The Crossing

Pictures: There is a place in the canyon where I walk that has had some rocks added to what nature had already put in the creek to make a crossing for the walking trail and I like this area. I sometimes just find a good setting rock and listen to the running water and let life’s worries float away.


In the shot below you can see the trail guide post which is about 4.5 to 5 feet tall … that will give a bit of scale to it.

Exercise: I walked 1.5 miles this morning and maybe I’ll walk a bit later.

Night Folks



Pictures: I took a walk on a creek that was not far from the place I was a while back and took these shots. I didn’t have a tripod with me and I wish I had, still I like the shots because they show the colors of the creek.




Exercise: Not today.

City: I went into the city today to do chores, shopping laundry and such.

Night Folks

Cotton in the Creek

Pictures: A shot of a Yucca of some kind and a shot from a walk alone the creek with lots of Cotton-Wood Trees dropping their cotton 🙂 . These shots from a site back.



Exercise: We walked for a little over 2 miles today. Since I now have a walking partner, I am being much better at walking every day 🙂
I added about 3 1/2 miles on the bike.

Weather: The nights have turn a little cool but the days are still great. However …. it is to get a bit cooler for a week or two but after that I think we will be in the sweet spot.

Night folks


Pictures: Today I walked down an old creek bed. I seen a good many birds but I didn’t have a long lens with me and even if I had of it would have not been likely to have gotten any good shots because the birds where shy and hid away quickly.

Not much water moving if any today.


I could tell by the rounded rocks that when it gets busy moving it moves fast.


Exercise: Today a did a total of 3.7 miles.

Night folks