Pictures: More older stuff today. Cowbirds.

Cowbird photo MrMs.jpg

Cowbird photo MCB.jpg

Night folks


Cow Birds

Pictures: Cow Birds.
Cow bird 20d_4415

Cow Bird 20d_4500

Exercise: My walk for today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.49mi, time: 47:50, pace: 19:12min/mi, speed: 3.13mi/h.

Travel: I’m starting to think about traveling …… getting bored 😟 So …. maybe I’ll go to my volunteer job for the summer, early. It will put me in colder weather than I like but I’m a bit bored of doing nothing. If I go, I’m sure I’ll see some other weather that I don’t like too ….. such as snow and ice 😦 So if I go fellow reads, you going to have to listen to me fuss about the weather for a month or two 🙂 and as usual I’ll invoke my old dude privilege to fuss about it!

Night folks