is back to freezing again. Come on mother nature, give me some warm weather 😨 I got the Wave 8 heater fire up this morning and enjoying the heat as I sat here looking out the window at 7:30 in the morning and it feels toasty in the RV. I had 8 campers last night and all but one where in tents, hearty folks you ask me! I have been surprised since I got here back in the second week of March, with the hearty campers that have kept the camp ground at least half full pretty much the whole time. Oh, the other camper that is not in a tent is in a pop-up camper and it not a lot more than a tent unless it has heat in it and it might. Over the last two month I have gotten mostly people with cars and tents but I have gotten bicycle riders and a couple of people walking the Continental Divide Trail. It’ll be interesting to see how the summer goes. At any rate I must be the warmest person in the camp ground and I’m kind of glad of that 👿

Night folks