Light on the exercise today

I took a short ride on the bike today, around  7.5 miles, and I did it at a very slow pace. No stretching just yet either, maybe later. I did do a few things around the RV. I cleaned the solar panels, filled the fresh water tank, empty the gray tanks, checked and added water to my batteries, and lastly I ordered my mail to be sent general delivery to Wellton. That has been about it for the day, a slow one for me. It is around 3pm and I am just now getting on the computer to blog. I did turn it on earlier today but decided that I needed to do some of the chores, so I got right back off the thing and did my duties đŸ˜¯

I am finishing off my one and only glass of tea for today, and today I took a little smaller glass. I am staying with the plan on this no Caffeine/sweetener thing, and Monday will be my first day in years with no caffeine in my day, wow. I am sure that I will miss my old friend caffeine for a while, LOL. Well, at least till my body and mind gets use to the ideal. I am thinking at this point, that my mental addiction will fight me harder than the physical addiction seeing as I am down to one glass a day and still look so forward to having that one glass of tea, so much. No matter, I am set in my mind, and it will be. If I put it in my blog, it has got to be so!!!!!! LOL.

Man, I am drinking a lot of water now, with it being my main drink. I think some days I am drinking 2 gallons a day …………… so all that drinking and emptying takes up a lot of my day! LOL. Well at least water is a thing you can’t over do ……. at least I don’t think you can?!?!?

The temperature today is fine, but it is a bit overcast, with the sun popping in and out from behind the clouds. I am hoping that we will get by on only one cold spell this year. That would be nice, but I bet Feb will have a cold spot or two. Hey, we could get lucky.

Cooking, I spend a lot of time cooking on this Atkins diet. I cook 4 to 5 times a day, seeing as all my meals have meats. Cooking causes a lot of dishes, dishes cause a lot of dish-washing, using up a lot of my water. I guess dishes are my number one use of water.

I went out and did my stretching so I am fit for today.

The evening is here so I think I will go out and enjoy the last of the day.


Last day off :-(

Yes this is it  ………… already! Can’t believe that 4 days are already gone! Well OK, maybe the next 3 work days will go as fast, I’ll stay busy to make them go faster!


This morning I went to my appointment at the VA with the Nutritionist and she said I was doing good. Maybe …………… but I would like to do better. My enemy is carbs, and my food doc agrees with me on that. There are others things to watch out for but with me it is mostly the carbs! So I need to pick up a little more meats and a little less breads. Getting food right is a big job for me. I also need to cook more foods, I am really slow to cook much.


I did get in about 11 miles this morning on the bike before I went to my appointment, I push pretty hard on the last 6 miles or so.  My miles for the week is 47, so with one more day it looks like it will be about 60 miles for the week. I may take a longer ride tomorrow so I will have at least 60. If it wasn’t so hot I would ride a little more this afternoon.


I am cooking and preparing food for my work days this afternoon. Cooking is not a thing I care to do much of but I am doing some this afternoon. LOL The first thing I need to do when cooking is to take down the smoke detector. All that noise is no good LOL!


The weather is giving us just a little break with a tab bit cooler temperatures, thanks for little favors mother natures!

Night all.

Cool, it is for sure this morning

Last night was the first night I used my Wave 8 heater for a long spell and it felt good! I turn it off when I went to bed and it was cold when I got up and as I sat here and type it is warming up. I suspect one my LP tanks will run out soon because I have not bought any sent …………. well last year I guess. All I have used my gas for over the pass year was cooking and I don’t do a lot of that.


Brrrr, to cool for a ride this morning well for a while anyway maybe later in the morning and if not this afternoon.

I got a pretty good ride in around noon.


Lots of internet used this month! I have use all most 7 Gig of bandwidth …………… I sign up way back and I have un-limited bandwidth but have never went over 5 Gig before so I will see how Verizon reacts when I get my bill at the end of the month. I have had a good connection the whole time I have been here and I have put it to uses. For one thing I start with a 1.5 Gig download of Adobe Photoshop CS 5 and then when my Windows crash it was a lot more on top of that plus other program that went down with windows so it was a lot of extra stuff plus my normal use too. My normal is somewhere around 3.5 Gigs maybe…………. ! There will be one big fuss if they try to charge me for overage! Even though I have un-limited I have never used over 5 Gig before this, so Verizon should be very happy with me over all.

You probably know if you have a Verizon air-card or other air-card they try to get you to take an updated one so they can renew your contact and I have never done that. When the time comes that I need the update Air-card I will just buy it out-right, that will cost maybe $200.00 but is well worth it just for the times like this one and maybe more will happen ……. who knows?


T-shirt and shorts weather is about over I think.


I think I will get off the computer and watch a movie. Later folks