Western Bluebird

Pictures: Just one today, a Western Bluebird that landed near my RV after I got park today.


Travel : I have moved to an area near Flagstaff, AZ and it is an area that can get muddy and of course first thing is to get some rain LOL. I don’t mind too much, I’ll just stay in for a while 🙂 This is the area where all the Acron Woodpeckers are so look for some picture soon.

Setting Clocks: I had to roll all the clocks back an hour, AZ don’t do Day-light saving time. On the good side of things, I will likely be in AZ all winter so I should not have to set my clocks no more for a while 😛

Weather: I hear and see a lot of thunder and lighting near by and it seems to be coming this way 😦 Could be in for some hard storming! Not sounding good at all.

Night folks


Into computer time

Well I have all my chores/needs of the day done and I am now into a little time on the computer. I read my email and now a little blogging and later maybe a little cruising the internet.

Before going out on the bike today, I finally remember to turn on Google’s My Tracks on the phone and here is the link, a 10 mile ride. I did a little more exercise along with my stretching when I got back, a good exercise day. 🙂

Time change/day-light-savings thing has come and gone. Here in AZ they don’t do day-light-savings but I have all my clocks, computer and phone to change automatically and that is OK because by the end of the month I will have the right time, because I will be back in NM, where the time did change. Do you like daylight saving? I have never really care for it.

5 pm NM time, so I will start my nightly goings on! Later.

The day-light is saved

Today is day-light savings time and we all get to rest an extra hour! I didn’t sleep in but I will enjoy some computer time this morning.


Well if you go over on the right and check out the blogs ……………. Sue  is having a great time down in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, except for working too much. I have been there and it is a beautiful place but you must appreciate peace and quiet.

George is still going through a tough time in his life and I hope he gets back to better times soon but I know how hard it can be when you lose someone you love.

Marcia ………….. I think the girl has gone domestic on us( As in a house and settling down)!! Hope she is having a great time at it!!!!

Other blogs …………… I am thinking on adding more links to my blog that are very RV related but by people who I don’t know but I do enjoy reading what they have to say. Not sure which ones to add just yet, but I like blogs that are active and have useful stuff (unlike my) but I also like to read about plain everyday folks doing their thing ……….. the little things in life. I also like the High tech type of blogger ( ones writing about internet and computer type things) and I know of some of those. Some of the ones that are really good are very commercial but still have good free info that you can use and enjoy reading about.

Lately I have looked around for such blogs that I would like to link to. So watch for more links of RVing type blogs.

Maybe during my long lunch I will research some blogs for links that I may like to add.


The days have been just so good that you would think it is still early in fall, but the nights are starting to cool off and it is feeling like winter in the desert in the mornings. Would be a great time to be a little farther westLoadng!!!