Old and New

Pictures: Western(newer photo) and Eastern(old photo) Blue Birds. The older photo was taken in much better light but the newer photo has more detail.

Note; the difference in lighter and darker colors is my doings, in that the light when the photo was shot and the processing is a bit bit different in these two shots. Other than the before mentioned differences, what are the differences that you see in these two birds? I see a couple of things.

Western Bluebird.


Eastern Bluebird.


Missing the Holiday: I had plan a trip to the city for today but after talking with a friend on the phone yesterday he reminder me that it was Labor Day weekend, so I will delay the trip. Well two things here, One; When I forget about it being a holiday it is a good sign because it means that I am relaxed 🙂 , Two; I don’t like to get out and about during the holidays because of the crowds and heavy traffic. Bottom line, today I will chill out and maybe go into the city tomorrow.

Exercise: A good walk today, 5.7 miles.

Night folks