Still got Bees

Bees: Where the wind had blown hard there where a few drops of sugar water on the side of the RV left over from having the Humming feeder out and the and the bees where still coming, so I had to find and clean all the sugar spots. The bees are persistent little devils.

A shot from Deming, NM.
Bruce's house photo IMG_5115.jpg

Not sure where I took this one.
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Night folks

Busy all day

I spent almost all day in Deming today doing laundry, waiting for my Nexus to be deliver by FedEx, and a couple of other things. I got back to the RV about 5pm and had my bath, supper and I am now redoing my Nexus 7 tablet. The tablet has to download about 60 or 70 apps from Google so it will take a while to do. I didn’t think I had a backup but I guess I do, LOL. Google knows …………. everything! Wondering if it is going to restore my settings in each app, I guess that would be nice but scary too.

I have not gotten anything else done today, have not been here to do anything.

TV, tonight is all about the Boston Bombers, the older brother has been killed and they are trying to get the younger one out of the boat, right now, wow! The kid is 19 says the TV, but his picture looks like a 15-year-old kid, mind you I know that he is the bomber, kid or not he is dangerous. Makes one wonder how one gets to such a place being a man that young.  The TV news has just said that the police have the guy, not said whether he is dead or alive.

I see on my Nexus 7 that it has a new USB cord with it and other than that I don’t know what they did to fix it. Would have been nice if they said.

OK, night to you folks.

Down Sizing, and am I the chatter?!

Yes I am starting to down size again …………. as in 2X to XL, LOL. No more $2.00 more for the big man size! I bought a new shirt today and seeing as I am now pretty confident that I am going to keep my weight down, I am buying to fit. ❗  I don’t seem to be going any lower but I am staying where I am and have done so for over 6 or 7 months now? I don’t see myself as dieting any more, but as eating a new way, a way that I should have done all along. Of course if you call not eating anything you want when you want, dieting, then I am dieting. However I am starting to look at this as the smart way to eat and the way one should eat, one should not be able to eat just anything they want in this day and time. The foods of today are just not that good for you. Bottom line ……….. I like my new size 🙂  and I am liking my new foods.

Seeing as I bought a new shirt today that means I did get off the hill and go into Deming for a spell, mostly to have something to do. I spent a few hours messing around doing much of nothing, shopping and the like. Didn’t do too bad on the buying end, just a shirt, a battery power vacuüm cleaner and some hamburger patties.

The battery power vacuüm is something that I have needed for some time now, with all the boon-docking I am doing. It just is not to convenient to run the big one I have, because I need to run the generator and that is a bit of a hassle seeing as the generator is not the built-in type. I do get the generator out once a month and run it just to exercise it, but that is not enough vacuüm time, even for an old bachelor, LOL. I have vacuumed once a month and swept the carpet the rest of the month but sweeping does not do as well as vacuuming. So I am glad to add a portable vacuüm to my mix of tools.

About the Vacuum cleaner, it is from Walmart (where else would it be from for those of you that know me ❗  ) and it is a Shark 15.6 volt cleaner. I tried it out for a couple of minutes before plugging it in for its initial charge (20 – 24 hours, wow) and it did a fine job. I think I should have had one of these a long time ago. They sure are a lot better now (battery power ones) then what I could have bought 6 years ago when I started to RVing.

Just had me a meal, and it was two hamburger patties with one slice of cheese split between them, a bowl of greens and one hard boil egg. I eat about 3 meals this size during the day and one a little larger in the evening. I know, I know, that I should do the  bigger meal during the day ………… but I don’t. Hey, I still weigh in at 190 pounds so I have room to improve yet 😉

After getting back from Deming, I took a short but quick walk to warm up a little and then did my stretching. The short walk was to rest the knees a little, they been fussing just a little of late with all these long walks, but I did need to warm up a little for my stretching.

You know what, I think I am beginning to enjoy blogging a little better as my writing and typing gets better. Yes, I know I have tons of room for improvement yet, but I just keep trying. Hey, for someone who quit school barely being able to write I am doing pretty dang fair!

Oh no, looking back over my blog today ………….. I might be the chatter  ❗  😯

Everyone have a nice evening  😉


Photobucket, that site keeps making me nuts, they just keep changing things around. It takes me longer when they do that, but I do eventually get it figured out. Of course what all this means is that it is time for a new Bird of the week. This week’s bird is one that I only seen once and that was in Pie town, NM. The bird is a Green-tailed Towhee.

  Click for a larger image, I was lucky to see this one, I may not see this bird again.

Exercise for today was a nice long walk at a fair pace and I got my stretching done when I got back too. I find that if I do my stretching right away it is more likely to get done, so I have been trying to do that.

I need to catch up on my emails, I have let them get behind again.

Took a little trip into Deming today and visit with a friend at the Low-Hi ranch and then went by Walmart to pick up a couple of things.

In about a week I will be moving to City of the Rocks State Park, I have never stayed there but I have been to the park. I think I will like it OK, the only bad thing is that it is about 20 miles or so from anywhere, maybe more not sure which city will be closer, Deming or Silver City. On Google maps it looks about the same. I will be boon-docking again too.

The weather today is pretty nice but as always here this time of the year there is lots of wind and the weather man says it will continue for a few days, just power for the course here around Deming. If you don’t mind the wind it is still a very nice day. The wind don’t bother me much, unless it gets so high that it is full of dust, I sure don’t care for the dust.

Have a nice day folks.

Busy and more busy

I have been running around like a chicken with its head just cut off! I went down to Deming and checked on getting my truck in for an Oil change and some other little work, which will be done tomorrow. Stop by my mail service (didn’t have any mail to speak of) and stop to see a friend for a little while. After getting back here I call tech support about my Nexus 7 that has stopped working, so I am sending it back to Asus tomorrow. I than called tech support for my Verizon Air-Card and I am now waiting to here back from them (it keeps disconnecting me) Both of the tech support things took a lot of time.

Exercise; yesterday and the day before I got a lot of walking done and today I have taken a small walk but I have not gotten any of my stretching done for 3 or 4 days now 😦   ❗  Tomorrow will likely be another busy day that don’t allow for much exercise. I may get around to another small walk today.

Weather; well it is all about the wind here in Deming. Winds up to 60mph today 😦  . I have a good view of Deming from the hill that this state park is on, but today that view is just brown, can’t see any of Deming. I am glad I went out this morning to do my chores, because it would not be good driving. We get a good bit of dust here in the state park but we are up against a mountain and it helps a lot. The flat area of Deming gets the wind much worst than we get up here. I know I talked about the wind a little while over in Wellton, AZ but let me tell you this wind is a much different critter, harder with much more dust and far more consistent. No biggie, I knew that Deming was like this, during this time of the year.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know why I am in Deming already, it is because one of my stops did not work out, well maybe two or three of my stops. The first one was to be the Pinal County West park, just outside Casa Grande, there is a link in yesterday’s post. I left there because everyone was run out of the place about 3 weeks ago (I didn’t know this before I got there) and I didn’t want to be there by myself or get run off. They can’t seem to make up their mind as to whether they are going to allow RVers in there or not, it is a shame if not, it has been a poplar RV spot for years now. The second stop was to be in Tucson or just west of Tucson at a Boon-docking area that I wanted to try (close to a friend I could visit) but I missed the turn and I don’t much like driving in the big city anyways so I just kept coming east. Now the third stop was to be Chiricahua National Monument, I drove there but the RV area was full and the boon-docking area was way to far up a wash-boarded road to suit me, so east I came. And that, my friends is why I am in Deming, a little earlier than expected.

Should be more fun to follow along with me this year because I think I will be going to more places. I can only stay in each state park for 2 weeks at a time. I will have to stay in the Deming/Las Cruces area for at least 6 weeks, because I have an VA appointment about mid May, so I will stay in 2 or three different parks while killing time. I will get some pictures of each and post as I have time. May be folks out there that don’t know but you can buy an annual pass, and stay in state parks here in NM for $4.00 a night with electric and water or stay free in their boon-docking area for two weeks at a time. After two weeks you can go to another one. It is a good deal. The cost for the annual pass is different depending on whether you are a resident or not and your age, but either way it is a good deal.

OK enough chat for today, later.

Posting in two parts today

Say's Phoebe photo SaysPhoebe-1.jpg
The new bird is a Says Phoebe and the picture was taken in Deming, NM. Well it is a beautiful day here in Wellton and I am enjoying it.

PhotoBucket is where I keep all my Pictures and they are changing the site all around so I have to figure put how to use all the new stuff and where to find all the all tools. It will take me a while to get use to the new site. They started beta testing this a few months back and have tried to get people to move to the new site but in month or two they will force all of us to move so I best get a jump on it and learn how things work. I should look around and find another site that I like to host my photos for a back up, and maybe I will do that in a few days.

OK, I am out to do my stretching and enjoy some of the sunshine.

Sorry, there will be two post today so I can test the linking of PhotoBucket and here is the first one. Wow, as it turned out I had to post about half-dozen before I got the code to work the way I wanted. Sorry to those that get an email each time I post. PhotoBucket mess things up for me.

This morning my friend and I took a short walk for a little exercise and I will get out here in a few minutes to do a little stretching which I have not done for two days now.

OK, since I have cause so much trouble today I will call it quits for today.

I am now in Deming

I will be updating my location page soon, tomorrow maybe. I finally got on the road about 11am this morning and got here about 2:30 pm. Good to see old friends. I won’t be posting a lot tonight I am tired as can be. It is good to have full hook up again, electric, running water and waste.  I already miss my cool mountain though. It is nice and hot down here in the desert.

I like that I can now get on the desktop computer. Nice big screen. I also like that Walmart is close by, I have done been there 🙂


Slow internet

Today I have a very slow internet connection for some reason, this is as slow as I seen it since I got my antenna. I guess some days are just going to be like that here on the mountain.

Thinking on where I will spend next month. I may head down to Deming and hang out with friends. It is not free like here but it is not real costly either. As a matter of fact it is the cheapest place I can stay with hook-ups. I was planing on Sept in Deming but not Aug but plans change. My time on the mountain has been great.

I best get up and do some exercise and maybe some stretching. /// 1pm, I am back from a long walk and today it made me kind of tired, some days it makes me tired and other not so much. I have done just a little stretching and maybe after I rest for a bit I will do some more. I kind of come and go on that stretching and I know I need to do it. I do good at keeping up my exercise but I sometimes slack way up on my stretching.

Time to put on a little lunch. One hamburger and two very small steaks, add a little asparagus and call it a meal. Doing that now. Oops change that asparagus to spinach, had a can open. 2pm that was a fine meal.

My internet continues to be very slow today. The one thing that bugs me about this place, LOL.

One last day

One more day at work here and then off to Deming for 3 days. I will either hook up tonight and go on down to Deming or hook up tonight and go early in the morning. We’ll see.

Weight; after 4 days of teens I am at 220.6 again, LOL. I seem to be holding in a spot for a couple of weeks. It goes like this and then I lose a lb or two. It is that way now, I have been within three lbs of the same weight for about two weeks now. This weight lost is already starting to get tough. I have to watch my exercise routine ……….. I have to keep on it. I may have to start fining time to ride on my work days and that would be tough with the 9 hour days. I fear that at some point my weight will just stop moving down if I don’t change something a bit. On food, I will have to cut back on some small things. Little less nuts, whip cream and strawberries 😦  . Me and food ………… I find something I really like and can have, I eat one at first and then I have two, LOL. I got to watch that. Counting crabs is not near as hard as counting calories but don’t look like it is going to be a push over either. My work is laid out for me I will have to get to it.

Exercise next week will be a problem, with working three full days setting up the computers for the RV park and on the fourth day I will be moving back here again so again hard to find time for exercise. I may have to get up early and do some walking. I think I will need to do something for exercise. Lot of things getting in the way this year it seem, I need to work harder on making sure exercise happens no matter what. On a good note, I did walk a lot yesterday.

More Rain

Rain in the desert is a big thing, we just don’t get a lot of it. It has rain off and on all night and is still raining now. It is a good thing.

This is my last day off, so tomorrow will be the start of my three ……….. I hope 😉 . Next week I will be going to Deming and working 3 days there so I got me a long work week coming.

Updating software this morning. I updated one of my password manager and it’s data base. Also updated my email client, Thunderbird.

Exercise will just have to be liking today, too wet out to ride the bike.

Eating; Well one of the things I have figure out is that I can still eat out while on the Atkins Diet ………… not for sure that is a good thing as it does cost money to eat out. When I say eat out I am talking fast food. Mostly all I have to do is lose the bread and come to find out a few place will warp it in lettuce for you, nice. Of course if you read my blog much you know that I can eat at big buffet, like Golden Corral, there is always plenty of meats and vegetables to eat. It is hard to find a dessert, in fact I have not really found anything that I can eat as a dessert when eating out.