Pair of Cowbirds

Pictures: Here is a male and females Brown-headed Cowbird.



Exercise: We walked 3.6 miles today and it was a windy walk but despite the weather we had a great walk.

Weather: It is a bit cool and windy too, hopefully this won’t last too long. It is cool enough that I am running heat in the RV.

Night folks

Colorful Glass

Pictures: While out walking I found this colorful glass to shoot at. The green one(whiskey bottle I think) I found last year and sat it near where I park the RV last year and it was still there when I got back this year. The brown one I found just the other day. Just something to shoot at.



Exercise: Back at it today with a 2 mile walk.

Weather: It is still cool today but a bit better I think.

Night folks

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Pictures: This morning these two came by for a nice cool bath. It was about 50° this morning and I had just open the door of the RV and was debating whether or not to close it and fire up the heater, but I stayed tough and was rewarded with these shots 🙂

Both of these are females but the first bird is a first winter bird.



Weather: It is cool this morning and windy but the weatherman says it will get near 70° today.

Exercise: I got out and walk a couple miles with a friend today. Added five miles on the bike.

Night folks

Mountain Chickadee

Pictures: Today I have Mountain Chickadees. Scruffy looking little birds, don’t you think? They are Scruffy behaving too, tough little birds, fun to watch at the feeders with their new chicks.



Weather: Well for here and this time of year it is cool, around mid 70 for a high today and about mid 60’s this morning. Man, it sure beats the 90-100 that I was in down in Deming 🙂 🙂 🙂 !! Yesterday we got a good rain and it cooled things down so yesterday evening I was thinking a little heat would feel good, but I toughed it out 😛

Night folks

Which side?

Pictures: Carolina Wren. “Say, which side do I look best?”

Carolina Wren 20d_8581

Carolina Wren 20d _8576

Weather: The weather has not been very nice for the month of May. I want sunshine! For those of you that read my blog regularly know that I said before I came over to NM this year, that you would have to hear me being wimpy about cold weather, well I have been pretty good about March and April but now it is May and I want sunshine now! LOL, Okay, I’ll stop being wimpy for now. Today is very overcast, cool and humid. Humidity is 71% today and I feel it in my bones, knees, hips and back all speak up to let me know that they don’t care for the humidity 😦 Hope it passes soon.

Night folks


Pictures: Just a couple of duck shots from many year ago.

2 Duck 20d_5552

2 Duck 20d _6181

Weather: This morning brings cool temperatures and thick fog. The dampness makes my bone hurt 😦 I dislike humidity! Only another month or so 🙂 and than it will be t-shirts and shorts weather.

Update; The afternoon is just beautiful, sweet!!!

Walk: Tomorrow we will take us a walk with the ranger(Paul) to “The Citadel” I’ll take pictures 🙂 The walk is 3 miles round trip with some hills, should be good exercise.

Night folks

That good solar love

Sunny and Cool : It is a beautiful day and just a little chilly for here, but far better than most other places I might could be. Today the sun is giving me the solar love that I so crave …… and it feels good 🌞

Exercise: Another short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.06mi, time: 38:47, pace: 18:52min/mi, speed: 3.18mi/h.

Pictures: Red Crossbill
Crossbill Red photo RedCrossbill.jpg

Coot photo cootw.jpg

Night folks