The mornings are so cool

I love the morning up here on this mountain of Cloudcroft, it is just the right temperature to sleep in. I did manage to get out of bed by 8am this morning, a good thing. If I was one with lots of money I would buy me a summer home up here.

Time to get my breakfast on, two eggs and sausage, mmmmmmm mmmmm good.  Yes that was good.

Birds; I am seeing a few that I would love to get a picture of. I have put out a seed feeder and this morning I am near sure I seen a Female Black-headed Grosbeak. While walking and at my feeder I have seen a Dark-eyed Junco(Red Back). I am seeing lots of Northern Flickers while out walking. I wish I could get pictures of all these guys but they are a bit jumpy up here in the woods. Oh I have seen a few wild Turkey too.
I like to put seed out on the ground for ground-feeding birds and I do ……  but most of those seeds are going to a local chipmunk who takes care of anything that hits the ground LOL. Just look at that “Who Me?” look, will you!

Oh it is indeed a nice morning ……. my neighbor with all the dirt-bikes just left. They where off where I could not see them very well and on their way out I could see that they had 1 four-wheeler and nine dirt-bikes LOL. It sure is peaceful again around here!

The day is done and I have not did much on the exercise side of things so maybe tomorrow I’ll do a bit of walking or something. The knees have fuss at me a bit today. Looking at the weather I see some pretty high humidity in the forecast and I don’t know how much my old knees will fuss at that.