Western Meadowlark

Pictures: This morning I heard this one singing just outside my RV door, Western Meadowlark. It was in the top of a tree so I had the back lighting 😦

Western Meadowlark 3-7D2-140416

Western Meadowlark 1-7D2_140416

New location/Weather: I am now camp near Ash Fork, AZ and it is a bit cooler here for sure. I have pick out a spot so I will stay a bit and see how it feels.

Exercise: Walked for just over 4 miles today.

Night folks

Lawn Mowers

Pictures: Yesterday the gang came by and mowed the lawn for me 😉

Mowing the Lawn.
Grass cutters 300915_20d_2661

The sheep dog, with a bit of a attitude. Looks like it is saying “Hey, don’t even be looking at my sheep!”
Sheep dog 300915_20d_2650

Exercise I only took a short walk today, about 2 miles.

Weather: It is going to take a cooler path starting tonight, but still too soon to go any farrier west just yet, so I may have me some cool nights. Not sure how cool it will be, my weather apps varies greatly. Today is beautiful with a little wind.

Night folks

Some Maintenance Day

Pictures: Some this and thats.

B&W Weeds 20d_2526

Sunrise 20d_2513

Weather: It is a cloudy day, very overcast and cooler today too.

Maintenance: I got the generator out and changed the oil in it and ran it for half hour or so, just to exercise it. Also after getting the tires rotated the other day I thought that maybe I should check to see if they had lined up the valve stems on the dulies, so I could add air as needed ……. one side was fine but I had to pull the wheel off the right side and line it up myself 😦 I didn’t mind too much seeing as they only charged me $15 to do the rotation, but had they paid little more attention to what they where doing they could have save me some work.
Tomorrow I will check the air in the RV tires and make sure they are ready for a longer trip should I decide to make one 🙂

Night folks

Winter coming

Pictures: Canyon Towhee. “I’ve had it, I’m going to jump! ”
Canyon Towhee photo CTowhee2a.jpg
“You can’t see me, I’m hiding”
Canyon Towhee photo Towhee2.jpg

Bug : My bug is under control for now and I hope it stays that way. I still have a good bit of congestion but not bad. It came on strong but I threw a lot of medicines at it to include some old antibiotics that I had. Don’t know what help or what didn’t but I think all the medicines I took did help. My friend told me that antibiotics have only a year shelf life and my where very old but I think they helped.

Exercise: Short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.43mi, time: 50:14, pace: 20:42min/mi, speed: 2.90mi/h.

Weather: Looks like we might be getting that all elusive rain, yet again here in the desert, along with some wind and cooler temperstures. But as it is most of the time it is better than what the rest of the country is getting for weather ❄

Night folks

Into Blythe

Weather: Coolish morning 😨 to start the day. Still in going to enjoy this weather because it will get cooler when I go to Grants in April. March here will be very warm here and then I’ll have the shock of Grants, NM coolish April weather. So in light of it all it is a beautiful day 😀

Exercise: Another short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.27mi, time: 45:58, pace: 20:16min/mi, speed: 2.96mi/h.

Little Trip: Went into Blythe for a while this afternoon, goofing off mostly.

Pictures: Rose Breasted Grosbeak
Rose Breasted Grosbeak Male photo mGBOS.jpg

Rufous Hummer
Rufous photo RufousF_0032_zps24d7b58c.jpg

Night folks

Cooler Weather but still better

Weather Change: The cold front has gotten to Lake Havasu but it is still far better than all the other folks are getting throughout rest of the US. The lows here are only in the mid 40s and high all the way up to upper 60s, so compared to all the other places it is still very good. The wind is blowing pretty hard, makes for a lot of dust.

Weekly Exercise: Here is a weekly summary. Finally did enough walking to have a summary 🙂

WEEK OF 11/09/2014 – 11/15/2014
Workouts 5
Hours 4.79
Distance 11.62
Calories 1421

Exercise: Today’s walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.78mi, time: 01:27:32, pace: 23:10min/mi, speed: 2.59mi/h.

Pictures: Took these today while walking.


This picture from yesterday evening at sunset, this is the view out my window.


Night folks

Road trip coming

Weather: The mornings are certainly cooler now. The nights are starting to dip into the 30s now and that is cooler than I like but still tolerable. today the wind is blowing pretty good. Well I have just over a couple of weeks to go, so not much longer. I’ll leave here at the end of Oct and I’ll be looking for warmer places.

Road trip coming: I am starting to again think about my winter adventure that is about to start (got delay by couple of months o_O ) here in a couple of weeks. A friend and I are thinking about a direction to go (we know west overall but that is about it) maybe the Grand Canyon depending on the weather, or who knows?

Pictures: Birds it is, and here is a House Finch. The male House Finch usually only has red in his bright colors but now and then you will see one with some or all yellow in the brighter colors and this one has some yellow and red mixed.
Finch House photo olorfulHF2.jpg
This one is more the normal color but I think he is an old dude like me and is saying “Hee, what you say?”
Finch House photo WEBHFC.jpg

Night folks