Shopping today

Weight 185.6:

Weather: Little cool this morning, well compared to what most of the winter has been like here this year. So, it is still super nice weather, overall.

Shopping today? :I think I may go out for a bit today.

Yes, that is what I did. I picked up a few food items, some water for the RV and some drinking water. I picked up ten gallons of drinking water because I find myself drinking near two gallons a day.

Moved: Not far, but I did move (1000) feet maybe. Just enough to get off the 4-wheeler trail. While I was out and about today, I looked over most of the available boom-docking areas around the Lake Havasu and decided this was the better of the bunch. I will more than likely stay here till the end of the month. New locations . I would maybe stay longer but I think it will be way to hot in April.

Tablet: I am playing around with my browser for the tablet. I have always used Dolphin but I’m thinking I will switch to Firefox. They have made some changes to Dolphin and they changed the things I like most about it. I have always used Firefox on my computers but like Dolphin on the tablet because of it being a little different in that some of the function worked by swiping form the sides(which I liked) but they took that away 😦   I do think Firefox Mobile has much better add-on support than Dolphin too. It is also easier to sync my bookmarks with Firefox being on both my computers and my devices. So I’ll play for a while.

Night folks

Light on the exercise today

I took a short ride on the bike today, around  7.5 miles, and I did it at a very slow pace. No stretching just yet either, maybe later. I did do a few things around the RV. I cleaned the solar panels, filled the fresh water tank, empty the gray tanks, checked and added water to my batteries, and lastly I ordered my mail to be sent general delivery to Wellton. That has been about it for the day, a slow one for me. It is around 3pm and I am just now getting on the computer to blog. I did turn it on earlier today but decided that I needed to do some of the chores, so I got right back off the thing and did my duties 😯

I am finishing off my one and only glass of tea for today, and today I took a little smaller glass. I am staying with the plan on this no Caffeine/sweetener thing, and Monday will be my first day in years with no caffeine in my day, wow. I am sure that I will miss my old friend caffeine for a while, LOL. Well, at least till my body and mind gets use to the ideal. I am thinking at this point, that my mental addiction will fight me harder than the physical addiction seeing as I am down to one glass a day and still look so forward to having that one glass of tea, so much. No matter, I am set in my mind, and it will be. If I put it in my blog, it has got to be so!!!!!! LOL.

Man, I am drinking a lot of water now, with it being my main drink. I think some days I am drinking 2 gallons a day …………… so all that drinking and emptying takes up a lot of my day! LOL. Well at least water is a thing you can’t over do ……. at least I don’t think you can?!?!?

The temperature today is fine, but it is a bit overcast, with the sun popping in and out from behind the clouds. I am hoping that we will get by on only one cold spell this year. That would be nice, but I bet Feb will have a cold spot or two. Hey, we could get lucky.

Cooking, I spend a lot of time cooking on this Atkins diet. I cook 4 to 5 times a day, seeing as all my meals have meats. Cooking causes a lot of dishes, dishes cause a lot of dish-washing, using up a lot of my water. I guess dishes are my number one use of water.

I went out and did my stretching so I am fit for today.

The evening is here so I think I will go out and enjoy the last of the day.