Lonely Tablet

Tablet: My tablet has not gotten much use since I’ve been hooked-up to electric. The desktop has gotten all the action over the pass few days, so this morning I’m using the tablet to start my post. It is kind of nice to pick it up, push the button and be ready to go. Of course, I can turn on the computers in the morning and just leave them on all day, and they wake fast from sleep stage.

Hooked-up: Even though I do fine without being hooked-up to electric, water and sewer, I do miss having all the electric and water I want to use. I guess we get a little spoiled with the things we take for granted in life. I grew up with none of these things, so I truly do appreciate them.

Chili: No not the cold kind, the Wendy’s kind 🙂 My friend and I took a little ride out today and I had me some Wendy’s chili, a little treat that I have from time to time.

Walk: Morning walk, I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.29mi, time: 44:47, pace: 19:32min/mi, speed: 3.07mi/h. Link to walk I think that while walking around doing my work today, I’ve added another two miles.

Night folks

New Bird

I have not taking any picture of late but I have a lot of them on Photobucket and here is one I took 5 years ago down in Why, AZ  this bird is a Phainopepla (Male). On the right, the bird of the week. Maybe one day I will get back to Why, AZ, I remember that I enjoyed my visit there.

Exercise and stretching; I got back to the program today. Feels good, but the knees where just a bit fussy this morning. It is what I get for giving them a break! LOL. They do feel better if I do a little moving around everyday, a totally off day like my Sundays are probably not completely good. I guess the est case would be to work in some kind of other exercise 2 or 3 times a week. One day I will stop talking about it and do it! LOL.

Computers;   I have started to gather my files and backup things, getting ready for Windows 8. I have files everywhere on the computer such as; I have cursors in the Windows Cursor folder and background picture in the Windows background folders, I do this so I pick them like I would any cursor or background. I also have my own sound files that I put in the sounds folder, so all these I am gathering together and backing up.

Hanging at the Ranch

Yep, I am just hanging out at the Low-Hi ……………… I don’t much keep up with what is going on around the ranch, just kind of stay in my own little click. But to my great surprise it is very peaceful here. I think the ranch is always better if there are members running the place. Now and then they get someone who is not a member or a married couple to run things and I think it is always better when it is one of our members.  I don’t guess it would really matter to me as I am not involved in anything but it just seem to be peaceful around here. Sometimes we have members that don’t do so good either, but still I prefer it stay all members.

Computers; Reading more on the new tablet market that will start in Sept and Oct. Should be fun to watch as lots of new ones come out.

Duck racing; Yep you read that right …….. here in Deming NM they have Duck races! LOL, they make a pretty good little show out of it and a lot of people come to the fun. It is going on this weekend.

Watching TWIT

I like to watch TIWT shows. I have put in about one and a half hours watching one of my favorite show. I went to Walmart with my friend today and did an impulse buy (costing me $10.00 than if I had waited and got it off-line) of a new backup hard drive. I got one of the little Western Digital Passport Hard drives, a one TB in size. Biggest hard drive I have ever bought for my computers. With Windows 8  coming out in Oct, I am starting to gear up for the changes.

I also updated a little program I got called Ditto clip board.

Exercise;  I rode the bike for 15 miles today and it was a fair ride. I am being a little slack on the stretching but the day ain’t over just yet.

Nice overcasted day

Yes down here in the desert I like the overcast days because they are cooler. I liked the sunshine up in the mountains because the solar charged  my batteries and it would be nice at about 80° . Here I am hooked up to electric and it is very hot so overcast is good. Yes I know ………. us old men just have to talk about the weather, it is a mandatory thing after about 55 years of age and we never tell young people why! LOL

Exercise; I rode the bike for about 14.5 miles this morning and I did about 15 mile one other day this week, maybe that will help make up for the two days that I missed.

Computer; This morning I have read a little about solid state hard-drives and they are starting to come but the price is still way too high just yet, but it is starting to move and they are becoming big enough too. The ones I read about this morning, where in the 500 gig range. Here is one of them. There are a bunch of them now.

4G; I am enjoying the faster speeds. It is working well here in Deming and has started out far better than it did in Las Cruces where it had some growing pains. I am not having any disconnects at all.

Work day

Yep it is one of them there work days 😐  . Well that is OK ………. only three more and than I am off for four. I look forward to that.

For exercise today I hope to get in some good walking and I will. Lots of watering to do today and problem some weeding. I don’t think we will have a lot of RVers coming in, of course we could but not likely.

I had a friend with a birthday yesterday so we went to Golden Corral to eat and have a fine time of it. I did eat the right foods but for sure had too much of it ……….. well it was very good  😳 .

Computers; I forget little things from time to time on the computers and one that my mind had displaced for a bit was this little tip for Windows 7.  Left click on the Start Button/then Right click on Computer/ Select properties and get some good info about your computer. Things like computer name, work-group name,  type of CPU, how much memory is install and what kind of OS, 32 or 64 bit. Nice fast info if you are looking at someone else computer for the first time. Another trick I have add to my bag of late is two ways to get to windows explorers, one is to right-click on the start button and select Open Windows Explorer, two is to press the Windows key and E   at the same time. I have started using these of late instill of a shortcut on the quick-launch bar, I even deleted that shortcut because I no longer use it. Keyboard short cuts are something I should do a lot more of. Most all of these kinds of tricks I have used ….. but I sometimes forget them if I don’t use them often.

Weather; it is starting to heat up with the nights getting warmer and warmer. I have yet had to have my AC on but it won’t be long before that has to be. The days will get up near or at 100° before we know it.

Wow it is 8am and the office opens at 9am and I have folks waiting on me. I hate to go in real early because I all ready have a 9 hour day. I will go in about 8:30 I guess. Later.

Should finish things up today

Yes, Should finish things up today. The computers are coming along very well, the only problem has been the slow internet connection. When updating things on a new computer and software that is 2 to 3 years old you get some really big downloads and the slow 3g air-card here is nuts. 3G is as fast as it gets here 4 miles out of Deming. Yesterday I said most of the big downloads were done ……… I was wrong but hopefully I am right today and they are mostly done. One computer is in place and the second one should be by the mornings end.

This morning I have gotten my walk in and a load of laundry half done (washed and in dryer), breakfast is done and now for a little blogging and internet time. It will be a very busy day because I will be moving back to Las Cruces later today after finish up with the computers which may take the rest of the day. I will hang out for a while after they are both going and see if any user problems pop up so I can make small adjustment as needed. I want them to be happy with the new set up.

Man I need to hop to it, so later.

Day two at the Low-Hi

Yesterday went well with the computers and I got a good bit done. The hardest thing to do was to get everything update over the very slow internet connection. There will be a few more things to update today but the larger ones where done yesterday. Still a few things to jump over yet but it is coming along well. If all goes well today I may be able to replace the old computers with the new ones today, if that happens it would be good because they would than have a day to test things out and I could make any adjustments that needed to be done on Wednesday. If all that come about I will be able to hook up about 4pm on Wednesday and get back to my other job. At any rate both Camp Ground Master and Quick Books are running and updated on the new computers. The new network is working very well over the new Cardlepoint Router MBR95. I have to get the files moving  between Camp Ground Master and Quick Books today and I am thinking that will go OK, hopefully. The folks here have been pleasant to work with and that helps.

Exercise this morning was a two-mile walk and it was the first thing I did too, even before my breakfast 😕 . It felt pretty good and my knees didn’t even make a fuss. If I get back to Las Cruces by Wednesday evening I will ride my bike Thursday morning and that will be nice, I like riding the bike.

Well I had best get at it and get things going along.

Not much time

This morning I am in Deming and will be here for maybe 3 days. To day I will start setting up a computer system (two computers and a network). I have put aside three days to do this and I am sure this will be enough time. I have a lot of software to load and some to unload (junk ware). Hopefully the network will go pretty fast, I just got to watch out for all the different password the router will need.

I am hoping that I can talk everyone into better habits concerning security. Like many folks they are really laid back on security. One thing that worry’s me a bit is if we have to call tech support that will use up a lot of time, so hopefully the software will go good and the hardware won’t have any bad parts.

This morning I got up, had my breakfast, took a 2 mile walk and now on to this fast post and I think I will be very busy for the rest of the day. Lots to do and get done. We are set to start about 8 or 8:30 , the sooner the better I would guess.

This is going to be a long week with the 3 work days over last weekend and now 3 here and then off a day to move back to Las Cruces and then back to 3 more work days. LOL, too much work.

The weather is beautiful, I really like it here this time of year. One thing about being in Deming is that I notice the wind far more than when I am in Las Cruces, there is just more of it here in the wild open area.

OK I best get at it, later.

One last day

One more day at work here and then off to Deming for 3 days. I will either hook up tonight and go on down to Deming or hook up tonight and go early in the morning. We’ll see.

Weight; after 4 days of teens I am at 220.6 again, LOL. I seem to be holding in a spot for a couple of weeks. It goes like this and then I lose a lb or two. It is that way now, I have been within three lbs of the same weight for about two weeks now. This weight lost is already starting to get tough. I have to watch my exercise routine ……….. I have to keep on it. I may have to start fining time to ride on my work days and that would be tough with the 9 hour days. I fear that at some point my weight will just stop moving down if I don’t change something a bit. On food, I will have to cut back on some small things. Little less nuts, whip cream and strawberries 😦  . Me and food ………… I find something I really like and can have, I eat one at first and then I have two, LOL. I got to watch that. Counting crabs is not near as hard as counting calories but don’t look like it is going to be a push over either. My work is laid out for me I will have to get to it.

Exercise next week will be a problem, with working three full days setting up the computers for the RV park and on the fourth day I will be moving back here again so again hard to find time for exercise. I may have to get up early and do some walking. I think I will need to do something for exercise. Lot of things getting in the way this year it seem, I need to work harder on making sure exercise happens no matter what. On a good note, I did walk a lot yesterday.