Pictures: Here are a couple of shots of the Dark-eyed Junco that I took over the summer while near Flagstaff. These birds are a lot like me in that – they too way over do it when at a buffet!!!!



Exercise: Another bike ride today, 8.4 miles.

Night Folks


More Juncos

Pictures: Here are a couple more shots of the Dark-eyed Junco (Red-back).

All the seed, makes a happy bird 🙂


Exercise: I rode the bike for 5 miles only.

Forgive Me: I am not getting around to other folks blog just now due to low-bandwidth but I will roll over data on the 25th so the 26th I’ll be able to see what you all have been up too 🙂 I am feeling deprived 😦

Theme: I am still playing with the setting a bit, I am looking for plain, simple and efficient. I am finding one thing that I can’t seem to work around and that is the default font in the theme (The body text font), I don’t like it. Is it silly looking or is it just me???? This is the Big Brother Theme.

Exercise: Only got in 5 miles on the bike.

Night Folks

Cold morning

Well the weather got through yesterday with no rain but last night it did rain and this morning it is kind of cold( for summer weather). The weather man is giving rain for the next two days. I am going to give it about one more week and it the rain don’t slow down I am going to be moving on to somewhere else. It drops to around 60° or so when it rain and that is cooler than I like it. It is now 9:40 and my temperature gauge says 57°. I do like cooler than 90 or 100 but this is too much, I don’t care for 50/60 all that much, LOL. At night 50 is OK  but in the day I need at least 70 and I prefer 80. Yes I am in pursuit of the prefect weather, I don’t really think I will find it on my budget but I can look when it is close by. I am in an area of elevation of about 9000 feet and I think I need maybe 7500 feet. I can always drop back down to 4000 feet but that weather is a bit warm.

Man on man, I must have a 100 hummers feeding at my hummer feeder. It has about 10 holes on it and they are all full most of the time or there are enough hummer flying around to feeder to fill them. Up here on the mountain there are not many bugs and such so I leave the door and the screen open near all the time, so the hummer sometimes fly in and check me out. I leave the door open so I can get good pictures with my camera if an interesting birds show up. Seeing as I am in a wooded area I often have birds at the feeder and also on the other side of the RV.  There is an emergency window by the chair where I sat all the time and I sometimes open it so that I might get a good shot with the camera. I was doing that one day and one of the hummers decide to come in and check me out and leave by the window. LOL I have a ball watching them.

The chipmunks are making me nuts trying to keep them run off but I guess I should thank them as they are sure keeping me active. By now I have a whole crew of chipmunks coming to the feeders. I have seen as many as 4 at a time. I go shoo them away and about 2 minutes later they are back. Do you reckon I could deep fry them???? LOL.

I continue to have Black-heaed Grosbeaks come to the feeder, I have seen at least 4 different ones , once I seen two males and once I seen a mom and chick. I know it was a chick because the mother was feeding it. I also have lots of Pine Siskin and Dark-eyed Junco(Red Back) coming on a regular basic. I have seen the Female Western Tanager come back for water I few times too.

I think I will take me a walk, it kind of looks like I could get wet but I will go anyway. Later.

Back from my walk and I did not get wet 🙂 . I just did about 3 miles today, by walking to the trash can and back.