Wide Angle Lens

Weight 186.6: I’m certainly doing something wrong 😦 …… I think it is called eating too much, LOL. Even when doing my best and eating the right foods, I still like way too much of it.
I want you to know I have good supportive friends on this weight thing. Yes, a couple days ago after suggesting I put a note pad on my refrigerator door so I could write down my weight each day and also maybe a picture of my belly to keep me encouraged, my good friend and fellow photographer, promptly offer to loan me his wide angle lens to get my belly picture! ROTFLMAO, I love it!
Seeing as I am not getting anywhere on losing my weight, I may do the picture thing for real, LOL. I surely need something to give me that extra boost of encouragement 😛
 photo fat_man_explodes-2168_zpsvrysqfmo.gif

Diet: What to change? I’m near sure the problem is now down to the amount of food I eat. I have no ideal as to what foods to change to, that will maybe make me feel less hungry, while still staying with the Atkins diet.

Walk: A very short one today, the knees are still tender. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.24mi, time: 41:48, pace: 18:40min/mi, speed: 3.22mi/h.
http://mapmywalk.com/workout/492768265 I may take one extra day off this week, Sunday was a pretty hard go for the knees.

Weather: A very overcast day and looking at the weather report looks like we’ll going to have a few more of these days. Maybe even some rain.

Night folks


The knee and fear

Good news! I am now in the mind-set that my knee is going to come back to a better place that will allow me to take the longer walks(5 miles + ) that I so much like. Only a week ago I was beginning to wonder whether the knee was going to return to a better state. About 6 weeks ago I did something that ended up causing me a lot of trouble on my replacement knee. What that was I am not totally sure about, maybe too many long walks or that short run(half mile) I took one day when I remember that I had left water on the stove to boil for my tea before going out for that walk. At any rate about six weeks ago a felt some pretty sharp pains in the knee that felt a lot like when I first injured my knee 10 or 12 years ago that ended in a full knee replacement 4 years ago, and this was not a thing I wanted to feel again!

Yesterday I took me a pretty nice little walk a little over 5 miles and today the knee is not fussing too much, a bit, but not bad. Mind you, I am not going out for another long walk today and maybe no walk at all, but the knee feels better than it has since first feeling the sharp pains 6 weeks ago. I may not be out of the woods yet but I am certainly feeling more optimistic about it. Not feeling cocky about it because I know that because it’s feeling good today does not mean that will carry over to tomorrow (that is just the way of old joints) but thinking my chances are better anyways! We’ll see.

The sun is being slow to warm things up this morning but the weatherman says it will. Looks like another cold front is dipping down from the north we may get a little feel of it.

Weight, I am up 5 pounds, I will be attending to that right away! Of course the slacking off from my exercise is not helping and I think maybe my eating habits have not been as good as they could be lately. My weight is a thing I much keep a close watch on. I love to eat, but I have learned to control it over the last 3 years or so, however it is a thing that needs constant vigilance with me. One of the bigger areas I could do better on foods is probably processed meats, such as hotdogs, hamburgers, lunch meats, canned meats and such. I get caught in the easy to fix trap sometimes 😦

I did add a short walk to my day, a slow mile, if that much. Just so I don’t get rusty 🙂 I did some stretching too.

Night Folks

Down Sizing, and am I the chatter?!

Yes I am starting to down size again …………. as in 2X to XL, LOL. No more $2.00 more for the big man size! I bought a new shirt today and seeing as I am now pretty confident that I am going to keep my weight down, I am buying to fit. ❗  I don’t seem to be going any lower but I am staying where I am and have done so for over 6 or 7 months now? I don’t see myself as dieting any more, but as eating a new way, a way that I should have done all along. Of course if you call not eating anything you want when you want, dieting, then I am dieting. However I am starting to look at this as the smart way to eat and the way one should eat, one should not be able to eat just anything they want in this day and time. The foods of today are just not that good for you. Bottom line ……….. I like my new size 🙂  and I am liking my new foods.

Seeing as I bought a new shirt today that means I did get off the hill and go into Deming for a spell, mostly to have something to do. I spent a few hours messing around doing much of nothing, shopping and the like. Didn’t do too bad on the buying end, just a shirt, a battery power vacuüm cleaner and some hamburger patties.

The battery power vacuüm is something that I have needed for some time now, with all the boon-docking I am doing. It just is not to convenient to run the big one I have, because I need to run the generator and that is a bit of a hassle seeing as the generator is not the built-in type. I do get the generator out once a month and run it just to exercise it, but that is not enough vacuüm time, even for an old bachelor, LOL. I have vacuumed once a month and swept the carpet the rest of the month but sweeping does not do as well as vacuuming. So I am glad to add a portable vacuüm to my mix of tools.

About the Vacuum cleaner, it is from Walmart (where else would it be from for those of you that know me ❗  ) and it is a Shark 15.6 volt cleaner. I tried it out for a couple of minutes before plugging it in for its initial charge (20 – 24 hours, wow) and it did a fine job. I think I should have had one of these a long time ago. They sure are a lot better now (battery power ones) then what I could have bought 6 years ago when I started to RVing.

Just had me a meal, and it was two hamburger patties with one slice of cheese split between them, a bowl of greens and one hard boil egg. I eat about 3 meals this size during the day and one a little larger in the evening. I know, I know, that I should do the  bigger meal during the day ………… but I don’t. Hey, I still weigh in at 190 pounds so I have room to improve yet 😉

After getting back from Deming, I took a short but quick walk to warm up a little and then did my stretching. The short walk was to rest the knees a little, they been fussing just a little of late with all these long walks, but I did need to warm up a little for my stretching.

You know what, I think I am beginning to enjoy blogging a little better as my writing and typing gets better. Yes, I know I have tons of room for improvement yet, but I just keep trying. Hey, for someone who quit school barely being able to write I am doing pretty dang fair!

Oh no, looking back over my blog today ………….. I might be the chatter  ❗  😯

Everyone have a nice evening  😉

Wind and more wind

Wind, lots of wind today. Seems like there is more wind this year than there was last year. This is the southwest, so I guess wind is to be expected.

Exercise; was a short walk so far today and maybe we’ll take a second walk later on today. I hope to add some stretching today, I have been slack in my stretching. The weather messes me up sometimes, at least that is my excuse.

My weight is staying the same, has not moved any for months now, both good and bad. The good is that I am at least maintaining, and the bad is that I am not losing. I am 190 and I would like to be 180, but this all beats the 280 I was at 2 years ago. So ……….. over all I would say things are pretty good. But still I have not given up the ideal of weighting even less, and one day I will.

I am holding my diet to where I need to, for now I think. I am happy with the amount of food I am eating but I don’t care to try to eat less for now, but maybe in a few months when my body is total adjusted to this weight, I will look at changing my eating a little more.

I will not be able to get any work done today on the solar panel, with all the wind. Maybe tomorrow.

Time to eat, later.

More shopping

This time it was a pair of shoes and some cooking pans. I needed both pretty bad. The cost of things are just way to high if you ask me LOL. Of course no one is asking me, especially those selling things, greed is the way of the new day, big business and the government just keep sucking. OK, I won’t go on with this one, even though I could go for days.  LOL.

This morning I got up thinking it was Monday and set doing things if as it where, so maybe I got ahead a little? Anyway this morning I took a bike ride and did both a little stretching and upper body workout. So good exercise for today. After this I drove down to the outlet mall right before you go into El Paso, TX and that is where I did my bit of shopping.

Eating thing; One of the things I need to do yet is to stop all the pop and tea, I drink a lot of both. Having a very hard time getting away from the caffeine and fake sweeteners. Something to work on I guess, yes it is. I fear that I love both or at least my taste buds do! LOL.

Only four more days till it is time for me to get to work. I will have to remember all the things I have learned here over the last two summer. Hopefully it will come back pretty quick.

Great Exercise/Stretching day

Had one of my finest workouts that I have had in a long time, mind you it was nothing great in the scheme of a young mans workout but for a 60-year-old fat dude …………. it was a fine workout indeed!  It feels good to be doing a little fuller workout and I hope that I can get this kind of workout work in while I am workamping this summer. I am in much need of more exercise, I have muscle that have rested way too much, LOL. After-words I was so wore out that it took a bowl of Cheerios to bring me back to life!  LOL. To tell the truth I am still a bit tired, I’ll have to wait for the Cheerios to kick in 😕 .

OK the goods: 10 miles on the bike, 3 sets of modified push-ups, 3 sets of curls(I use my gal water jugs) hey, got to start somewhere. I can remember a day that I did a few reps with 60 lbs in each hand and 5 or 6 sets  ( that won’t happen no more). I did  3 sets of crunches and leg lifts.  Stretching, I did a ton of hamstring stretching and 3  or 4 other stretches.  All and all, a good start on things. I know the hardest thing for me, if I do get this going good, will be to remember that I am 60 years old and that things get hurt much easier than when I was younger.

OK, on with the rest of the day.

Tomorrow they have a big air-show in Yuma and I think many will go, so it should be a peaceful day around here. It is all a good waste of tax dollars you ask me. On top of that, I would not go anyway because I really hate that kind of crowd.

Next week I will take one last trip into Yuma and stock up on a few things and visit friends and then be off to the east, well a little ways east anyways. Maybe a stop in the middle somewhere. I am ready for a change. So with that in mind ……….. where and what will I do for 3 or 4 days next week? Stay here, stop by Painted Rock or Casa Grande, stop by a friend’s house or all the above  ………….. we’ll just have to see.

I have had my 4th eating of the day and will have one more about 7pm NM time. I keep reading smaller but more meals a day is better, so I am giving it my best. Sometimes my meal is just an apple. I have made a big cut back on my potatoes over the last couple of weeks and I am still keeping my bread intake way down. Trying to eat more veggie and I am already eating plenty fruits. I eat lots of lettuce and cucumbers but I am adding things like green beans and corn to my main plate. Also adding much more beans. I am cutting back on peanuts but still eat a few. My hardest task is to keep them there meals small! OOOOOH, the food thing is just a hard go for me!

Exercise is Back

Yes I got out and rode the bike this morning and I did 17 miles. It felt OK on the knees and we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. My total for last week was a big old 16 miles! I will do better this week now that my legs are rested. I am still thinking on a pattern for the week. Maybe Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off Wednesday and then ride Thursday off for 2 days and back at it on Sunday …..????? Maybe! I have found that 4 days in a roll is too much and sometimes during the week I need off two days together, so maybe the above will work out for me.

My ride this morning was slow on the way up the hill and I think that helped the knees too not be too fussy also I had a big rest at the half way point. Took me longer to do my ride but I think it may be a little better this way.


I guessed that I would have jump up 5 lbs during my week off but I have stayed put. I am very near my gold of 5 lbs for the month of Aug. The biggest change I have made is the dropping of a lot of bread (not all). Most important is that I am not staying hungry. I am just eating better foods and maybe a little less but still not being hungry. I think hunger is a set up for failure so I am not going there.

I am watching them carbs …………………. and I am staying away from them crabs too!!!!! LOL

Smart Phone

Always playing with this toy, LOL is is great fun. I am adding apps all the time and the latest are Amazon app store, Amazon reminder ( tells what free app amazon is giving away), Notification toggle and others. They is an app for about anything you want to do on a phone. I am happy that I went with Android because it is so ease to find ways to change things around to the way you want them. The iPhone is a better piece of hardware I think but the open source software on the Android makes for so many possibility in the software end.


My Gold

My gold for this week is to top 80 miles on the bike. I have 66 miles as of today so tomorrow I will have to do at least 14 more. No sweat, I can do that! I must admit that the week has taken a toll on the knees, I may need to slack up a bit. All in all, I think am doing good, losing a little weight so I just keep pedaling  …………


I am doing better with the amounts of food that I eat by eating more often and eating foods that are better for me. Not that I am doing great on what I eat but that I am doing better! Better for me is not all that great but it sure is helping a little. One of the things I am losing the battle on is diet soda, I just love that pop! It is not fating but it is not that good for you either.

One of my favorite dessert of late is peanut butter and apple …………. I know not great but let me tell you it is better! Before I would eat maybe a candy bar, cake, maybe ice cream and cake bunch of cookies or some other total sweet, so yes it is better for me anyway.

One of my old favorites is starry berry shot cake with lots of whip cream, man I miss that one! I …. must …… be ….. gooood!!!! LOL

I often go out and have me a hamburger, again I know, not great but still good on my part in that when I went out before I would have a big hamburger (big mac,whopper or some other super size burger) and french fries(often large) and that would be top off with a dessert! So for me going out and having a single hamburger by itself is pretty damn good I tell you! LOL!

Days off

This is my last day off …… boooooo! I have enjoyed my 4 days off. Oh well, my work weekend will go pretty fast, because I will find stuff to keep busy.

Man the day has gone by fast it is already 4pm. Later.

I am rested

My four days off have left me in a nice rested state! I have enjoyed the time off and I am ready for my weekend of work.


This morning I got in a 13+ mile ride and that gives me a little over 50 miles for the week, I am happy with that! My exercise is going pretty well with the exception of not mixing it up a bit with different types of exercise.

My eating is going OK but not great. If I would cook more I think it would help but it has just been so hot I don’t much want to cook. Well OK,OK  I don’t like to cook much no mater the temperature but I especially don’t like to cook when it is hot like this. Hard enough to keep the RV cool as is, much less trying to cook on a hot day.

Weight is in a hang-up state or at least it feels like it to me, but maybe it is just me and my impatience with the whole thing. We’ll see as the time passes by …………!

My Sunday is Thursday

My Sunday is Thursday and it is here! Tomorrow will be a work day for me.


I got my ride this morning and that give me a total of 40 miles for the week. I may ride tomorrow to. Still fighting the eating thing and I am doing fair with it I think, at this point of the show, so to speak.

Took my bike in for a new wheel this morning and I will need to pick it up at 12:30 the old one bend a little. Heavy load ……………… ?!?!?!? LOL


I don’t often listen to music but sometimes I do and today is one of them days and I am listening to iTunes on my computer as I type away at my blog. I am listening to “Maneater” by Daryl Hall and John Oates. Of course I just start iTunes at some random point and let it shuffle. I have lots of old stuff.


I just had a computer crash!! Just shut down ……….. don’t know about that. Restart right away and turn on AC ……….. it was pretty hot in here! LOL