Sedona Mountains 5

Pictures: More shots from Sedona, AZ.



Moved: I moved again today, the last area I was in was very dusty and I needed a break from all that dust! I did not move far, I am now near Camp Verde, AZ.

Night Folks


Cooler Weather but still better

Weather Change: The cold front has gotten to Lake Havasu but it is still far better than all the other folks are getting throughout rest of the US. The lows here are only in the mid 40s and high all the way up to upper 60s, so compared to all the other places it is still very good. The wind is blowing pretty hard, makes for a lot of dust.

Weekly Exercise: Here is a weekly summary. Finally did enough walking to have a summary πŸ™‚

WEEK OF 11/09/2014 – 11/15/2014
Workouts 5
Hours 4.79
Distance 11.62
Calories 1421

Exercise: Today’s walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.78mi, time: 01:27:32, pace: 23:10min/mi, speed: 2.59mi/h.

Pictures: Took these today while walking.


This picture from yesterday evening at sunset, this is the view out my window.


Night folks


Weight 185.4: I guess I need to start practicing my growling, you know, the bigger than a bear thing! LOL. I’ll just keep playing with little adjustments in my diet, maybe I’ll figure it out.

4 Wheelers: Man, there is a lot of them that comes to this area. Sometimes I wish I had one to play with, looks like they have great fun riding around on them. As I watch and look at all the trails they go on I’m a bit surprise by just how well they climb around the mountains. They seen to go about anywhere. On the bad side of things, for us parked RVers they make a good bit of dust, but hey, if you are out in the desert camping free, you got to share. Fair enough. I could move about a thousand feet from here and I would hardly notice them. I just happen to park near the trail where they come in. Also this is the weekend so there is a little more activity going on. Come Monday all the four-wheeling folks will have to go back to work to pay for those neat little toys.
If I was still working it might be that I too would have one of the 4-wheelers. But that is Okay, while out walking it is not apt that I will turn-over and kill myself, just looking at the good side of thing πŸ˜›

Walk: No real walking today, I just did a little strolling and ended up chatting with one of the other RVers. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.53mi, time: 01:00:46, pace: 39:50min/mi, speed: 1.51mi/h.

Added a second stroll, can’t sat still today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.16mi, time: 33:22, pace: 28:51min/mi, speed: 2.08mi/h. I do these strolls a good bit but I have not been keeping track of them. I especially do a lot of them when I come into a area I’ve never been before.

Bike ride: I have been itching to do some bike riding but highway 95 is a busy road and it don’t have a lot of shoulder room.

Bird of the Week: and on time this week πŸ™‚ This is a Downy Woodpecker and this shot was taken in KY
 photo DF.jpg

Dolphin Browser : I’m on the beta release and this one has some big changes to the interface. So if you are Dolphin user be ready.

Night folks

Bigger than a bear

Weight 187: I am really frustrated at this weight thing. Making me nuts. In the evening I have a good size salad and I guess that is the next thing I’ll cut back on. Sometimes I must keep in mind that not so long ago I weight in at near 300 pounds so ……….. in the big picture, 187 is not so bad. No matter, it is important to me to learn to control the smaller amounts because that is how the bigger weight sneaks on. Couple pounds here, couple pounds there and boom, you are a bear! The battle continues.

Colorado River : The river is not far, I can see it from where I’m parked, so a to walk river will happen at some point, at least once. Of course if I stay long, there will be more than one trip. Maybe one today.

Walk: Well, it turns out the river is a little farther than it looks. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 6.52mi, time: 02:14:58, pace: 20:41min/mi, speed: 2.90mi/h. It was a great walk and it give me some much-needed exercise. I did add a small amount of stretching.

Pictures?: Here is a bunch.
Next 3, My new location.
New spot1_0759

My stop for lunch yesterday, Here.

And my walk to the river this morning. There is a RV park across the river and on this side there is camp sites for boaters(they are state park sites).

You will see a lot of these in the desert if you walk much but you won’t see their beauty if you don’t look close.

Weather: Got a fair amount of wind blowing today but the temperature is fine. Most of the time when I’m not speaking of the weather much, it is because I’m very happy with it. It has been the best winter I have ever had anywhere, just as pleasant as can be.

Night folks

Bigger walk

Weight: This morning, 186 😦

Sunday’s Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 8.65mi, time: 03:09:32, pace: 21:55min/mi, speed: 2.74mi/h. Had a great walk this morning. I stopped over at a friend’s rig and visited for a spell (put the MapMyWalk app on pause while visiting) and then came back the longer way. I must confess, the 8.5 miles made me pretty tired 😯 I’m beat.

Weather: a bit overcast today but cooler, which feels nice (I’m not fussing about it being too hot either, better than being cold). The average temperature here in this area has been above normal most of the winter, which I like. I don’t guess I’m a winter person, my bones like the warm temperatures.

Solar: Tomorrow I will have to clean the solar panels because there was plenty of dust this weekend with all the 4-wheeler having fun. As a matter of fact I still hear the 4-wheelers out running around and it is well after dark.

Night folks


Weight 185.4: No change yet.

Chores: is the thing today. Started with the laundry and a little cleaning around the RV, both where much-needed. I also pick up a load of water while I was out.
Dust: is a thing you can never beat down out here in the desert, just too dang much of it. You would think that in a box of only 8 X 30 feet (my RV) it would not be too hard to keep it dusted, but it certainly keeps me busy. Another thing about the dust is that we have not had any rain this year to speak of, and we badly need some. I normally don’t like rain all that much but I sure would not mind seeing a good hard rain about now. Also with this being a weekend all the recreational-folks are out enjoying their recreation vehicles (4 wheelers). The 4 wheelers are the best dust making machines there is! LOL. That is okay, if you going to camp for free on BLM land, you have to expect to share, even if you don’t find it fun 😯

No exercise: today is a chill-out day and my knees are enjoying that πŸ™‚ but tomorrow I will do me some walking, at least 5 or 6 miles. Of course I will chill back out on Monday.

I am going to update my bird of the week today. This week will be aΒ  Carolina Wren. This Wren was playing in this log. The log was hollow and about 6 feet long, it would run back and forth through the log.
Wren, Carolina photo wreninlog.jpg

Night folks

Wind and cold

OK, looks like you guys have something over a week to listen to me fuss about the weather, so you all can hope with me that it gets better soon and I can stop fussing and you won’t have to hear me fuss about itΒ  😯 !Β  Wind and cold is not a combination of things that I like,Β  because RVs are not the tightest sealed things around and the cold air gets in. The cool air seems to come right though the walls. Can’t wait for this little cold snap to get pass. Brrrrrrrr, I say!

I feel like putting on a coat and hat and going for a good long walk but the knee says, “no”. I will have to obey 😦 I just hate it when my body parts tell me what to do! LOL.

These days that are cold and I’m not exercising, makes for long slow days for me, too much time to think. When I am walking I seem to think about things that I like and when I am doing nothing I think about things I don’t like as much.Β  So you see, when you exercise even your thinking is healthier, LOL!

The wind is rocking my RV again today. I don’t mind the wind so much today while it is warmer but later on tonight I will feel its cool bite. Lucky for now it don’t seem to have a lot of dust in it. Lots of places here in the southwest when you have this much wind it will always be full of dust and it is not so bad here for now. It will probably get worst here come about January because there will be so many folks here loosening the ground up with all their RVs and other vehicles. The four-wheelers are the worst, (lots of folks have four-wheelers)Β  they are just dust making machines. But hey, this is just all part of the fun here at Quartzsite, AZ this time of year.

Didn’t get far from the RV today. Sticky Quartz?Β  πŸ™‚
sticky quarts_0761

If you didn’t know by the name of the place, there is just tons of common Quartz laying around this place.

Night folks


Knocked some of the dust from my truck and RV today. I go get a load of water (about 25 gallons) and use it to wash things down now and then. Everything gets dusty out here in the desert, specially when the winds blow a lot and then there is a little bit of rain after, and that happens often out here in the desert. Mind you, I would not call either the truck or the RV clean but they are just a bit cleaner.

The area that I am parked in is starting to fill up a bit. I had read online that it could get kind of full here and it is. I talked with a few of the folks that have come in of late and I guess some stay here for much longer than the 14 day limit. It is a handy place to stay, near town and all but I would not like it to be over crowded, I don’t like an area too tight with people. Well, I had not plan to stay very long so all is well. It is always good to know where these places are just in case one needs a good place to stop into for a while. I have enjoyed my stay here and would stay again need be.

Petrified Forest, I did not post many pictures of the place when I went through seeing as I only stayed one night, so here are three shots I took inside and outside the gift shop where I spent the night. The table was maybe 4 feet across and just beautiful, the chair was full size and sat rather nice for a rock. Outside where lots and lots of petrified logs. I was told that these where some of the most colorful petrified logs there is. I know they really like their logs because they where asking many 1000s for just one! Things like the chair and table would be $30,000 +, wow!

Rock table_0439Rock chair_0448Rock logs_0451

Think I will get outside for a bit.

I did do just a little walking but not much on the exercise side of things, seeing as I took my camera and ended up watching birds more than anything else. It at least got me out of the RV, and that is good.

Man, the place has gotten busy today with half dozen RVs coming in. Kind of like “poof” and there they are. Hey, this is the southwest and it is Oct already, so this is to be expected.

Ok , enough nonsense for one day, later.

Chilling day

Woo, a dark dreary day, and that is the weather report, LOL.Β  The clouds have stayed thick and the wind has kept the dust stirred up. Looks like tomorrow could be more of the same but hopefully not.

I took a ride to Walmart and McD to hang out a while and when I returned I took a little bit of a walk, maybe an hour long, but not very hard walking, just kind of strolling.

Today has been one of those slow days for me and it is good to have one of those now and then. A chilling day.

Night folks.


Photobucket, that site keeps making me nuts, they just keep changing things around. It takes me longer when they do that, but I do eventually get it figured out. Of course what all this means is that it is time for a new Bird of the week. This week’s bird is one that I only seen once and that was in Pie town, NM. The bird is a Green-tailed Towhee.

Β  Click for a larger image, I was lucky to see this one, I may not see this bird again.

Exercise for today was a nice long walk at a fair pace and I got my stretching done when I got back too. I find that if I do my stretching right away it is more likely to get done, so I have been trying to do that.

I need to catch up on my emails, I have let them get behind again.

Took a little trip into Deming today and visit with a friend at the Low-Hi ranch and then went by Walmart to pick up a couple of things.

In about a week I will be moving to City of the Rocks State Park, I have never stayed there but I have been to the park. I think I will like it OK, the only bad thing is that it is about 20 miles or so from anywhere, maybe more not sure which city will be closer, Deming or Silver City. On Google maps it looks about the same. I will be boon-docking again too.

The weather today is pretty nice but as always here this time of the year there is lots of wind and the weather man says it will continue for a few days, just power for the course here around Deming. If you don’t mind the wind it is still a very nice day. The wind don’t bother me much, unless it gets so high that it is full of dust, I sure don’t care for the dust.

Have a nice day folks.