More Dead Trees

Pictures: Couple more dead trees from the last area.



Exercise: We had a great walk this morning, just over 4 miles.

Weather: We got just a sprinkle of rain, Help with the dust a bit.

Night folks


Dead Trees 2

Pictures: Couple more dead trees.



Exercise: I foresee a couple days off, one today, because it is chores day for me and tomorrow will be moving day.

Cookout: The ladies (Barbara and Jeanne) and I will have a little cook out today, that will be nice 🙂

Night folks

Dead Trees

Pictures: Here are a couple off dead trees in the area(always lots of dead trees when in the forest). The first one looks like it has been trimmed by forest rangers(maybe) and the second one was a shot I took on the snowy day we had with the sun back-lighting it.



Exercise: We walked 3.8 miles today.

Night Folks