Pictures: Couple shots of Elk that came passing by a ways from my last camp site.



Exercise: Jeanne and I walked 4 miles today and I walk half mile more, so 4.5 for me.

VA: I went into Flagstaff to the VA clinic and talk with the Doc and all my blood work had all good numbers. I am taking water pills to help with blood pressure but other than that all is well. I had not been in for blood work for over 3 three years so I was happy to hear all is well!

Night Folks



Today I did a little maintenance to start the day, after my breakfast and trash run. I climb up on the roof and did a little work on the solar panels. I raised them by about two inches, now the wire will not get trap under them no more. Also in the center the panels touch the roof just a little and now they don’t, also that is where the wire got trap and cause the leak, so that should not happen no more. That took about 45 minutes or so and after picking up all the tools on that job I went ahead and check my house batteries over real good and added a little water.

I am now wanting to go out for a walk but it is misting rain now, but I might go anyway. Think I will take my chances.

OK, I had a long walk (5 to 7 miles) and my lunch and I am now blogging. I had a good spot of sunshine there for about two hours but the clouds are back. No rain today so far 🙂 .

Last night just before I turn in to bed, I heard something stooping around in the woods so I got out my spot light to take a look and I seen a big elk just hanging out. Lots of wild life in the area.

Almost 8pm; Well besides a little misting rain early today, the day turn out to be a great day, the kind of day I am here for! It was partly cloudy but over all not too bad. I watch a little TV now and call it a day.

Night folks.

Oh here is two shots of a Hermit Thrush  Townsend’s Solitaire chick. Updated, as per ID on my favorite bird forum,  Feather Friends.