Antenna Up

Pictures: Here are a couple more of these flowers, I don’t see these a lot but I am not all that familiarize with the flowers of the desert.



Antenna : I have put my Antenna up for the MiFi device and it helps a lot in this location. It adds at least 2 bars of signal and a lot of speed to the connection.

Unlimited: This month should be a good test of my new Unlimited Verizon Plan because with the big Windows 10 (1703) update and my everyday use I am sure to go well into the 20s this month. We’ll see if I get slowed down or not. I don’t know how big that Windows update was but I had to restart it after 40% because of a loss connection so I can add 40% of it size to my data used. I am always supersized that Microsoft don’t have a way to save partly download updates in case of internet connections failing.

Privacy Setting: Windows 10 updates always makes you have to go though them again, but this time Windows Latest (1703) has gotten better about it. I still use a Program called O&O Shutup 10 just to check and there where a few things that I changed.

Night folks

Say’s Phoebe

Pictures: A flower and a Bird.


This shot taken through the window.

Exercise: I walked about 2 miles today. Seems I am walking about every other day now 😦

Data/Phone Plan: I guess this month I’ll be testing the limits of this Verizon Unlimited Plan, I am near 7 gigs and I am only about 8 days in. I am sure to go over this month in both the 10 gig data limit as hotspot/MiFi Device and the total limit of 22 gigs, if I see any slowing I’ll let you know! This is not the best place for testing as the area has very slow 4G on any plan.

Weather: It has been just fine! A little windy sometimes but that is not all the bad to me.

Night Folks

Rainbow in a sunset

Pictures: The other day it was kind of storming about time for the sunset and this is a couple of shots I took.

Sunset 20d_1936

Rainbow in the sunset, it was very nice and I wish I would have had a wider angle lens.
Rainbow in sunset 20d_1928

Tablet: Today I have flashed my tablet with a new OS. I put Cyanogenmod 12 on it. Now I can taste Lollipop 🙂 This is the first time I have flash a Rom, I have rooted a few devices but always left the stock Rom in, but not this time. I probably burned a couple of gigs of data but now I have something to play with.

Night folks

Data off

Pictures: Butterflies, here is a Skipper.
Skipper photo S12.jpg

Monarch photo Mr.jpg

Rain today: Lots of rain happening today. As I slept last night and woke now and then I could hear the rain hitting the roof and when I got up this morning it was still raining. It looks and feels like it may be here for a while.

Exercise: Well, I did do my walking today but I messed around and loss my tracking on it. Had it all tracked and than did a restart on my phone before saving it. Seeing as I’m not paying for service right now the data is off so I must connect to WiFi to upload my maps. I was having a bit of trouble connecting to my WiFi and decided to do a restart forgetting that my track was not saved yet. Anyways I did my two miles 🙂 so all is well.

Weather: Today’s weather gives me lots of clouds.

Night folks

Destress Signal

Millenicom/Verizon: OMG as the kids say!! Well it seems that Millenicom a reseller of Verizon data has been cut off by Verizon. I get my data connections with Millenicom. Here is the Email I got from Millenicom.
Dear John
We are announcing the acquisition by Verizon of the Millenicom customers who use their service. There should be no interruption with your Internet connection, they will be in contact with you regarding plan options.
Please accept our most sincere appreciation for the opportunity to be your Internet provider.
Dennis Castle
Millenicom Inc.

So ……….. Verizon is about to sock it to all us Millenicom users 😦   “they will be in contact with you regarding plan options.”  Oh my, I am not looking forward to this!!! I am hoping for the best but no one knows at this point. It needs to happen between now and the end of the month I guess, seeing as that is the billing cycle. Before when Verizon has acquisition a company they have grandfather folks in but this time it is already theirs seeing as Millenicom was just a reseller of Verizon data, so who knows. Still I am hoping for the best but …… should I disappear …. you will know that I have been eaten up by Verizon, Ouch!!!!!

As a minimum I think they will burn us for $30.00 more. One they will have all kinds of tax (something over $10.00) and I think they will have us pay a device activation fee of $20.00 per month and the money we are now paying, and maybe, and just maybe they will let us keep the same amount of data and they will call that grandfathered in 😦    Verizon is all about getting the money out of you.

Pictures: Here is another Roadrunner.
Road Runner photo LittleRRunner.jpg

Roadrunner photo rr4a.jpg

Exercise: I am not getting a lot of that, too busy. I need to exercise 😦

Work: I had a good work day. I like the job here if you can call it a job 😉 Still I try to get things done.

Night folks